BDSM stories
of the Master

The Dominus provides since 2016 monthly insights into his exciting profession, as well as into general BDSM-topics; he is also adressing the political situation of sex workers. All these articles are always printed in the BOX magazine. Furthermore, the Dominus is published with regularitiy in the magazine DHIVA  and separee – with topics around the female sexuality and in the most important publication of the BDSM-scene: SCHLAGZEILEN. Please note: the printing dates of the above publications mentioned here, might differ from the printing dates shown in the magazines.




11/2021 In the Chains of a Sling

I definitely prefer individual sessions. There you can fully concentrate on the client and thus also ensure that they get what they need. With couple requests I am always a bit skeptical. Often I am supposed to teach the dominant part a stronger form of dominance or sadism, which rarely works well, because a person doesn‘t change just because they see it in someone else.

But: thought and play impulses can be given, which lead to success. Somehow I found the two exciting, Kai the verbose slave and Tom the quiet, almost shy master. As Kai explained to me in a barely restrained torrent of words long and wide, both wanted a session with me, where we both „serve“ ourselves and Tom should still learn a lot from me.

Dominance games in the relationship

Kai is a wiry guy with an extremely brash manner. The mouth in his handsome face never seemed to stand still and more and more ideas and desires bubbled out of him. He was always talking about how they wanted this and that. But the powerfully built and a few heads taller Tom just sat there quietly, nodding approvingly to his slave every now and then. As tiring as I found Kai with his multitude of ideas, which would have been enough for a whole week, the more exciting I found the challenge of clearly drawing the balance of power here and knew exactly how I would shape the session.

Kai was classically the passive part in the SM relationship and Tom just the active one. Both came out that fucking had never really worked out well for Tom – mostly Tom just lets himself get blown off. I thought it was only logical, because there are few men who can really enjoy power bottoms, those bottoms that jump all over you and actually set the tone. Especially in a DS relationship, the active one should be allowed to indulge his hunting instinct, respectively get the feeling that he now has a „victim“ in front of him, what he can use, and not that he himself is being used – as a stud, so to speak.

Kai was quickly stark naked without notice. Tom had on leather pants and black jump boots, combined with a sexy harness, and seemed somewhat absent minded. When Kai immediately went into slave mode, threw himself at my feet and just licked away, I stopped him brutally. In my full leather gear, I bent down to him: „Hey, tell me, are you setting the tone here now, you snoot? Now that‘s enough of your dictates, because from now on you‘re going to follow my lead.“ I admit that I was also a bit unsure at this moment, because such a 100% counter-steering can lead to an immediate abortion, however, I would have had no desire anyway that we are both used by Kai downright „as a master“ and would have then also broken off prematurely. Confused, he looked at me and before he could say anything, it was my turn again, „Did you ask my permission to lick my boots, Kai?“ After his hesitant „No, sir,“ I got down to business, „So, you get in the sling here, shut up, and then I‘ll take a look at your pussy.“ I put him in the leather sling, tied him up little artfully, but practically, and put a thick gag in his mouth. He was now off the air.

Raising the slave properly

I went over to Tom and we started talking about how best to shape such a slave, while Kai remained quietly in the sling, realizing that he had now really relinquished control for the first time. Tom kept taking a few of my toys in his hand and discussing with me how they worked on Kai. You have to imagine that you‘re usually the strong one and now you‘re lying there with your legs wide open in a sling like that and two guys are calmly discussing what they‘re going to do with you. The balance of power was now established. I build myself up again in front of Kai, without paying much attention to him, and put my finger in his ass. I completely disregard the little guy‘s groans and comment on how I find his hole, in the direction of his Master: „Tom, that hole is way too tight – let‘s make it nice and pliable now.“ I start and try different toys for stretching and make Kai again and again the mission clear that his cunt must now meet OUR demands. Sure I know that with this humiliation and the stretches of his cunt I also excite him, but I don‘t say that now.

Stretching exercises in the sling

A smile appeared on Tom‘s face, he calmly took out his big one and started jerking off. He had understood. The sling (or love swing as it‘s also called) exudes such glorious testosterone: Black leather and massive chains. And in terms of function, hardly anything is better for getting someone into the absolutely passive position. Arms and legs stretched upwards and fixed to the heavy chains, Kai‘s little pink rosette lay open in front of me, his cock twitching half-aroused. After a while, I invited Tom to „examine the cunt“ as well: „Feels much more inviting already, the pussy, when it‘s well oiled and stretched, doesn‘t it?“ We took turns sticking our fingers in Kai‘s ass to verify this statement, as if it were a commodity. „Stand in front of his hole, Tom.“ I showed him how to fix even an already occupied sling by adjusting the chains so that Kai‘s ass was at direct fuck height from his cock. „See, now you don‘t even have to bother getting your pecker in there, because you can just pull the hole onto your dick now. That‘s a subtle difference.“

Strokes for the slave

I reached to my console and took the small crop in hand. With light strokes on the hole and on the dick, life came to the fixed slave. The moaning became louder and Kai tried to squirm so that he could escape the blows. Nevertheless, his thing was now almost in full glory. „Well, so he can enjoy outside his comfort zone.“ I handed the crop to the equally excited Tom and he happily accepted it while simply positioning his huge cock in front of the hole without sticking it in. His strokes were unsteady and gentle at first, but quickly became firmer. Moans and sighs filled the room, then he stopped, got down on his knees, worked the widely stretched hole with his tongue and jerked his thing hard as a stick. I now put a mask on Kai, so that he could no longer comment on the situation with glances or even influence it.

„Now you can just push it in, Tom. The bitch is now completely there for you. We can also leave the slut there for a bit – never mind. The ‚bit‘ is there for us now.“ Tom, who had understood his new position of power even before this declaration, let his cock slide into the well-wetted hole with a powerful thrust. A suppressed yelp escaped Kai. Tom pulled out again and played around with his glans in front of the hole. After some time, he gave in to the little guy‘s horny whimpering and pushed it in again – but then remained motionless. Damn, again what the little one in the sling had neither expected nor could influence this in any way. These games continued and I saw that Tom was now visibly enjoying the power role. The seemingly awakened Master Tom held on to the chains of the sling alternately left and right and then just pounded in. The lying surface always swung back briefly, only to immediately swing back again sonorous chain-rattling. It‘s really cool when all the difficulties that can wait for you during the usual penetration in bed are taken by such a device: No pushing a pillow under your butt, which then slips away after a few thrusts after all, no „taking it from behind“ and finding yourself on your toes at some point because the passive one is „going along for the ride“, and no „getting out of breath“ because you‘re almost sporting ramming. No, you just push your butt hole back and forth in front of your cock comfortably at the speed you like.

I practice verbal eroticism again while jerking off comfortably to the situation, firing it up like this: „Kai, keep your hole open. I don‘t want to hear a peep from you. You‘re just a hole now …“ And to Tom I say, „Tom, as long as you want, all just for your cock. Just for you, he lies there and dutifully stalls until you‘re done …“ Actually, I had assumed that we would restart a few more times, but Tom is like a well-oiled machine and works the hole mercilessly. I think it also excites him that I‘m watching and he now has full control and can use his big cock well, because shortly thereafter he squirts nice show outside. Good for me, so I could also equal still nice with in the „lake shoot“. That was our first meeting a few years ago. Since then the two were still a few times there. The sling still has a great attraction for both of them and is used in every game.

10/2021 A boy and the passion for feet

Cocks, asses, nipples and co – there are many wonderful body parts with which we can have our fun in fetish. Often forgotten are our feet. Yet no body part on me receives as much care as this. Of course, the athletic body is extremely important for someone in my profession, but not quite as crucial if you specialize in fetishes and other special games. However, I personally can also rather tolerate a flabby belly than strongly horny and cracked feet with too long as well as dirty toenails. I don’t have anything like that.

Fuss Fetisch und Fuss Anbetung mit SM Master Andre alias Dominus.Berlin im Anzug

And so I spend my evening with a romantic foot worshipper in the dominatrix studio. Logically, I take for this the warmer wooden room on the second floor to create a special mood with candlelight and stylish Enigma music. I’m lucky, because so late in the evening is usually little happening in a dominatrix studio, so I quickly turn on the lanterns in the garden and make myself comfortable. I know what someone feels when he enters a dominatrix studio, because here eroticism is simply in the air. Every even slightly sensitive person feels that fancy sex and orgasms determine the house rules of this house.

Eroticism in the air and a young boy’s body

My client Sven now closes the door behind him as instructed and has to walk alone up the stairs to me in the upper room. Supported by the epic sounds from my room, he already rides his first intense movie during this walk. You have to imagine what goes on inside you when you enter such a darkened house of perversions, carrying a lot of your saved money in your pocket with the willingness to spend it on fulfilling your deepest sexual desires, and then being left completely alone with these hardcore emotions for the first few minutes, as there is no receptionist waiting anywhere. I think that’s great, because in this day and age there’s often a lack of moments where you can just be „with yourself.“ This mixture of anticipation, fear and horniness always ensure soft knees for the person who then stands in front of me – this case is no exception. I catch sight of a particularly petite man, about my age, who logically looks a lot younger because of his sweet boyish body.

SM Master Andre alias Dominus.Berlin in Smoking in Barock Umgebung bei Musterung mit Sklave nackt und mit Leder Kappe

A boyish body! My very personal fetish. I am very positively taken with it. This client is just a little bit into dominance, so I smile right away so as not to be miles above him, because my home advantage as well as the dramaturgically good positioning on the throne, already have enough effect. He is visibly pleased that I am obviously not the bad man who is about to lash out at him, now quickly rummages out the envelope with the money and somehow holds it protectively in front of him despite my smile. I accept the envelope and stow it in my suit. Still smiling kindly, I subtly command, „Undress.“ I remain sitting very relaxed during his entire undressing process, looking at his beautiful little body. I also visibly make no secret of the fact that I’m „stringing“ him along by telling him to slowly slide the panties down or stroke his beautiful belly while looking at me. As a rule, I always find body regions, movements or behavior patterns in my play partners that please me and excite me sexually for the play to follow. For some fetishists, it is very exciting when they are not perceived as a sexual object and are merely presented with the object of their desire to enjoy. I did not have this impression in the preceding e-mail correspondence with Sven. And this impression is also confirmed, because his little penis is already standing, even before his underpants touch the floor.

