8/2021 Straight people belong on a leash!


There are these Instagram or Twitter accounts that unfold before you like a photo diary. Every meeting, every lunch, every professional or academic success and every vacation is recorded in countless photos and comments and, of course, the owner and creator of these photos smiles at you in almost every one of them. Simon has such an account. Simon is a young guy, just approaching 30, well-built and athletic, as his many photos from the fitness temple testify. Most of the time he is smiling at different pretty young women and even more often you can see him posing in front of the mirror in changing suits and outfits in perfect „straightacting“, always underlined with cool finger poses. I never understood the meaning of „finger pointing in photos“, but I suspect that the „Victory sign“ coined by Winston Churchill is not the real origin with these guys, is it? But then, I’m already 45 years old and don’t have to understand everything anymore.

The tasty straight guy and his master

The little guy is really yummy, because in addition to that, there’s also his beaming smile, the well-trimmed three-day beard, the brown eyes and the damn full hair. Simon is a real eye-catcher and is now nervously standing in my BDSM room in front of me, far away from all his previously accustomed heterosexuality. He wears a suit and this is not of the cheap variety, combined with sporty sneakers. He constantly grabs his neatly tied tie knot and smooths out his straight-fitting tie. A gesture that seems to give him confidence, only it doesn’t seem to work so well here with me anymore. So he likes tight things around his neck? I smile inwardly and sit relaxed in my chair in full leather gear and lean forward. The leather creaks and with my gloved hand I point to the floor in front of me, „Put it here!“ His fawn eyes look at me, then his gaze falls to the floor and then back to me. My instruction was clear and unmistakable. He strokes his tie again and he knows, „he who bites off must also chew“.

I see a stronger bulge forming in his pants, because the command tone is probably like music to his ears. It’s all about the devotion for the sweet straight man. The devotion in front of a man, which is actually independent of sexual orientation – at least by self-definition. You could also call it a „bi-sexuality under certain conditions“. But such guys otherwise actually pant after the ladies in everyday life and stand with their buddies in the shower at the sports club without looking at their dicks. Arriving in front of me, I eye him and his bulge: „Must be horny, you little pussy licker, huh? Pants down!“ He takes off his pants, right over his sneakers, and he’s well prepared for the meeting, because he’s been instructed to get a jock strip for his first „gay experience“. I leave him the sneakers, because the floor is cool. He folds the things neatly, puts them decently together in a small pile so that I can’t take offense, and again builds himself up in front of me in his usual nice masculine way. I suppose he wants to impress me and I confess that it also works a bit, without letting me notice it outwardly, though.

The master commands: Show your juicy cock!

Now comes the probably most exciting part for us: the mindgame. I put a patch over his beautiful eyes and give him a verbal summary of the upcoming hours: „In a moment you will serve a man … I will look into your sweet straight pussy, what you can do with it …“, and so on. He trembles and answers dutifully. His repetitive „Yes, sir“ comes across a bit monotonous after some time, but I concede it to him, because I am responsible for entertainment. In front of me there is now a great picture, because the young man is so excited that his pre-juice runs out of his panties. I liked that so much that I made an extra photo of it for you. The picture is not reenacted, directly live from the session of June 2021. „Show your juicing cock!“, I command and he takes it out. His medium-sized uncircumcised cock, matching his beautiful tanned skin color, is stiff as a stick and bent down a bit. „Down on your knees then,“ I say in a calm but authoritative tone.

I touch his head, stroke through the full tousled hair, then let my hand slide to the back of his neck and there I increase the pressure in my grip. A firm grip on the neck can quickly create the feeling of helplessness. When my hand wraps around the throat of my play partner in the soft leather glove, any resistance is useless and the accompanying submissive look kicks me. The neck is often a very underestimated part of the body in lovemaking, yet it is so wonderfully easy to play out your dominance right there. I’m not even talking about breath control or choking games, but the neck as a sign of possession. Many animals also present their submissiveness in this way by presenting their most sensitive areas – mostly belly or neck. Through the strict grip on this place, it is easy for me to quickly bring my client into the position that I want and usually the whole thing is accompanied by a lustful moan on his part.

The straight man kneels – submissive with collar

I push Simon down a little deeper, then I grab the prepared golden chain collar and put it on him. Not too tight, just enough so that I can still slide my index and middle finger between the neck and the collar, and so slowly slide forward to the Adam’s apple. Simon’s head rotates and I force him to look me in the eye. His puppy dog eyes really stimulate me now and I look forward to spending time with him. The collar or shackle around the neck has forever symbolized the domestication or servitude of a being. Like the halter on a horse or the collar on a dog or cat. Hardly anything shows more „I belong to someone“ like a ribbon, a chain or a shackle around the neck. When shopping for collars, don’t forget the leash that goes with it. If the collar marks ownership, the leash reduces the range of motion and shows who is in charge. A strong pull on the leash can save a lot of words and is not to be misunderstood.

My Simon also learns this very quickly. I bought an extra expensive collar and a matching leash, which look really chic in their „golden look“, because I love playing on the leash very much – then you may also have the premium version at home. As I click the leash onto his collar, a little sigh escapes him. I get up and stand in front of him. He looks up at me. Then I take the leash for a moment and with a gentle tug, I indicate that he should crawl and we walk nicely together across the room. Simon is compliant and quickly learns how to behave. Then we go back to the starting position. He kneels in front of me and I stand in front of him. I stroke his head in praise and he gratefully presses against my leg. He is more relaxed and calm now that he knows I am in control and there for him. The leash symbolizes control and therefore must not even simply fall to the floor, but must remain in my hand or just be attached to a stable point, as in this case immediately to the heavy cage in the next room, while I prepare the next „station“.

The small innocent hetero with the „Bi-Fantasies“ gets the buck now under him and his crisp ass shows itself before me in all its glory. I work his butt with all imaginable types of play and enjoy his steady erection, which is otherwise rather rare when you take care of the butts of the play partners. But the Freshman finally feels a man at his „virgin backdoor“ and goes off like „Schmitz cat“. When I later take off his collar, I give him a homework for the next meeting: He should buy such a necklace himself. My dear Simon now wears such a chain collar after our first meeting. Whenever he strokes his tie now, he is reminded of me and our meeting.

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