Smoking was – and, still is, at least during the age of puberty – one of the fabulous tokens to distinguish yourself from all the other chewing-gum and card-collecting losers from the block.

Everyone, who‘s telling their children, how foolish smoking was, know instinctly, that they’re lying, because when you’re an adolescent, holding a weed in the corner of your mouth, looks nothing but incredibly cool. It was a statement of a hip lifestyle, and everybody in the schoolyard would know, that you might even be a member of some hot-shot  gang of young rebels, of which your parents would have never approved, if they’d knew.

But, beginning with the sweet age of 20, cigarettes start to be questioned. Broke students often realize „out of a sudden“, that smoking implies an unnecessary financial burden, and there are also the „non-smokers“, that refuse to kiss smokers, and tend to ban them on the chilly balcony, during winter time, to „surrender to their vice“. So, when appoaching the age of 30, many undergo a painful withdrawal from smoking. Yes, I also used to stay in the „smokers corner“, and feel very individualistic, and, around the age of 25, I also quit smoking, a process that was exhausting AND necessary, at the same time.

For me, smoking was now out of the question, except for the occasions, when I was drunk and surrounded by a bunch of people that were all smoking; in those moments, one tends to „go with the flow“. Yet, the cigarette lost it’s importance in my daily life. Smoking men and women seemed to be rather pittied, or not taken seriously.

When Marlene Dietrich lit a cigarette, in the golden age of Hollywood, it was considered an act of rebelion, but in present times, a smoking Madonna will probably only rise the question, if she would still be able to do acrobatic jumps on stage, with her rotten lungs.

Really…? Well, Madonna is not a smoker, but she posed during countless photoshoots with a cigarette between her lips, just in order to give those glamour-pictures an extra spice.

And, we all do remember the Femme Fatale in „Basic Instinct“, who provocatively lit a cigarette in front of the „non smoking“ sign in the interrogation room of the police department, while allowing all the attending men to have a glance at her pussy, AND tricked the lie detector at the same time. So, why does such a sly character match so perfectly with a cigarette? Because the anti-maintream-character of the cigarette hasn’t lost it’s touch over the decades, especially, when the right context is given, like the contrast to a perfectly styled lady, or the foamy set-up, where you would expect Al Capone and his gang to show up. And now, just imagine a leather guy on a motor bike, with a lit cigarette in the corner of his grinning mouth, and all the political correct queers will go mad and, out of nowhere, smoking is trendy and fashionable again. As an element of fetish. Because, in our twisted mind, smokers are always associated with dissoluteness, and this kind of dissoluteness projects automatically upon their sexual behaviour, giving it a rough and confident touch.

This element can be of great use, when playing with sexuality! Have you ever been fucked, while your top was smoking? For me, this would be a little bit too exhausting, but the impact it would make on a bottom, knowing he’s just trustfully opening himself to his sexpartner in the most intimate way, and the top puts the act of penetration on the same level as the daily consumption of a cigarette – now, that could be humiliating. Or, my personal favourite scenario: when the sub has already sucked me to the bones, in order to impress me, I would calmly lit a cigarette, to send the message: „you don’t deserve my full attention, but keep going…“! That would degrade the sub to a very impersonal service provider.

This game can be pushed even further, if you add to the smoking some other insignificant daily activities, like typing a Whatsapp-message; you can objectify your sub to the status of a hair dryer at the local barber shop.

From the perspective of the „giver“ – if you may put it that way – , this kind ob objectifying has not only the benefit of humiliation, but also the concentration upon the action itself, similar to the image of a penis sticking out of a glory hole. The „giver“ can decide by concentration, between degradation of his counterpart to the status of a penis, which can be very delightful, and the emotional part, which would help the sub to enjoy his submissive role, by showing defiance towards the action.

In my oppinion, the peak of humiliation would be this special knob, that transforms the slave’s mouth to an ashtray. How exciting can it be, to use a man as a living ashtray. The very tough slaves even manage to take the ash on their tongue, which can be very challenging for the slave, depending on the distance, from which the master would drop the hot ash.

During the Folsom Street Fair, I can see the biggest and thickest cigars ever!

The liting of an oversized cigar has, of course, a phallic motivation, which is good, as I love those subtle insinuations. Beside the effect of a tough, butchy man, the cigar implies also the idea of a connoisseur, because cigars, unlike cigarettes, can really reach the taste buds. The smoking leatherguy shows, that he is about to savor also the physical gathering long and intense, just the way he consumes his cigar. He would probably perceive the tiniest flickerings of emotion, and handle it with calm amd maturity, without looking a minute later – bashfully – for a towel to wipe it off.

The combination of suit and cigar also show classy skills. Such a guy will certainly give a relaxed „mindfuck“ for several hours, and make his naked victim beg to be taken. This challenging tease, paired with intelligence and stamina can bring the counterpart to his personal limits.

May we all rightfully give up smoking and choose a healthy living, but, based loosely on a quote of Gregor Brand, it may be said, that the attempt to bring the fire to give up its smoke, will always be in vain.

4/2021 Beguiling game for all the senses through rubber / rubber clothing – cool, smooth, shiny and awesome!

Before I tell you another great bedtime story from my somewhat different everyday work, a few words to introduce the topic. Because the terms are already exciting in this special chapter of erotic clothing:

While the gay world almost exclusively uses the term “rubber” for this beautiful material, the word “latex” is primarily used by dominant women. Clothing stores for men sell essentially darker versions of this special cover, while women naturally use the entire colour spectrum with a special focus on bright colours. By the way, we use BLACKSTYLE latex at our workplace at Studio Lux.