SM Master Dominus.Berlin alias Master Andre in Lehrer Pose mit Schreibtisch Leder Stiefel und Schlagstock bereit fuer Bestragung bei Schueler

The path to true pleasure

This game is especially characterized by verbosity, because everyone can imagine that it would end quickly if I briskly took off my socks to stuff my feet in his face. Sven is allowed to slowly approach my legs and then enjoy the business attire he favors. Of course he wants to touch immediately, which I refuse him for the time being. He should first be allowed to linger for a while near his much desired object. In the order: touching, smelling and then rubbing his own face against my legs, it goes on. I support Sven by giving him clear instructions about what he is allowed to touch, when and how, but I keep stroking him all over his body and thus confirming his actions. Everything is accompanied by his soft moaning, which becomes really loud when he manages to somehow squeeze his nose into my shoe. When he finally gets my bare feet, I already have to admonish him to stop playing around with his penis so that he doesn’t orgasm prematurely. He gnaws on my toes, licks on command in between the slightly salty and nibbles on the cornea. There are an insane number of nerve endings in the feet.

I show him exactly where I would like to be licked or gently bitten. Coupled with his absolute devotion, this game develops into my absolute maximum pleasure. I notice that he now also increasingly looks between my legs, where I already stimulate my thick with my hand. „So, now the little one is allowed to have a turn at the cock,“ I tell him in a decisive, but still friendly tone.

SM Master Dominus.Berlin alias Master Andre in Leder Mantel auf Sklave wartend und bereit fuer Fetisch Session

The boy craves for the cock

I’ve barely finished the sentence when he already plunges his head between my thighs at a speed as if he had been kept chaste for two years. Hui, can the suck! I always announce clearly a few seconds before that I will come. If I then notice that the play partner is more than clearly willing to take me inside him, then I shoot out liberating everything. Most submissive men kick it when they have taken care of you exclusively and are then allowed to taste you. I don’t let a big pause arise, but quickly stow my still stiff in my pants, adjust my suit and build myself up in front of him again as a Fifty Shades of Grey copy. Everything is coherent, except for the lack of shoes and socks. I now pull myself up by the crossbars of the huge bedposts and press him to the floor with my feet. He knows exactly what is coming now: this game is called „trampling“. So I walk around on my playing partner. Of course, you can’t do that just like that – heavens, you’d break bones! No, you always shift the weight a little more or less on the body, depending on the part of the body. The passive enjoys the body pressure, the superiority of the active and of course the feet. I look into his wide open eyes and enjoy his massive arousal and accompany this last part of the game with a lot of dominant dirty talk. I now allow him to squirt, which takes just what feels like two seconds before he shoots a huge load almost up to his nipples. It looks great. He is visibly excited about fulfilling his longtime dream. If he were from the center of Berlin, he would have done this many years ago, however, like many of my clients, he comes from out of town – usually even from the countryside. So it is also understandable that it bangs with him twice as intensively as comparatively with the city man. We still have a nice chat until I blissfully dismiss him into the night.

9/2021 Forced to BDSM? The desire for coercion!

Can BDSM work if one of the players only wants conditionally? Is it then a rape? Is it allowed and will it be horny? What is it like when BDSM and vanilla sex meet?

sm master, leine Knaben xl schwanz big cock,

Over a year ago, shortly before the Corona crisis, I was persuaded by a regular customer to a session in a hotel. Along for the ride was porn star DennisXL: a tall, very athletic man with a handsome cock and a calm natural-masculine demeanor. When you meet a colleague in our trade, it’s usually because you’ve seen each other online many times before. The faces are often more familiar than those of your own family. It’s not uncommon for us callboys to book each other, whether it’s for our own compensation, to form a group for a well-groomed pack fuck, or simply because we want to know who’s behind the pictures.

Dennis and I understood each other right away and were also quickly aware of our intended roles: He gave the body-experience with all his beauty and caressed the customer as well as let him touch his beautiful body, while I was once again the perverted pig who takes his right with „dirty talk“ to sink his fist in the customer’s anus.

Dennis and I then decided to have a coffee after the session and got to know each other better. „Someday we’ll take photos together,“ he said, but I just waved it off: „Oh, what’s the point? My hobbyhorse is BDSM. That has just met here prima, but that a customer in the face wants a cuddle action and a fist from a master at the same time in the ass, is rather rare and would also look a bit funny on a picture. In pictures, you expect clear statements.“ „You may be right about that,“ Dennis said, sipping his coffee. I couldn’t help but admire the beautiful vein running across his biceps, already moving sexily as he lifted his coffee cup. „Unless you’d be submissive and deliciously maso for me, in the pictures, then we can work that out,“ I said with the most mischievous smile I had to offer. „I don’t really know about that, I’m more the boyfriend-experience type,“ he replied, and I noticed a spark of insecurity in the otherwise confident man.

The topic then simply fizzled out for the time being. But the other day it apparently did, because the following message reached me: „When we take our picture, it’s okay for me to be your sub“. I thought to myself: if I can put this little piece of shit over my knee and spank his firm, slightly hairy ass, then fuck the photos! Today, however, I’m glad he kept repositioning the camera and pressing the self-timer.

A game between professionals

Lightly dressed, Dennis arrives at my place with the most charming smile imaginable. While I struggle – as usual – for hours into the heavy leather, I see him immediately jumping around my apartment stark naked. Wonderful to see, how everything dangles there so beautifully slowly back and forth, between his legs. „We’ll start with a photo in the hallway. You stand behind me now, cuddle up lovingly to Daddy, and I take your cock in my hand, so you know right away who’s the boss here.“

BDSM Master sir, boy cuddling, sm

Sure, we both smile a little at my announcement, but we are both aware of the latent eroticism through this burgeoning power differential. I realize later when I first look at the pictures that he has also actually just swept out the cute boy. Little by little, I introduce him to the submissive role: „You have to feel this, otherwise you just won’t radiate it. I’m going to bring you into the situation in a hands-on way. You take three slaps and then feel yourself into the role anew.“ He agrees. I take off one of my leather gloves, reach into his full hair, and slap him hard. He is only slightly surprised, but puts up with it. My second slap is coupled with a very angry expression on his face as well as the words, „You’re my little bitch now – remember that.“ The third and final blow just comes as a surprise, immediately after the second: „And now you’re going to hold your tight ass up to the camera so the world can look right up your hole in peace, too.“

asshole male west boots, leather dominance

He does it quite decently, but I’m not satisfied yet: „Both hands on the ass cheeks and pull the buttocks apart. Oh, leave it – I’d better do it myself.“ I notice how his original stiffness has turned into suppleness. He no longer smiles sheepishly, but lets me bend him slightly and please him much more.

You have nothing more to report!

„Now there are a few handcuffs, so that you feel even better that you have nothing more to report. The command tone comes with me calmly and routinely – that works. As I then pose with my face close to his well-groomed hole, I take a good look at his entrance. Inevitably, perverse thoughts arise in me: „So this is your horny column, which is so beautifully poked in porn by horny guys? Yummy!“ Immediately after pressing the self-timer, I check how exactly this column smells. Oh! Quite clean? So the little horny bitch has rinsed his fuck hole as a precaution. So, was probably nothing with „just take a little picture“? Okay, you can have that, but differently than you think it!

There is a video of the following scene; just click here and log in. There is plenty of BDSM porn for just 20,- €.

I tie his hands behind his back and throw him over my chair, so that his hole can look nicely into the camera. With a smile, I start flicking his beautiful rosette with my middle finger, so that you can always hear little clapping sounds. I see him twitch. It’s not really painful yet, but it prepares him well. „Let it twitch, your hole. Come on, show me how it can twitch!“ He tenses his sphincter a bit, and although there’s not much to see, I’m happy to see the command carried out. The leather paddle at the ready now comes into play and I aim the narrow side directly at his rosette. Now really comes movement in his muscular butt and I get more and more horny. According to the golden BDSM rule „carrot and stick“ his hole is alternately licked a bit and then beaten again. I drum now so with the leather paddle on his wet licked man pussy that I can already see the first pink discolorations in the skin around his rosette. How exciting! I now aim the paddle directly at the ass center and get horny on it, because of course this is a bit more painful for my newbie. As I continue, we really get to his limit and he twitches a little more. But only twitching is not enough for me personally, because despite the gag, the slut can still scream a bit for me. So I hit even harder until the tight ass finally comes out of the socket and starts to whimper. Very good, now Daddy is also really horny. A few more introductory games follow with his cock as well as with his balls.

Blow my cock!

There is also a video of the following scene; just click here and log in. There is plenty of BDSM porn for just 20,- €.

Finally I say to him: „Now you really have to blow my cock, otherwise I’ll explode right away! He goes dutifully before me on his knees. With great pleasure I take his beautiful face and press it on my cock. One look down and I realize that he has extended his big device and it is now stiff. My cock circles his face and his pretty mouth is nice and wide open, „You want it?“ He just nods, „I can’t hear you, do you want him?“ He now says loudly „Yes“ and gets to swallow my pipe directly as a reward. Gladly, I provoke his throat with my cock and push the head down hard, giving the handsome guy a nice gag reflex. His submissive look and his tongue sticking out on command also tempted me to cum right on it.

After a few minutes he has regained his composure and says as always matter-of-factly and dryly to me: „Yes, that was exciting. „Man, he’s cute – really! My conclusion: Yes, it is possible to approach BDSM together if there is latent interest. Empathy and clear announcements make it morally possible and then also promote an excellent orgasm, because here it is both about the mutual conquest and that both thereby find out something about themselves.

8/2021 Straight people belong on a leash!

There are these Instagram or Twitter accounts that unfold before you like a photo diary. Every meeting, every lunch, every professional or academic success and every vacation is recorded in countless photos and comments and, of course, the owner and creator of these photos smiles at you in almost every one of them. Simon has such an account. Simon is a young guy, just approaching 30, well-built and athletic, as his many photos from the fitness temple testify. Most of the time he is smiling at different pretty young women and even more often you can see him posing in front of the mirror in changing suits and outfits in perfect „straightacting“, always underlined with cool finger poses. I never understood the meaning of „finger pointing in photos“, but I suspect that the „Victory sign“ coined by Winston Churchill is not the real origin with these guys, is it? But then, I’m already 45 years old and don’t have to understand everything anymore.

