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12/2019 Breath Play – The Appeal of Breath Control

Klicke hier, um die deutsche Version zu lesen: 12/2019 Atemreduktion – Der Reiz der Atemkontrolle

Another exciting BDSM game is breath play, also called breath control. This game has little to do with the sado-masochistic realm because although there is a lot of playing with the body and unconsciousness, there is no pain.

It’s certainly more in the dominant/submissive spectrum, although it can be played at eye level. I remember when we were teenagers we used to make each other unconscious through various practices. It was quite exciting, and many of the effects we experienced while growing up can be applied one-to-one to today’s sexualities.

But despite the games of my youth, it has to be said that breath control is one of the most dangerous types of play in BDSM. After all, there is a lack of oxygen in the passive part of the brain. The real BDSM experts even bind themselves to get the desired effect, which is really dangerous. Please be careful and don’t take it lightly. Check if a bottom has respiratory diseases, then better leave the kink be.

What’s the kick of breath play?

But what is breath play all about? Actually, it is about stealing someone else’s breath. Primarily with hands, but also with belts or masks. Unconsciousness can be a desired side effect, but it doesn’t have to be. The goal here is to promptly end unconsciousness with a simple slap in the face. Many of the resulting feelings of fear in the passive partner are very arousing for both parties. When the active party has the matter „under control,“ the effect of power over the passive is very strong.

If you know me or my column, you know that I love the dominant/submissive area and enjoy this absolute devotion that the passive partner gives.

Even as an adolescent, the biggest excitement was the question, „What will the other person do when I’m unconscious? Can I trust him?“ Well, my environment was already quite cultivated and sophisticated, so you could rely on that. But you were still kind of insecure. That fear alone was a kind of foreplay.

What is good breath play?

An especially good session partner for breath play is my little faithful Alex (on the pictures). He is 33 years old, comes from Hamburg and visits me regularly. I love to see the fear in his eyes when I put my big hands in the leather gloves around his neck.

I don’t have to tie him up either, because of my size and weight I always have the upper hand. Sometimes I tease him and do nothing for a while, and when he gets impatient and wants to say something, he is immediately interrupted by the firm pressure on his throat.

„The little one should shut up and not interfere with my actions,“ I think to myself. Maybe I’ll just let go again? Who knows. I have the power now and it’s a pleasure just to have it and to play with this element. Maybe I do it very slowly and then more and more firmly? Or in intervals? He doesn’t know and has to let it pass over him.

He’ll be wondering if he’ll be unconscious immediately or if it will take some time. When will the master feel like it? Surrendering to someone also gives a nice feeling of connection. In those moments when I put my hands on his neck and he slowly starts to choke and we look into each other’s eyes, I always feel that we are somehow one.

In such moments, emotions are boiling over, just like during an orgasm. The body also releases tons of adrenaline. If sex is taking place at the same time, the actual orgasm can be dramatically intensified by breath play and breath control.

A last word of caution for breath play: Please be very careful when imitating and start slowly!

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