By definition, latex is the basic material from which the rubber is made – so the different word usage is correct and owed more to the aesthetic sense of word of both communities. If this information is wrong, please let me know. (

The erotic appeal of this tailor-made … Pardon: the material is glued to measure, because it nestles perfectly against the body, so that the wearer perceives it as a second skin. For the viewer, this wonderfully contoured and firming material transforms the wearer into a diabolical, anonymous and almost doll-like version of the wearer. In a ranking in the category “clothing as a sexually stimulating object”, rubber takes second place among homosexual men of creation, after leather.

While the dominant ladies latex can certainly give the highest demand rate if there is a full body clothing fetish.

In the current case, where latex is the absolute focus of the experience, a colleague should also be added. The respectable colleague Timotheus offers himself for this. It is a shame that we have to wear masks, because this covers his beautiful young face, but the beautiful blue eyes under the mask then stand out particularly well. As always, there is my preferred variant of the game „straight from the door“.

When the client Christian enters the steel room, which has been warmed up by temperature but has a cool atmosphere with the matching latex ceiling paneling, he sees Timotheus and me standing in front of the brightly lit steel cupboard completely wrapped in rubber. The green LED light from the steel cupboard lets the previously polished rubber glow wonderfully sexy. Without greeting, I point to the silicone oil, because there he can now prepare for the session. He’s already dressed in rubber all the way to get in the mood, just put on his mask in the hallway so that he can start the game right away.

All he has to do now is rub his body suit a little with silicone oil. It feels like not even a minute goes by and the rubber lover lies in the space provided and is ready to be abused by two masters wrapped in latex as an object of pleasure. We walk wordlessly, deliberately and thus almost mystically towards him and tie him in peace. To check his defenselessness, he shakes the shackles, but without being able to record any notable successes. Again and again we now stroke the rubber suit of the client Christian with our rubberized hands and do not miss an inch of his body.

This rubber-to-rubber massage must feel amazing on the skin, because Christian is already visibly aroused. We open the zipper of Christian trouser rack and pull out his genitals. The zippers on the nipples are now also opened and his cute little pink nipples are hatching at us. I can feel how excited Timothy is when he sees Christian’s huge balls. I am more turned on by Christian’s moans and that I now have someone in front of me whom I can abuse together with Timotheus to my heart’s content. His body, wrapped in this hot latex, is mine now. I love this delivery and immediately attach electric pads to the nipples. Timothy sets about applying electrodes to the client’s privates. We switch on the electricity and also don’t forget to rub our bodies against it.

I now lift Christian’s head, slide a plastic cushion under there so that he can see us positioned in front of the steel cupboard again. How turn on each other and ignore him. The client begins to tremble with excitement when he has to look at this lustful game of the two shiny, masculine rubber masters. Without being able to lend a hand to yourself or to us. The electrodes on his body provide him with physical stimuli – but don’t let him orgasm just like that. Our dicks are now also taken out and our acorns are reflected Our masculinity has now also been taken out and our penis glans shiny almost as intensely as our rubber suits due to all the oil. It looks absolutely bizarre when Timotheus’s deep black shiny glove touches my cock and vice versa. The contrast between the exciting naturalness of a beautiful dick and the beautiful artificiality of rubber manifests itself here. In addition to our eyes, our genitals are now bizarrely the only human thing that can be seen of us.

We go up to him again with our rods as hard as a rock and hit our manhoods in his face. But he can keep his mouth open wide enough: We don’t give him what he wants.

Again we hold him up a bit and I notice how much he enjoys it. How paradoxical it is when the desire for something is more exciting than the implementation itself. But it is so. Try it out yourself – you will usually meet with enthusiasm here.

We increase the current and delight in its positive torments. Timotheus now stands over him with his legs apart and pisses on him without a word. Here, too, the only element of communication can be heard tonight: groans. No words, only the cool, damp rubber and the male genitals are in our perception that evening. Again and again I feel the sweat running down our bodies from the open areas of our suits. Suitable for this game, I now use the milking machine at Christian’s and, thank God, it has a T-piece so that I can always leave my prick in the hot, damp rubber throat of the milking machine. Crazy, perverted and horny!

Timothy has meanwhile also unzipped his ass and presses the center of it on the client’s mouth. I switch the LEDs to flashlight. In addition to the driving psychedelic electro sound, I hear the two moaning and smacking their lips and delight in the charm of the surreal images that are presented to me by the stroboscopic LED light. What a psycho torture! After many games with the client’s body, which he performed with flying colours for us, our dicks now also find their way into the client’s mouth. We play with this element for a very long time until Timothy and I have finally poured out all of our body fluids on Christian. Just like us, he gained massive impressions, experienced particularly holistic physical sensations, so that his climax was, in his own words, „heavenly“.

Then the mood changes and the urgent need to “be human” becomes clear. The masks on the face, which are usually the most intense, are always removed first and this is usually accompanied by a relieving moan.

Games with rubber usually take several hours because the effort involved is very high. The rubber has to be cared for, so you are busy washing the rubber for a few hours afterwards. In addition, the playing surface has usually been badly affected by all the polish and body fluids and requires longer cleaning. My customer even helps out of gratitude, which of course isn’t really necessary. A friendly, funny atmosphere is created. When Timothy and Christian then introduce themselves smilingly to each other with a handshake, it is certainly bizarre, but also somehow understandable, because the personalities were not really present beforehand. That’s often how it is in my job: The focus, especially with the fetishists, is on the surface. And that’s good.