The tasty straight guy and his master

The little guy is really yummy, because in addition to that, there’s also his beaming smile, the well-trimmed three-day beard, the brown eyes and the damn full hair. Simon is a real eye-catcher and is now nervously standing in my BDSM room in front of me, far away from all his previously accustomed heterosexuality. He wears a suit and this is not of the cheap variety, combined with sporty sneakers. He constantly grabs his neatly tied tie knot and smooths out his straight-fitting tie. A gesture that seems to give him confidence, only it doesn’t seem to work so well here with me anymore. So he likes tight things around his neck? I smile inwardly and sit relaxed in my chair in full leather gear and lean forward. The leather creaks and with my gloved hand I point to the floor in front of me, „Put it here!“ His fawn eyes look at me, then his gaze falls to the floor and then back to me. My instruction was clear and unmistakable. He strokes his tie again and he knows, „he who bites off must also chew“.

I see a stronger bulge forming in his pants, because the command tone is probably like music to his ears. It’s all about the devotion for the sweet straight man. The devotion in front of a man, which is actually independent of sexual orientation – at least by self-definition. You could also call it a „bi-sexuality under certain conditions“. But such guys otherwise actually pant after the ladies in everyday life and stand with their buddies in the shower at the sports club without looking at their dicks. Arriving in front of me, I eye him and his bulge: „Must be horny, you little pussy licker, huh? Pants down!“ He takes off his pants, right over his sneakers, and he’s well prepared for the meeting, because he’s been instructed to get a jock strip for his first „gay experience“. I leave him the sneakers, because the floor is cool. He folds the things neatly, puts them decently together in a small pile so that I can’t take offense, and again builds himself up in front of me in his usual nice masculine way. I suppose he wants to impress me and I confess that it also works a bit, without letting me notice it outwardly, though.

The master commands: Show your juicy cock!

Now comes the probably most exciting part for us: the mindgame. I put a patch over his beautiful eyes and give him a verbal summary of the upcoming hours: „In a moment you will serve a man … I will look into your sweet straight pussy, what you can do with it …“, and so on. He trembles and answers dutifully. His repetitive „Yes, sir“ comes across a bit monotonous after some time, but I concede it to him, because I am responsible for entertainment. In front of me there is now a great picture, because the young man is so excited that his pre-juice runs out of his panties. I liked that so much that I made an extra photo of it for you. The picture is not reenacted, directly live from the session of June 2021. „Show your juicing cock!“, I command and he takes it out. His medium-sized uncircumcised cock, matching his beautiful tanned skin color, is stiff as a stick and bent down a bit. „Down on your knees then,“ I say in a calm but authoritative tone.

I touch his head, stroke through the full tousled hair, then let my hand slide to the back of his neck and there I increase the pressure in my grip. A firm grip on the neck can quickly create the feeling of helplessness. When my hand wraps around the throat of my play partner in the soft leather glove, any resistance is useless and the accompanying submissive look kicks me. The neck is often a very underestimated part of the body in lovemaking, yet it is so wonderfully easy to play out your dominance right there. I’m not even talking about breath control or choking games, but the neck as a sign of possession. Many animals also present their submissiveness in this way by presenting their most sensitive areas – mostly belly or neck. Through the strict grip on this place, it is easy for me to quickly bring my client into the position that I want and usually the whole thing is accompanied by a lustful moan on his part.

The straight man kneels – submissive with collar

I push Simon down a little deeper, then I grab the prepared golden chain collar and put it on him. Not too tight, just enough so that I can still slide my index and middle finger between the neck and the collar, and so slowly slide forward to the Adam’s apple. Simon’s head rotates and I force him to look me in the eye. His puppy dog eyes really stimulate me now and I look forward to spending time with him. The collar or shackle around the neck has forever symbolized the domestication or servitude of a being. Like the halter on a horse or the collar on a dog or cat. Hardly anything shows more „I belong to someone“ like a ribbon, a chain or a shackle around the neck. When shopping for collars, don’t forget the leash that goes with it. If the collar marks ownership, the leash reduces the range of motion and shows who is in charge. A strong pull on the leash can save a lot of words and is not to be misunderstood.

My Simon also learns this very quickly. I bought an extra expensive collar and a matching leash, which look really chic in their „golden look“, because I love playing on the leash very much – then you may also have the premium version at home. As I click the leash onto his collar, a little sigh escapes him. I get up and stand in front of him. He looks up at me. Then I take the leash for a moment and with a gentle tug, I indicate that he should crawl and we walk nicely together across the room. Simon is compliant and quickly learns how to behave. Then we go back to the starting position. He kneels in front of me and I stand in front of him. I stroke his head in praise and he gratefully presses against my leg. He is more relaxed and calm now that he knows I am in control and there for him. The leash symbolizes control and therefore must not even simply fall to the floor, but must remain in my hand or just be attached to a stable point, as in this case immediately to the heavy cage in the next room, while I prepare the next „station“.

The small innocent hetero with the „Bi-Fantasies“ gets the buck now under him and his crisp ass shows itself before me in all its glory. I work his butt with all imaginable types of play and enjoy his steady erection, which is otherwise rather rare when you take care of the butts of the play partners. But the Freshman finally feels a man at his „virgin backdoor“ and goes off like „Schmitz cat“. When I later take off his collar, I give him a homework for the next meeting: He should buy such a necklace himself. My dear Simon now wears such a chain collar after our first meeting. Whenever he strokes his tie now, he is reminded of me and our meeting.

6/2021 Desire for leather!

SM Master Andre alias DominusBerlin in Voll Leder Uniform mit Jacke Hose und Stiefeln in Industrie Umgebung mit Eisen Tor und Halle mit Graffiti besprueht

It is now well over a year ago that I was able to go to a gay leather bar and there, in the middle of air thickened by cigar smoke and with harder beats, was allowed to look at horny leather outfits in all forms and price ranges. Just the sight of men wrapped in this material already forces men reflexively to their knees for extensive boot licking, stretching their asses upwards ready for mating. In a leather bar, therefore, the roles are as obvious as those of factory workers in a plant.

Before the emergence of the so-called „New Guard Leather Movement“ in the 90s, this view was always correct, because until then there were very simple understandings of roles, which were also reflected in leather clothing. Now we are in recent years anyway sexually in much more complex and more tolerant spheres on the road. While I, at almost 45 years of age, still come from a time when every gay party still had a separate darkroom with a „Men-Only-Sign“ emblazoned over it, and some of the cis-men were controlled by security, we all fucked in Berghain with the straight guys on the second floor until Corona, and in KitKat it is hardly possible to visually separate genders and sexual orientations – but who wants that? After all, it’s not a gender assigned at birth, sometimes even arbitrarily, or even an ideology that’s been brought up and thought out that should qualify us for physical encounters, but the person, his body or his (fetish) passion itself.

Welcome to the future!

The material leather has not gained its high status like other „fashionable dominant garments“ – only to lose it again with changing zeitgeist, such as the top hat. No, leather has rightfully earned its dominant reputation even well over a century by its own nature. It is a firm material, it does not give way like other fabrics, therefore it appears cool and distant and enlarges the body. Leather thus feigns muscles, at the same time concealing a little tummy and, thanks to its subtle sheen, suits gray temples perfectly. The fascination of this material binds people together to such an extent that associations have been founded for this purpose that still exist today and it can be viewed in the most varied forms in the Leather Museum (USA).

When talking about traditional gay stereotypes, the leather guy comes right after the transvestite in the list, for which leather is the basis. Artists like Tom of Finland were instrumental in this. Once covered with it, even the biggest sissy becomes a real guy: masculine, active as well as aggressive. Even if it sometimes looks a bit overdrawn, especially on a somewhat „softer contemporary“, it still never fails to make an impact. It is not for nothing that showtunte Patsy l’Amour laLove has therefore aptly titled the gay leather outfit as „travesty of masculinity“. You might think from my praises here that I’m also a steep fetishist, but I’m more of a „fan of the effect.“ While I have in everyday outfits the effect of the strict „daddy“, leather transforms me just to the Dominus and thus manifests my sexuality in optical terms best.


Now, I’m not really a fetishist – and thus not a true connoisseur – so it’s good that I get the personal advice right when I try them on. However, I opted for premium leather, which makes it not so easy to get local advice, because my brand is imported from the US. So, since I like to buy toys in Munich from my buddy Michael anyway, I decide to make a trip to him. His store is in the gay scene district at Sendlinger Tor and offers – after entering – a world of exciting possibilities. I roll my suitcase into the store, because I want to take before-and-after photos, respectively, to check if I can combine the new leather with the old outfits. I’m even a little nervous because the purchase is the same price as a small car. Hopefully the outfit will fit.

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Pure masculinity – the leather jacket

„Your leather is over here,“ Michael says, positioning himself next to the rack in front of the leather jackets that look particularly powerful even from a distance. I throw on the jacket he hands me and find it instantly awesome. „Whoa, that’s a tank,“ I exclaim. Michael just smiles, and his beautiful blue-white eyes sparkle at me. „Well, he already knows what he has hanging here in the store,“ I think to myself. The leather smells nice and natural – so it’s untreated, but it’s also a little stiff, and I find it hard to move around in the jacket. Michael reflexively says, however, that this stiffness will go away after a while and will adapt to the shape of my body and my movements. I wear leather for a long time and knew the effect already, but still I’m glad for this info, because I was already slightly unsettled again.

#dominantman #bdsmmaster #leather #fullleather #leder #leathermaster I couldn’t buy the pants because I would have had to have the zipper, which conveniently goes through the middle of my current pants, sewn into the new pants, and in addition have them reduced in size at the calves so that the pant legs would fit into my boots. This was then not worth the four figure amount to me. The color difference to the new leather is – as expected – there, but here Michael gives me leather oil to spice up the color of the pants again something, and indeed the oil gives the leather back more of the original color and thus matches the jacket. I recommend this care to any leather fan. I buy another belt with a gold buckle to match the buttons and zippers on the new jacket, and my new leather uniform is in place – almost. The new leather is a lot heavier and also rattles nicer.

