5/2021 Go to jail!


So says Monopoly and the card promises a very „restricted round“. Certainly, the deprivation of freedom is the most characteristic feature of a prison, including accompanying humiliations such as the pattern trial, forced body cleansing, visual conformity with the other inmates, or even sensory torture through sleep deprivation. Being a plaything or rape victim of sadistic guards are further reasons to fear this lawlessness in a prison. What is an abomination to some is a supreme pleasure to others, for this lawlessness is associated with the liberating relinquishment of responsibility.

The fantasy of prison games

I remember Lennard so fondly. The young man from Switzerland had – without having met me before – directly booked two overnight stays, and the program was clear: Prison Games. To enhance the effect, I scheduled my permanent client Olaf as an additional inmate, because being locked away is totally his thing. The cell wing I rented for this purpose in Berlin is hidden away on a large industrial site. The individual halls are empty in the evening, of course, and convey an eerie-erotic feeling.

As agreed, Olaf received my delinquent at the front of the street. Lennard followed Olaf quietly with his head down, past the meter-high walls of the deserted factory hall, which, together with the icy silence, had already started his head cinema. Arrived in the main hall, Olaf held out a burlap bag to Lennard: „This is where your stuff has to go, everything!“ This is not how Lennard had imagined it, after all, he probably thought he would run into me right away. But, deviating a bit from the classic expectations of clients is always an advantage – especially when it comes to insecurity as an excitement factor. Lennard stripped down to his underpants and Olaf said to him, „The guard is coming now.“ I finally made my entrance! With the green police sweater, thick brown cloth pants and laced boots, I looked like a veteran guard. Rounding out the look were leather gloves, a gun and baton on my belt. My erect posture, accurate side parting, and mustache exuded power confidence and perversion.

All scenes re-enacted at Studio Sanctum, Hannover with Alex Varlan.

„Finally here? So you know right away, there is discipline and order here. You are here to serve your sentence! Here you are nothing – just a number. You’re number 17, remember that and hands behind your back when I talk to you.“ It was clear to Lennard that we were getting right to it, but he was still visibly upset as he finally stood in front of me dressed only in his white underpants, feeling the cold concrete on the soles of his feet. „Why are you still wearing anything at all? Do you think this is a beach vacation? Take off your underpants and do it now!“ The underpants were in his hand within seconds and he wanted to give them to me like a ticket to a ticket inspector. „What am I supposed to do with this? Do you think I have a closet full of underpants from such wimps as you are? You’re going right now where you belong – in your cell.“

All scenes re-enacted at Studio Sanctum, Hannover with Alex Varlan.

I turned around, took two steps and made sure that Lennard followed me. He walked dutifully behind me and with pleasure I saw that he was already erect. His hard cock was looking down. We went into the cell wing, which was under the main hall. Passing the first cell, he saw Olaf lying huddled and naked on his cot.

Hard cocks behind bars

The cells were very large and separated by stone walls. So the convicts could not see each other. „You may now throw your underpants into the aisle here in front.“ I took a step closer to him and said with a smile, „Then you can look out of the cell and see the last of your dignity crumpled up in the hallway.“ The cell door slammed shut and the lights went out. Only the emergency exit lights at the end of the hallway still provided some light, allowing Lennard to get his bearings. He saw a cot attached to the wall by two chains, covered with an ugly, rough blanket, and a camera pointed steadily at him.

All scenes re-enacted at Studio Sanctum, Hannover with Alex Varlan.

Lennard later told me his thoughts about it: „What happens now? Is he going to come back now? Am I going to be able to do all this? I feel really puny, so naked in this cell.“ I left the two guys alone for a whole hour. After all, we had two days at our disposal, so Lennard should bathe in his own inevitable fantasies. Olaf was instructed not to speak to him. The light came back on, heavy footsteps of my boots could be heard and I opened Olaf’s cell door. I cuffed him with his hands above his head, then he received a loud slap, „Number 16, are you a dirty piglet?“ Olaf answered dutifully and sufferingly, „Yes, I am.“ I knew Lennard was listening in on everything and it was having the desired effect. He wondered, „Is this real? Is he going to do that to me too?“

Explore the sexual playing field

„You’ve got nothing but messes on your mind, that’s why your little willy is standing again, you perverted piece of shit.“ I pulled on his foreskin and Olaf cried out. In fact, Olaf was rock hard, because this form of humiliation is totally his thing. I continued to torture him for a few more minutes, always managing to make Olaf hear nice and loud. Then I disappeared and came back after some time and this time went directly to Lennard’s cell: „What are you doing here? You have orders not to move from the cot!“ I tied him up on the cot, giving him some room to move. „And now we have to see if you smuggled anything in.“

All scenes re-enacted at Studio Sanctum, Hannover with Alex Varlan.

I demonstratively put on latex gloves at my leisure. I illuminated his mouth with a flashlight and felt how this intrusion into the intimacy of another touched me. I was very stimulated by this „crossing the boundaries“ and somehow these exact musings bring one closer together. I leaned over to his ass and felt Lennard wince beneath me. „A very dense bush you have on your rosette,“ I said, pulling a little on the hair. Then I stuck my finger in his hole and Lennard let out a sigh. I had treated the finger with some lubricant beforehand, of course. However, I didn’t show this „step of fairness“ to my convict, because I didn’t want to seem caring. This is the great art of BDSM sex work: discover the playing field on which you can move, go to its edges, but not beyond.

All scenes re-enacted at Studio Sanctum, Hannover with Alex Varlan.

I described the texture of his hole, becoming a little more rhythmic in my movements. „I guess number 17 is unfucked, huh?“ Lennard replied, „No, sir – it’s just been a long time.“ I then explained to him, „Number 17, then we will make your pussy fuckable as part of your punishment!“

All scenes re-enacted at Studio Sanctum, Hannover with Alex Varlan.

And so the hours and days passed: first there was a morning roll call, followed by sports activities in convict clothes in the yard and other „physical training“. My convicts had to shove dildos up each other’s asses. There were betting games to see who could get their dick hard first, coupled with slaps to increase the pressure. The first hard cock got to fuck and the other guy had to stall. If neither got hard, they were both put down. My convicts also had to clean the cells and were hosed down themselves with a water hose. The convicts stood wide-legged with both hands against the wall. I had my washcloth with me and I was ruthlessly cleaning the intimate parts of my body. Only then was there something to eat and a breather before it really started again – it turned out that the second night was experienced much more intensively due to the sleep deprivation. This is how a weekend in „jail“ can become an exhilarating experience that lingers in the minds of those involved for a long time to come.

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