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Do you want to draw your sword, too?

I rummage a bit more on the shelf and discover a long leather belt. „This is the Sam Browne belt,“ Michael says, „it’s kind of an accessory …“ And he puts it on me. A narrower belt now extends from the wide waist belt, diagonally across the right shoulder. „It was invented by the British officer Sam Browne in the 19th century to make it easier for the soldier to draw his sword.“ I now admire this small change in my outfit that has such a big impact. It also gives the ensemble something „sexy-military“ now. I love it! The transformation is now complete. If my previous outfit still gave me the feeling of being a „scattered German 80s punk rocker“, I have now mutated into a perfectly formed „US motorcycle junkie“. The guy who probably eats his beer bottle after drinking, fucks really hot chicks on his bike, throws them away afterwards with a cool macho slogan and is totally horny for brawls of any kind. In short: You become „hypermasculine“.


I can already see the lustful looks of my slaves in front of me, because the horny material is neatly reinforced in its effect by my height and broad shoulders. I love to have the fetishist in front of me, who wants to „fumble“ immediately, but must first earn it. For example, he must first get down on his knees and look up appreciatively. I let myself there in all peace and serenity, in the truest sense of the word, extensively „blickficken“. After my minion has shown some patience and perseverance, he may „smell times“ and then possibly times a little kiss on my chest. Or he is condemned to a proper boot polish with the tongue before it continues.

#leather #leatherman #leathermen #totalleather #fulleather #leathergay  #gayleather #bluf #gayleatherfetish #leatherfetish #gayleatherman #gayleathermen #leatherpants #gayleatherdaddy #leatherdaddy #leatherfan #leathermaster

It’s even more cool if you don’t „condemn“ him to it, but tell the sub that he’s now „allowed“ to lick the boots. I am into pronounced – dominance / submission games, because just the pronounced fetishist you may not immediately give everything. Less is always more here. Leather is the oldest textile that is generally associated with sexual clothing. Already in the century before last, people used this material to support the sexy wasp waist. Leather will never lose its effect in the future, and my investment will be worth it. Don’t you want to treat yourself to it?

5/2021 Go to jail!

So says Monopoly and the card promises a very „restricted round“. Certainly, the deprivation of freedom is the most characteristic feature of a prison, including accompanying humiliations such as the pattern trial, forced body cleansing, visual conformity with the other inmates, or even sensory torture through sleep deprivation. Being a plaything or rape victim of sadistic guards are further reasons to fear this lawlessness in a prison. What is an abomination to some is a supreme pleasure to others, for this lawlessness is associated with the liberating relinquishment of responsibility.

The fantasy of prison games

I remember Lennard so fondly. The young man from Switzerland had – without having met me before – directly booked two overnight stays, and the program was clear: Prison Games. To enhance the effect, I scheduled my permanent client Olaf as an additional inmate, because being locked away is totally his thing. The cell wing I rented for this purpose in Berlin is hidden away on a large industrial site. The individual halls are empty in the evening, of course, and convey an eerie-erotic feeling.

As agreed, Olaf received my delinquent at the front of the street. Lennard followed Olaf quietly with his head down, past the meter-high walls of the deserted factory hall, which, together with the icy silence, had already started his head cinema. Arrived in the main hall, Olaf held out a burlap bag to Lennard: „This is where your stuff has to go, everything!“ This is not how Lennard had imagined it, after all, he probably thought he would run into me right away. But, deviating a bit from the classic expectations of clients is always an advantage – especially when it comes to insecurity as an excitement factor. Lennard stripped down to his underpants and Olaf said to him, „The guard is coming now.“ I finally made my entrance! With the green police sweater, thick brown cloth pants and laced boots, I looked like a veteran guard. Rounding out the look were leather gloves, a gun and baton on my belt. My erect posture, accurate side parting, and mustache exuded power confidence and perversion.

All scenes re-enacted at Studio Sanctum, Hannover with Alex Varlan.

„Finally here? So you know right away, there is discipline and order here. You are here to serve your sentence! Here you are nothing – just a number. You’re number 17, remember that and hands behind your back when I talk to you.“ It was clear to Lennard that we were getting right to it, but he was still visibly upset as he finally stood in front of me dressed only in his white underpants, feeling the cold concrete on the soles of his feet. „Why are you still wearing anything at all? Do you think this is a beach vacation? Take off your underpants and do it now!“ The underpants were in his hand within seconds and he wanted to give them to me like a ticket to a ticket inspector. „What am I supposed to do with this? Do you think I have a closet full of underpants from such wimps as you are? You’re going right now where you belong – in your cell.“

All scenes re-enacted at Studio Sanctum, Hannover with Alex Varlan.

I turned around, took two steps and made sure that Lennard followed me. He walked dutifully behind me and with pleasure I saw that he was already erect. His hard cock was looking down. We went into the cell wing, which was under the main hall. Passing the first cell, he saw Olaf lying huddled and naked on his cot.

Hard cocks behind bars

The cells were very large and separated by stone walls. So the convicts could not see each other. „You may now throw your underpants into the aisle here in front.“ I took a step closer to him and said with a smile, „Then you can look out of the cell and see the last of your dignity crumpled up in the hallway.“ The cell door slammed shut and the lights went out. Only the emergency exit lights at the end of the hallway still provided some light, allowing Lennard to get his bearings. He saw a cot attached to the wall by two chains, covered with an ugly, rough blanket, and a camera pointed steadily at him.

All scenes re-enacted at Studio Sanctum, Hannover with Alex Varlan.

Lennard later told me his thoughts about it: „What happens now? Is he going to come back now? Am I going to be able to do all this? I feel really puny, so naked in this cell.“ I left the two guys alone for a whole hour. After all, we had two days at our disposal, so Lennard should bathe in his own inevitable fantasies. Olaf was instructed not to speak to him. The light came back on, heavy footsteps of my boots could be heard and I opened Olaf’s cell door. I cuffed him with his hands above his head, then he received a loud slap, „Number 16, are you a dirty piglet?“ Olaf answered dutifully and sufferingly, „Yes, I am.“ I knew Lennard was listening in on everything and it was having the desired effect. He wondered, „Is this real? Is he going to do that to me too?“

Explore the sexual playing field

„You’ve got nothing but messes on your mind, that’s why your little willy is standing again, you perverted piece of shit.“ I pulled on his foreskin and Olaf cried out. In fact, Olaf was rock hard, because this form of humiliation is totally his thing. I continued to torture him for a few more minutes, always managing to make Olaf hear nice and loud. Then I disappeared and came back after some time and this time went directly to Lennard’s cell: „What are you doing here? You have orders not to move from the cot!“ I tied him up on the cot, giving him some room to move. „And now we have to see if you smuggled anything in.“

All scenes re-enacted at Studio Sanctum, Hannover with Alex Varlan.

I demonstratively put on latex gloves at my leisure. I illuminated his mouth with a flashlight and felt how this intrusion into the intimacy of another touched me. I was very stimulated by this „crossing the boundaries“ and somehow these exact musings bring one closer together. I leaned over to his ass and felt Lennard wince beneath me. „A very dense bush you have on your rosette,“ I said, pulling a little on the hair. Then I stuck my finger in his hole and Lennard let out a sigh. I had treated the finger with some lubricant beforehand, of course. However, I didn’t show this „step of fairness“ to my convict, because I didn’t want to seem caring. This is the great art of BDSM sex work: discover the playing field on which you can move, go to its edges, but not beyond.

All scenes re-enacted at Studio Sanctum, Hannover with Alex Varlan.

I described the texture of his hole, becoming a little more rhythmic in my movements. „I guess number 17 is unfucked, huh?“ Lennard replied, „No, sir – it’s just been a long time.“ I then explained to him, „Number 17, then we will make your pussy fuckable as part of your punishment!“

All scenes re-enacted at Studio Sanctum, Hannover with Alex Varlan.

And so the hours and days passed: first there was a morning roll call, followed by sports activities in convict clothes in the yard and other „physical training“. My convicts had to shove dildos up each other’s asses. There were betting games to see who could get their dick hard first, coupled with slaps to increase the pressure. The first hard cock got to fuck and the other guy had to stall. If neither got hard, they were both put down. My convicts also had to clean the cells and were hosed down themselves with a water hose. The convicts stood wide-legged with both hands against the wall. I had my washcloth with me and I was ruthlessly cleaning the intimate parts of my body. Only then was there something to eat and a breather before it really started again – it turned out that the second night was experienced much more intensively due to the sleep deprivation. This is how a weekend in „jail“ can become an exhilarating experience that lingers in the minds of those involved for a long time to come.

4/2021 Dogplay

One of the biggest prejudices about pet play is that it is essentially a sexual act in an animal costume.
This is not necessarily the case (also in my world of experience). Of course, sexuality can be perfectly integrated here, but it is not always a necessary component, or it can simply feel nice without having to have an orgasm. I think this prejudice results from the German sexual education movies of the 1970s, namely the „Schoolgirl Report“, where in every episode a foolish teacher felt like trying to jump on a teacher from the closet as a morose stallion. Of course, this type of game invites in particular to ridicule and malice, but we BDSMers should be more relaxed about it, because in comparison every slightest emotion of the vanilla sex was 100 times more often the victim of a variety of jokes.

Luxus Umgebung in Weiß mit Kandelaber und Thron Sessel mit SM Master Andre alias Dominus.Berlin in Rubber und Hunde Sklave DesDominusDiener in Latex Outfit an Kette
Ponyplay is the most popular animal game when you talk about petplay, but the expression is usually characterized by much more sensitivity and attention to detail than the previously mentioned example in the schoolgirl report. In my personal opinion, pony play is increasingly to be found in the heterosexual and gay female areas, and dog play is more common in homosexual men.

However, I have no evidence for this, because it is only a snapshot. What do you mean? Let me know your thoughts at kolja@box-magazin.com. One experience is that dogplay doesn’t always need a masquerade to work. Sometimes I catch myself or my other vanilla sex partners that somehow purring like a cat when cuddling or grunting with pleasure when hard fucking like a pig. That can be all, the more freedom you allow yourself, the more you can enjoy it.

I really like a lot of game play variations, but of course I take my clients into account. With my loyal Olaf I can enjoy some dog games. Latex suits him so well anyway, there is simply this rubber dog mask from Blackstyle, which somehow everyone in Berlin has, and sometimes a plug with tails in the butt and the dog is ready. The tail not only looks „cute“, but also signals to me if Olaf is interested in something or if he is having fun, because then he actually instinctively moves his butt and the tail wobbles wonderfully. Among us: you have to strive for knee pads, because everyone starts off motivated at the beginning and then the knees hurt too quickly – usually when you have just gotten into motion. Of course you can also just walk on all fours, but the knees are always strained.

When we meet, we do not always need to clarify what we are doing because we see each other so often. Then he stands in front of me and says with a bashful smile: „let’s shuffle“. I can clearly feel how much he enjoys being allowed to turn into a dog. He’s more of a cuddly – rather than a sexual type. Simply stroking him and making him feel that he belongs to me – that he is mine means much more to him than an ejaculation triggered by him. And in fact, these feelings can be expressed particularly well through dogplay. Why? Because we talk to (our) animals much easier and clearer. You become „something different“ when you open the dog mask: away from the complicated personality, with its neuroses and fears, as well as with its strengths, complex needs and sometimes intrusive thoughts. Into a world where you can just be something simpler, reduced to basic instincts that we still have in common with the animal world. That is really pleasant, because we humans are constantly pushing each other to understand our environment and ourselves in all their complexity – but that requires effort. As a dog you don’t need that, you can just let your basic instincts run free, taking their owner into account – of course.
If I compare all of my human dogs that I have had on a leash so far, I can say that I can determine the personality based on the initial and simple „walking of the dog“. Your human dog instinctively wants that too, because he has now been robbed of his language, so he wants to express himself in other ways. Some of them fool around a bit shyly, others move and observe as little as possible, while the next one frolics like crazy and feels „perfect“.

Latex und Rubber Fantasie und Fetscih Vorstellung mit SM Master Andre alias Dominus.Berlin und Hund Sklave Des Dominus Diener an der Leine
Of course, I throw the stick and he will bring it back well. He also makes males for me, which as a human dog is of course a paradox of its own, but it still excites me positively. Now body language is required. Olaf keeps going down with his head when he wants to be nice and submissive or he rears up when he sees other dogs. Well, actually he is not really a „rebel“ – I still have to train him because his personality is more like the dear „Golden Retriever“ and far from the „German Shepherd“. But I also want to get out with him, because I confess to being an exhibitionist too. So now he has to learn to listen to his master.

„Olaf, lie down!“ My dog lies well on its side. „Olaf, sit up and beg!“ He takes on this typical pose in no time at all and his hands dangle very sweetly. „I think he’ll have to get dog gloves soon,“ I think to myself. „Olaf, watch it!“ And now he remains in an observing position: the tail in the butt no longer wobbles. „Olaf, more !!!“ I say in a very strict tone – his posture stiffens and he looks around very attentively. I am satisfied and caress him. That is his highlight. When scratched, he rubs against me while stroking.

Not convinced of the dogplay yet? Well, then consider this: If someone praises you today, the question is inevitable: „Why is he doing this?“, „Did he mean it seriously?“ that or is he just flattering me because he wants something? or even:“ I know that I have a nice cock, how do you like my eyes, boy? “
In dogplay this is easy to assume by „stroking the head“ because you just brought the stick to your master, and I thought it was really cute how you did it and that you did it for me. Nobody has to worry if I say „sit“ to you because I want to talk nicely to the other owner, because that’s what you do with dogs. They have to be calm at some point, and they know that. I no longer really see Olaf as a person, but I also feel that he is in a different role. Our language is now somehow becoming binary, and once the feeling for the roles is really established, it is the case with us that it doesn’t need many games anymore, we can just lie there together. Me with a very loyal dog who has shown me his loyalty, and he is close to his master, where he feels that the master is enjoying his cuddle.

But I also want to take my doggie for a walk – show off something for the others, and I know that my dog also likes to show himself.

The next issue will fittingly deal with exhibitionism, because we will go out together …

4/2021 From TV cozy evenings and latex

Since most Domina studios are also equipped with rubber, I’m usually able reply to clients‘ requests that I can indeed wrap my favorites in this stimulating material. In the Berlin studio „Lux“ and Duisburg’s „Alten bizarren Bahnhof“ we use latex from Blackstyle, which I find to be the best combination of quality and value.

I personally find the label sexy, which is why the Dominus can be seen wearing it more often than not, and I will deal with the sexy, cool material more intensively in the future. I always find inspiration in the Blackstyle store with its openminded and BDSM-knowledgable staff. This time I purchased a full set of latex restraints. The red version of the body harness was particularly fantastic, not just because of its look, but also for working in the dark – you see everything much faster. I can always try everything out with my trusty house servant Olaf. Since we see each other so often, I can always (ab)use him as my guinea pig. With him, if something turns out to be a total flop, that luckily doesn’t kill the mood. I don’t like to experiment on first meetings. Olaf can take a lot and I enjoy fixing him somewhere and simply leaving him there.

BDSM Inszenierung und Latex Spiel mit SM Master Andre alias Dominus.Berlin und Sklave in Rubber Outfit
It’s such a beautiful sight to have such a „plastic being“ restrained next to me when watching TV, for example. With every passing minute, made difficult for him in his bondage, he shows how much he’s willing to take for me, in order to please me by being decoration. Normally when I’m restraining someone I would use hemp rope that I got from my bondage instructor Ron Hades. But today I want to use these new latex belts.

Actually they are leashes for the collars, but I just use them for fixation. To be honest, I don’t quite completely trust this material, and always worry about a rip in the material, the classic mood-killer in a rubber session. Foot, thigh, arm and waist belts are quick to set up. Now I can pull the ropes deliciously through the eyelets on the belts and determine the posture of my slave. Quite simple. The new restraint material is thick and turns out to be much more robust than I first thought, so I get the courage to pull the belts so tight that my boy is stretched to the limit. The fear of tearing the straps turned out to be unnecessary.

SM Master Dominus Berlin alias Master Andre in Latex gekleidet leckt an dem Sklaven Des Dominus Diener im Latexanzug und mit Fesseln
For example, a nice „outside role“ so that feet and legs meet on the back. Has the advantage that you can get out of it while watching TV. You can then make him stiff from time to time and then generally just „stand“ there again, without interruption. I can do that all evening – wonderful. Latex, or as we gays always say – „rubber“ – stimulates the senses on many levels. On the one hand it looks so sexy, futuristic, cool and untouchable, and on the other hand it feels that way to the wearer. No material that serves to cover the body lies closer to your skin than latex. This „rubberized tightness“ gives the wearer a completely new body feeling, because every milimeter of the body must feel this cool, air-impermeable material. Warming up can also be achieved by wiping your hands firmly, because rubber reacts to friction with heat. Is very exciting with the „inner role“, so when your toy has his hands and feet tied together in front of his stomach.

Then rub it over your back and you can warm it up, because the heat stays a bit in the material and therefore on the skin. The suits usually have zippers that expose the anal openings. If your object is now there, you can simply open the zipper and use him. Sometimes just a little or sometimes a little more violently – depending on the mood. The depersonalization through the latex makes it much easier for your slave to degrade into a pleasure object for you, and thus it is easier to pursue your moods and does not need to care about the feelings of the other. Something that is extremely difficult in today’s time of dramatic consideration of everything and everyone – we are all trained not to be Egoman or to act like that. Tip: Take another mask over your face and the other one just mutates into a “hole” for you. Trust me, there are thousands of people who like this form of degradation ow. You just have to clarify beforehand. I have celebrated such a cozy TV evening countless times – but mostly it needs a good connection to the game partner. In these situations, the partner’s head not only works at full speed, but also for a particularly long time. Therefore, you should already know and trust each other well.

BDSM Master Andre alias Dominus Berlin in Ganzkoerper Latex mit Handschuhen frontal mit Sklave in Rubber und Fesseln an Hand und Fuss
If you do not want to pull long straps, you can simply use the bondage cross to create an inner or outer roller for this game. It’s even easier. The advantage of the longer straps is that they are simply quicker to install, in contrast to normal ropes, which always have to be knotted. Here I just “hook”. Although lying in latex is a little more exhausting than just being naked due to sweating, my house slave can stand it better in latex. He probably feels a little more perverse – that’s how I always feel. He even broke his two and a half hour record the other day. Something like that makes a master proud!

4/2021 SMOKING – Vice & Fetish

Smoking was – and, still is, at least during the age of puberty – one of the fabulous tokens to distinguish yourself from all the other chewing-gum and card-collecting losers from the block.

Everyone, who‘s telling their children, how foolish smoking was, know instinctly, that they’re lying, because when you’re an adolescent, holding a weed in the corner of your mouth, looks nothing but incredibly cool. It was a statement of a hip lifestyle, and everybody in the schoolyard would know, that you might even be a member of some hot-shot  gang of young rebels, of which your parents would have never approved, if they’d knew.

But, beginning with the sweet age of 20, cigarettes start to be questioned. Broke students often realize „out of a sudden“, that smoking implies an unnecessary financial burden, and there are also the „non-smokers“, that refuse to kiss smokers, and tend to ban them on the chilly balcony, during winter time, to „surrender to their vice“. So, when appoaching the age of 30, many undergo a painful withdrawal from smoking. Yes, I also used to stay in the „smokers corner“, and feel very individualistic, and, around the age of 25, I also quit smoking, a process that was exhausting AND necessary, at the same time.

For me, smoking was now out of the question, except for the occasions, when I was drunk and surrounded by a bunch of people that were all smoking; in those moments, one tends to „go with the flow“. Yet, the cigarette lost it’s importance in my daily life. Smoking men and women seemed to be rather pittied, or not taken seriously.

When Marlene Dietrich lit a cigarette, in the golden age of Hollywood, it was considered an act of rebelion, but in present times, a smoking Madonna will probably only rise the question, if she would still be able to do acrobatic jumps on stage, with her rotten lungs.

Really…? Well, Madonna is not a smoker, but she posed during countless photoshoots with a cigarette between her lips, just in order to give those glamour-pictures an extra spice.

And, we all do remember the Femme Fatale in „Basic Instinct“, who provocatively lit a cigarette in front of the „non smoking“ sign in the interrogation room of the police department, while allowing all the attending men to have a glance at her pussy, AND tricked the lie detector at the same time. So, why does such a sly character match so perfectly with a cigarette? Because the anti-maintream-character of the cigarette hasn’t lost it’s touch over the decades, especially, when the right context is given, like the contrast to a perfectly styled lady, or the foamy set-up, where you would expect Al Capone and his gang to show up. And now, just imagine a leather guy on a motor bike, with a lit cigarette in the corner of his grinning mouth, and all the political correct queers will go mad and, out of nowhere, smoking is trendy and fashionable again. As an element of fetish. Because, in our twisted mind, smokers are always associated with dissoluteness, and this kind of dissoluteness projects automatically upon their sexual behaviour, giving it a rough and confident touch.

This element can be of great use, when playing with sexuality! Have you ever been fucked, while your top was smoking? For me, this would be a little bit too exhausting, but the impact it would make on a bottom, knowing he’s just trustfully opening himself to his sexpartner in the most intimate way, and the top puts the act of penetration on the same level as the daily consumption of a cigarette – now, that could be humiliating. Or, my personal favourite scenario: when the sub has already sucked me to the bones, in order to impress me, I would calmly lit a cigarette, to send the message: „you don’t deserve my full attention, but keep going…“! That would degrade the sub to a very impersonal service provider.

This game can be pushed even further, if you add to the smoking some other insignificant daily activities, like typing a Whatsapp-message; you can objectify your sub to the status of a hair dryer at the local barber shop.

From the perspective of the „giver“ – if you may put it that way – , this kind ob objectifying has not only the benefit of humiliation, but also the concentration upon the action itself, similar to the image of a penis sticking out of a glory hole. The „giver“ can decide by concentration, between degradation of his counterpart to the status of a penis, which can be very delightful, and the emotional part, which would help the sub to enjoy his submissive role, by showing defiance towards the action.

In my oppinion, the peak of humiliation would be this special knob, that transforms the slave’s mouth to an ashtray. How exciting can it be, to use a man as a living ashtray. The very tough slaves even manage to take the ash on their tongue, which can be very challenging for the slave, depending on the distance, from which the master would drop the hot ash.

During the Folsom Street Fair, I can see the biggest and thickest cigars ever!

The liting of an oversized cigar has, of course, a phallic motivation, which is good, as I love those subtle insinuations. Beside the effect of a tough, butchy man, the cigar implies also the idea of a connoisseur, because cigars, unlike cigarettes, can really reach the taste buds. The smoking leatherguy shows, that he is about to savor also the physical gathering long and intense, just the way he consumes his cigar. He would probably perceive the tiniest flickerings of emotion, and handle it with calm amd maturity, without looking a minute later – bashfully – for a towel to wipe it off.

The combination of suit and cigar also show classy skills. Such a guy will certainly give a relaxed „mindfuck“ for several hours, and make his naked victim beg to be taken. This challenging tease, paired with intelligence and stamina can bring the counterpart to his personal limits.

May we all rightfully give up smoking and choose a healthy living, but, based loosely on a quote of Gregor Brand, it may be said, that the attempt to bring the fire to give up its smoke, will always be in vain.

4/2021 Beguiling game for all the senses through rubber / rubber clothing – cool, smooth, shiny and awesome!

Before I tell you another great bedtime story from my somewhat different everyday work, a few words to introduce the topic. Because the terms are already exciting in this special chapter of erotic clothing:

While the gay world almost exclusively uses the term “rubber” for this beautiful material, the word “latex” is primarily used by dominant women. Clothing stores for men sell essentially darker versions of this special cover, while women naturally use the entire colour spectrum with a special focus on bright colours. By the way, we use BLACKSTYLE latex at our workplace at Studio Lux.

By definition, latex is the basic material from which the rubber is made – so the different word usage is correct and owed more to the aesthetic sense of word of both communities. If this information is wrong, please let me know. (info@dominus.berlin)

The erotic appeal of this tailor-made … Pardon: the material is glued to measure, because it nestles perfectly against the body, so that the wearer perceives it as a second skin. For the viewer, this wonderfully contoured and firming material transforms the wearer into a diabolical, anonymous and almost doll-like version of the wearer. In a ranking in the category “clothing as a sexually stimulating object”, rubber takes second place among homosexual men of creation, after leather.

While the dominant ladies latex can certainly give the highest demand rate if there is a full body clothing fetish.

In the current case, where latex is the absolute focus of the experience, a colleague should also be added. The respectable colleague Timotheus offers himself for this. It is a shame that we have to wear masks, because this covers his beautiful young face, but the beautiful blue eyes under the mask then stand out particularly well. As always, there is my preferred variant of the game „straight from the door“.

When the client Christian enters the steel room, which has been warmed up by temperature but has a cool atmosphere with the matching latex ceiling paneling, he sees Timotheus and me standing in front of the brightly lit steel cupboard completely wrapped in rubber. The green LED light from the steel cupboard lets the previously polished rubber glow wonderfully sexy. Without greeting, I point to the silicone oil, because there he can now prepare for the session. He’s already dressed in rubber all the way to get in the mood, just put on his mask in the hallway so that he can start the game right away.

All he has to do now is rub his body suit a little with silicone oil. It feels like not even a minute goes by and the rubber lover lies in the space provided and is ready to be abused by two masters wrapped in latex as an object of pleasure. We walk wordlessly, deliberately and thus almost mystically towards him and tie him in peace. To check his defenselessness, he shakes the shackles, but without being able to record any notable successes. Again and again we now stroke the rubber suit of the client Christian with our rubberized hands and do not miss an inch of his body.

This rubber-to-rubber massage must feel amazing on the skin, because Christian is already visibly aroused. We open the zipper of Christian trouser rack and pull out his genitals. The zippers on the nipples are now also opened and his cute little pink nipples are hatching at us. I can feel how excited Timothy is when he sees Christian’s huge balls. I am more turned on by Christian’s moans and that I now have someone in front of me whom I can abuse together with Timotheus to my heart’s content. His body, wrapped in this hot latex, is mine now. I love this delivery and immediately attach electric pads to the nipples. Timothy sets about applying electrodes to the client’s privates. We switch on the electricity and also don’t forget to rub our bodies against it.

I now lift Christian’s head, slide a plastic cushion under there so that he can see us positioned in front of the steel cupboard again. How turn on each other and ignore him. The client begins to tremble with excitement when he has to look at this lustful game of the two shiny, masculine rubber masters. Without being able to lend a hand to yourself or to us. The electrodes on his body provide him with physical stimuli – but don’t let him orgasm just like that. Our dicks are now also taken out and our acorns are reflected Our masculinity has now also been taken out and our penis glans shiny almost as intensely as our rubber suits due to all the oil. It looks absolutely bizarre when Timotheus’s deep black shiny glove touches my cock and vice versa. The contrast between the exciting naturalness of a beautiful dick and the beautiful artificiality of rubber manifests itself here. In addition to our eyes, our genitals are now bizarrely the only human thing that can be seen of us.

We go up to him again with our rods as hard as a rock and hit our manhoods in his face. But he can keep his mouth open wide enough: We don’t give him what he wants.

Again we hold him up a bit and I notice how much he enjoys it. How paradoxical it is when the desire for something is more exciting than the implementation itself. But it is so. Try it out yourself – you will usually meet with enthusiasm here.

We increase the current and delight in its positive torments. Timotheus now stands over him with his legs apart and pisses on him without a word. Here, too, the only element of communication can be heard tonight: groans. No words, only the cool, damp rubber and the male genitals are in our perception that evening. Again and again I feel the sweat running down our bodies from the open areas of our suits. Suitable for this game, I now use the milking machine at Christian’s and, thank God, it has a T-piece so that I can always leave my prick in the hot, damp rubber throat of the milking machine. Crazy, perverted and horny!

Timothy has meanwhile also unzipped his ass and presses the center of it on the client’s mouth. I switch the LEDs to flashlight. In addition to the driving psychedelic electro sound, I hear the two moaning and smacking their lips and delight in the charm of the surreal images that are presented to me by the stroboscopic LED light. What a psycho torture! After many games with the client’s body, which he performed with flying colours for us, our dicks now also find their way into the client’s mouth. We play with this element for a very long time until Timothy and I have finally poured out all of our body fluids on Christian. Just like us, he gained massive impressions, experienced particularly holistic physical sensations, so that his climax was, in his own words, „heavenly“.

Then the mood changes and the urgent need to “be human” becomes clear. The masks on the face, which are usually the most intense, are always removed first and this is usually accompanied by a relieving moan.

Games with rubber usually take several hours because the effort involved is very high. The rubber has to be cared for, so you are busy washing the rubber for a few hours afterwards. In addition, the playing surface has usually been badly affected by all the polish and body fluids and requires longer cleaning. My customer even helps out of gratitude, which of course isn’t really necessary. A friendly, funny atmosphere is created. When Timothy and Christian then introduce themselves smilingly to each other with a handshake, it is certainly bizarre, but also somehow understandable, because the personalities were not really present beforehand. That’s often how it is in my job: The focus, especially with the fetishists, is on the surface. And that’s good.

4/2021 Submissive subs – what’s so horny about submission?

There is a persistent rumor that there are many people out there who pay a lot of money just to be whipped once and then leave the dominatrix studio with a distant handshake.

Please note: This is not or only very rarely the case! Of course, there is the pure form of a masochist who actually feels pleasure exclusively through the physical pain or even discharges his inner conflicts through this outlet. Or it is a man who feels himself only through pain at last and is usually completely happy with these new feelings even without orgasm. This clear masochist is easy for me to treat, because I only have to take care of the physical elaboration, however, this type occurs extremely rarely in reality as I said.

Everybody who experiments a little bit sexually can imagine that at the latest during bondage it is very much about the counterpart, so that one can really let oneself fall. Here it is not only about the, in this context almost inflationary used word “trust”, but about the person himself and especially about his, him assigned role. An SM session is usually an expression of the relationship that the playing partners have with each other – restraints, pain and leather boots only serve as support.

The relationship between sub and master

These references can be quite different in nature: Sometimes it heats up the sub to simply worship the top. Typical practices for this group of subs are, for example, a foot washing of the Master by the slave or during dirty talk phrases like “You are a god” and “You are so horny” fall. The sub draws his pleasure consciously from the worshiping of the active and unconsciously additionally from his own subordination. In the second group, the focus shifts to the sub, who is simply allowed to feel bad and small for once. Among other things, he is spat at and insulted a lot. The groups differ only in the direction of gaze: In the first group, the crackling is caused by the sub looking up at the top, and in the second group, it is about the top looking down on the sub. Of course, it is not always possible to separate the two so clearly; there is often a mixture of both. The gradual approach of how much of this or that group is in the sub adds a pleasant spice to the game.

This brings us to the third group: Participants in this particularly large group tend to want to be the pleasure object for the active person, who feels an appreciation of their own body due to the treatment by the active person. The sub is pleased to be reduced to his body and to be perceived as a purely sexual object. He wants to conform to the ideas and desires of the top. In this way, a completely different relationship to one’s own body can and often is established. This sometimes culminates in rape fantasies or in the almost mainstream idea that the play partner is a “whore” who has to go prostituting for the master. Thus, the play partner advances to a lust object for several men and the “physical value” becomes even more obvious through the payment process. I myself stand on this fantasy so much that I can hold stand-up dirty talk monologues to it. There I can then, for example, in phone sex properly from the full, with the difference that the fantasy whore works exclusively passively. With the whore who has to stick her ass out for the pimp, we’ve already arrived at the last group where the psychosocial reference becomes most obvious: The role player. Besides the pimp, daddy or the doctor, I often play the straight guy from the sub’s youth, who strongly condemns the sub’s homosexuality and, in the course of the game, latently lets homosexual tendencies show through or at least allows them a bit.

Sexual pleasure through the play of powers

In all these groups, the emotional states are merely supported by pain and bondage. Also the clothing (leather, latex, doctor’s coat) as well as the nakedness of the slave merely manifest the role image. Even the patient in the clinic session in authentic medical surroundings or even a guy in a crib with a pacifier in his mouth only represent a social reference to one’s own inner self. The sexual fire of the whole game is kindled by the personality that fills this role.

On the other hand, it’s different with pure fetishists: those who are into feet, urine, or farts usually prefer to absorb these things directly from the other man’s body. Of course, there are people who have licked out the piss gutter in the Lab.Oratory sex club in Berlin’s Berghain before Corona, even if a stud didn’t get rid of his golden shower there at the same time. But would these guys do the same if they knew that women had peed in there?

Of course they wouldn’t. It’s not about the urine as such. It’s similar with object fetishism: I can send worn underwear or broken-in shoes to a fetishist, and he’ll jerk off with that dead object all by himself, even though he doesn’t even know or have seen me. But would he do the same if he had not taken a picture of me? No, as a rule it is not like that. Sure, there are guys who already get a twitch in their pants when they see a new sneaker collection in the sports store or who get sexually aroused by the mere smell of leather. But does this fetishist then really go straight home after buying the sneakers to then jerk off with the brand new shoes? Mostly not! Because usually boots or shoes are licked when a person wears them. In the same way, you endure pain for someone for whom you want to endure it or by whose strokes the meaning of the game is underpinned.

In short, even beyond flower sex, nothing goes on without a social connection. Even if the public image of guys with a BDSM preference usually conveys something else. The bottom line is that the same rules apply in a dominatrix studio as in a cuddle act. Even if extremely authentic sex robots were developed that could perfectly spank, feature adjustable fisting hands, or expertly put on a chastity belt: It always turns out, my profession is crisis-proof, because as indispensable as the uranium in a nuclear reactor is the personal human connection in a BDSM session.

3/2021 Double Play – between two leather men

No hairdresser, craftsman, financial advisor or any other service provider will ever be asked to organize a colleague to have the service performed by two professionals at once. In sexuality, of course, it looks quite different. Why? Quite simply: Because here the path is the declared goal. It’s the experience that counts, not what happens in the end. Everyone can do it by themselves at home.

Usually, after the first or second successful session, I am confronted with the desire to increase the positive experiences by doubling myself. While in classical sexuality (naked in bed) the positive effect of doubling is mainly limited to more possibilities to feel skin, in BDSM there are unexpected additional advantages due to the partly technical requirements of a session. These are quite simple reasons, because one plays with the sub while the other prepares the next setting, for example bondage, putting condoms over the dildos or hanging up the leather hanging cage. So there are no pauses that require patience, but the sub gets an experience non-stop besides the usual and primarily perceived advantages of two tops (for example, double penetration).

Also, by adding another person, I can work out the bond of the slave to me or play with it. For example: Dominus: „I want you to offer my colleague your ass now, so that he can take it properly and he is happy. Remember that you’re doing this for me – especially when it gets difficult.“ I then always position myself in front of this spectacle while looking my minion in the eye. The actual play then actually takes place in our eye traffic rather than on my minion’s ass, because that’s then just a means to an end. As in other creative professions, when adding another person, the fantasy field is naturally a lot bigger. I usually already give the rough direction, but especially in the elaboration my colleagues are simply top.

In pure humiliation games, completely new dimensions arise here, because nothing intensifies a humiliation as intensely as an audience – even if it consists of just another leather man. For example: „So, now you victims go over to my colleague, pull down your pants and show him your little ugly pill man.“ The effect can be increased, of course, if I talk to my colleagues about the one I’m humiliating as if he weren’t even in the room. Dominus: „So Master Lephius, now take a look at this junk version of a male member. What do you think of it?“ My colleague Master Lephius answers (while the victim is still dutifully „showing off“), „Good thing he’s a fag, because he certainly couldn’t father children with it.“ Dominus: „He sent me a picture of this strange plant right when he contacted me. I wonder if he thought that I would be attracted to this misshapen little thing.“ Lephius: „Well, it does turn me on… to make fun of it!“ We both laugh heartily and toast each other, while our victim still stands in front of us with his pants down and holds his cock between his fingertips to show off.

In games without humiliation, it is often enough for a sub to stand between us two leather men and have exclusively our shiny and fragrant leather in front of his field of vision. Mostly, the material standing for dominance is licked and kissed here. The same applies to the classic practice of boot licking. Through the doubling, my minion then even partially comes into a wonderful state of intoxication, which we Doms can then enjoy properly. There is nothing better than subs who can really let themselves fall through the enjoyment of their preferred BDSM element, forget the world around them and give themselves to you and the game completely.

2/2021 Playing with feminity

We have the year 2021 now, and the difference between the gender still cannot be compared with the perception of differences such as in hair colors. The Thatchers and Merkels remain a rarity in politics. Women in business are receiving on average lower salaries than those of us with „three legs“. On the other hand, rumors persist that it remains an unwritten lifestyle rule that the man will have to take the initiative on the first date and pays „in advance“.
It is pretty exciting that we can play with this phenomenon also when it comes to sexuality – and experience incredible effects with that role and its symbols. Those type of games are called „gender play“. This column won`t be about transsexuality.
Numerous websites of sex workers made us aware of the services provided by „shemales“, which are mainly known as „girls with cocks“. Those are men who come across – sometimes even without the prescription of hormones – as very androgynous and quite often actively delight their customers with their penises. The demand for those services is much higher than I would have expected earlier. This type of lifestyle falls into the category of long-term identification of gender and not into a playful category. It, therefore, deserves a chapter of its own. Instead, I would prefer to focus on what is happening to us in a typical domino studio; who is coming to us to be briefly „feminized“ and why?

Fetish in between genderplay and living out the feminine side 
I reached out to my female colleagues and obtained their feedback for this specific column. Thank you again to Kristina Marlen, Sara Blume, and Kim Wagner. It is a fact that male sex workers relatively rarely receive the request for (forced) feminization unless they support a female colleague with carrying out the penetration. This circumstance also makes sense since the majority of the target group of the male gay sex workers probably stole their other`s nightgowns out of the closet from time to time when they were in puberty and proudly marched up and down with it. The latest gay coming-out-group members tend to behave quite openly, a little feminine from time to time, and some gay men even give their buddies women`s names.
Furthermore, gay men are also highly aware of their feminity primarily because of their sexual socialization, even when they don`t play with, flirt, or entertain it. This differentiates them from the heterosexual man, who still considers it as one of the biggest taboos to live out someone`s feminine side. The second target group of the male sex worker is the woman, which doesn’t touch feminization due to naturally. But „masculinization“ of women should be mentioned in a lesbian context. It looks damn hot between you and me since gay guys quite often serve as role models here. But this article is all about feminization, and let`s, therefore, have a closer look at the following:

Let`s start with men, who understand feminization as a unique form of humiliation and consequently derive pleasure from it. This is pretty easy to understand, even if it might sound insanely paradoxical at the same time. But a man who feels uncomfortable in a woman`s mini skirt and a woman’s wig on his head will experience this form of humiliation in a positive and not negative way, such as a masochist who is in pain. In practice, this would, for example, include a woman who first forces a man to put on killer high heels and then laughs at him. I have received this request myself a couple of times, but rather relatively rarely, I have to say. But I was hired quite often to put gay men down because of their sexuality. It is irrelevant that I am into men myself with this form of humiliation, which is a form of humiliation that enables someone to come to terms with their sexuality. The overall act is considered a step towards, which positively affects something negatively experienced. But this particular form of shock therapy is not suitable for everyone. Therefore, please refer to another man as a „cock-sucking faggot“ only if he clearly and unmistakably requests it.

Do you desire to be a total bitch?
The wearing of suspenders & Co as a form of humiliation is diametrically opposed to the fetishist: The Women`s Lingerie Wearer (WLW for short).
As the word „Fetishism“ clearly defines, the attraction focuses on the actual object; this means that the man generally perceives lingerie as very attractive, while the woman’s role is not that important here. Instead, it is a more robust expression of fetishism that, for example, that someone finds nylons so hot that he would like to feel them on his own body. Sometimes it seems funny when the WLW has renounced all female behavior patterns: Therefore, WLW may trample around in his high heels and nylons like a farmer. But when that actually matters to him, and he moves like a woman or even wants to learn that skill, we speak of a crossdresser. One of the indispensables characteristics of a crossdresser is his heterosexuality; this term arose after society assigned the term transvestite to gay men in women`s clothes in the 1960s. The heterosexual man aimed to acquire his expression for the desire to wear female clothes. Therefore, the crossdresser and the transvestite have not a sexual orientation but the preference of the process of transformation in common. The focus is here on really „being a woman“, therefore both parties can be described as fetishists, but they don`t have to be actual fetishists. From someone`s perspective, the dominatrix takes over a somewhat atypical role in this context, suddenly whips & co are not required anymore, but it becomes all about makeup tips. Many customers also need transformation as a particular form of compulsion since the compulsion releases the customer from the personal responsibility to break this real taboo.
An increased form of the transvestite and the crossdresser is the drag, which is usually not sexually justified and instead serves to express artistic content. The undisputed top dog here is, for example, Jurassica Parka from Berlin. Drags have shared with me that the created personality is not sexual. As for the actual appearance, someone is usually playing with his transformation to a usually exaggerated female figure.

Do you want to be a Sissi?
One of the most exciting and curious phenomena in the domino studio is men’s transformation into so-called Sissi. Visually the Sissi usually appears with pigtails, ruffles, and in a somewhat eccentric child-woman wardrobe, in other words: a typical Lolita. That look sometimes makes someone smile, when for example, a 50 years old overweight man in a pink tutu and pigtails curtsies and seriously takes on and enjoys this role. But as long as the man wants this transformation, I am OK with supporting him. The games with those predominantly straight men in those outfits focus on the upbringing of those girls. They are also considered as age plays and can be sexual, but they don`t have to be. It is somewhat more about raising this girl and punishing it; for example, if it fails to do something correctly, then the consequence might be beating the cock with the whip. The dominant woman takes on the role of the mother or strict governess. The Sissi is due to her infantility, easy to distinguish from the other forms of feminization.

© Thore Rehbach

A short trip into a new sexual world
We come across the term „Maid“ at the dominatrix studio quite often, which belonged to the servants of the nobility in the middle ages. But a maid is compared with a slave not without rights and is also not infantile like a Sissi. A maid doesn`t meet her mistress or master on eye level, but she can define herself, how and where she can be of best support and assistance. A maid can also be usually of service sexually if it is desired. All roles have in common that the actual „position“ is only assumed for a short period and that the client can return to his original male role afterward again. Of course, it is possible that such a short-term relationship grows and continues with an entire trans identity being discovered. Still, most of our visitors are usually „short term vacationers“.
The smooth transition to „maid“ is the whore, slut, or whatever names come to our mind, which can describe a „woman“ coming across as cheap and dressing accordingly. Indeed not many women correspond to this picture in reality since, according to the customer`s dreams, those little „sluts“ are supposed to bring in money for their pimps (played by the dominatrixes) and find themselves in the perfect victim role. This is where the male sex workers become so relevant, who will fuck them hard. I quite often experience the fantasy of the „whore“ in gay men, who will, however, stay in their roles as the man then.

The desire to be a slut!
It is exciting that even straight guys still feel heterosexual while they suck dicks and let themselves be fucked since the actual „Homo-Act“ is performed in the role of a „woman“. This idea might be amusing and make some of us smile, but it seems logical at the same time. As a rule, in every dominatrix studio, the largest box labeled with „Straps-ons“ will usually be opened, while the „woman“ fucks the guys herself with plastic dildos.
In more extended gender plays, so-called „penis cages“ are used quite a lot. Penis cages support the female role entirely since more „emasculation“ is hardly possible with the man being forcefully restricted to being a bottom and the sexual „freedom of responsibility“ additionally being supported by the „not allowed to cum“ rule. Incidentally, it is not uncommon that the feminized person suddenly desires to be active himself and wants to take on the penetrating person’s role, which is often the case with WLWs, crossdressers and transvestites.
What are the motives for heterosexual men going to dominatrixes for feminization? One of the most relevant reasons is that a woman belongs to the actual sexual target group for a straight man. Women are also considered in society and principle as more tolerant and being in the position to legalize the „perverse desire“ of the customer. And if a man favors passive penetration, he can accept the penetration easier in the role of a woman and take it physically.
While the gay man identifies as a woman in his socialization, someone has to understand the approach from a straight man’s perspective that due to his transition, the woman is considered the „weaker gender“. Therefore a „short vacation in a woman`s shell“ enables the heterosexual man to be finally „weak“ himself. It is logical that in addition to feminity, additional suitable role models are chosen. Those are related to infantility, disenfranchisement, or abuse, which enhance the overall experience. Being a female victim allows someone to fly away from all pressure to make relevant decisions and contrary to nature and defined by society as the „top sexuality“, enjoy the possibility to experience yourself crystal clear as a bottom.

…and that`s a good thing.

Author: Dominus Berlin
The background pictures for this article were created in collaboration with the Hamburger Drag-Diva Chantal Chaud.

9/2020 Living without sex in a new time of morality

How Corona supports the comeback of prudery
A special contribution from Andre Nolte

Prostitution is considered as a profession from a legal perspective since 2002. And yet more and more people are using the current Corona Crisis as the official reason for demanding penalties or the prohibition of sex workers to bring prostitution to an end.

This kind of discrimination is nothing new for us gay men. After we had managed in collaboration with straight people during the movement in 1968 that the country lost the power to defend the „moral order“ with criminal laws, it took a long time before paragraph 175 for gay people was removed. §175 covered, for example, the protection of minors in the event of homosexual assaults and stated, for instance, that an 18 years old man committed a criminal offense when he fucked a 17 years old guy. A straight heterosexual man was subject to a similar penalty if he had intercourse with a 13-year-old girl for her first time. It would take until 1994 before the §175 was finally removed.

But why was §175 for men in place, and why does it matter in today`s situation?
In the end, people always seem to focus on the question of morality. Back in the 1980s, the „back loader“ role was politically and morally negatively discussed and also part of the AIDS discussion. Unfortunately, we are forced in 2020 again to explain and defend ourselves in the context of Covid-19, since those insanely distorted images of prostitution still exist in society until the current day. Since September, prostitution is permitted in several states of Germany under strict conditions (sometimes with or without sexual intercourse), but the situation changes from week to week. A ban on sex workers is most likely if the number of new infections continues to rise. (Latest Update: berufsverband-sexarbeit.de)

When we have a closer look at the facts, then we need to consider that the clients of male escorts are usually not total strangers and that it would be possible to contact them later on in case of an infection. Furthermore, those clients aren`t hormonally ineligible people and have a keen interest in their health. Additionally, male prostitution is usually a one to one business transaction between two men, and gangbangs are the absolute exception. The general public also has a wrong perception regarding the number of clients of gay escorts. Who believes that sex workers serve twenty clients daily is mistaken. Usually, every physiotherapist has more clients than us.

Let`s continue with the topic of hygiene. It is not dirty in brothels or Sado Maso studios since hygiene has been mandatory for everyone involved. After a customer leaves, windows are opened for fresh air, the floor is wiped, towels and the cover on the bed are replaced, and toys such as collars, masks, chains, or straps are disinfected. The Corona related hygiene requirements had been standard in many studios before.

If a country doesn`t want to ban its citizens from having sex with each other in general, then this kind of self-decision should also apply to sex work. Commercially organized sex workers are usually even more careful due to their economic interests. The main reason is not just the escort`s body and client`s health being the sex workers‘ capital but also the introduction and enforcement of additional and clear hygiene rules.

But what is happening? Does anybody talk to us? Does anybody work together with us on solutions? No! Prostitution remains illegal months after hairdressers were allowed to cut bangs and other hairstyles again. But everybody being involved was aware that prostitution would continue somewhere and somehow.
The fact is that sex work consisting of quick meetings in private apartments, or public toilets is taking place with less hygiene nowadays. Therefore the ban is from a pure epidemiological perspective total nonsense. This is clear discrimination and exclusion on the grounds of „lack of controllability of hygienic concepts“. We realize that those arguments are somewhat made up when we read sentence by sentence of each of the individual state governments‘ statements. Just like years ago, during the AIDS-Thematic, it seems to be all about morals once again. And let`s ask another question. Why do some who buy a blow job commit right away in that second a hefty offense depending on the state in Germany and in contrast, the reciprocal oral penetration through dating portals such as Grindr or Tinder, don`t get punished with fines? The Coronavirus does not get transmitted through payments. It is also evident that the little people are being hit first again, confirmed by Ralf Rötten, managing director of HILFE-FÜR-JUNGS e.V.; „Especially those sex workers, who are most discriminated are also the ones during the Corona Crisis who have to make the most sacrifices.“

Rötten is also convinced that the way those sex workers are currently treated will make the overall situation worse. „Using a pandemic as a cheap excuse to protect sex workers against their wishes from possible dangers and risks is not democratic nor emancipatory and also has nothing to do with feminism. The questionable alliance of bible loyal Christians, social democrats, and hardcore feminists will deepen the struggle of sex workers and increase infections with sexually transmitted diseases. The best protection against exploitation, oppression, and sexually transmitted infections remain the open education and response to questions regarding health, sexuality, and self-determination in a society, which has been proven during the fight against AIDS during the last 35 years.“

The main issue with the overall debate is that people don`t distinguish between forced and voluntary prostitution. I would finally wish for a clear separation between the crimes related to prostitution and sex work. I would expect from today`s society that it should be possible to address a specific problem without destroying the career choice of more than 40,000 people (registered by authorities alone). And in that context, it is not acceptable to try to make them look like victims to make life-changing decisions on their behalf. We would appreciate, if people would talk to us sex workers – and not about us. Especially these days, it is essential to be aware that people abuse the term moral to hurt and hit thousands of sex workers in their faces after it was previously argued that gay people are worthless from an ethical perspective.

Andre Nolte alias Dominus Berlin works as a sex worker and is speaker of the Berufsverbandes für erotische & sexuelle Dienstleistungen e.V.





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