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03/2023 Male Dominance – Cliché and Tipps

Male Dominance – published 04/2019 in the magazine Schlagzeilen

Recently I agreed to let a well-known TV station into one of my sessions with one of my female slaves. In addition, they planned to include a similar scene with a dominant woman and a submissive man in this segment. Due to the protection of minors, the part of the program in which a woman is beaten by a man was banned, while the part of the program in which a woman beats a man was allowed on film.

Male dominance between applause and rejection

Male dominance is still subject to stereotypes and is therefore either rejected or given a lot of applause, which many other female colleagues would have deserved much more. While the dominant woman is paid money for a session, the sex-working man quickly experiences a head-shake, along with the comment: „He’s lucky to be allowed to do that with her at all.“

In this respect, as a commercially acting dominant man who spanks a woman’s bottom for money, I will elicit everything from enthusiasm to astonishment to scandalous averted glances at every party, but for the time being I won’t yet reap the same relaxed and objective smile from a female colleague.

The sexual emancipation of women is still in progress, however, and if the man has been perceived as a sex object since the 1990s and since then has been busy working on his body in the fitness studios of this world, it will also come to pass that the woman will be able to confess publicly: „I want to feel like a little piece of dirt“ – even if Alice Schwarzer projectile vomits in response. It’s all about sex, and even though men and women certainly differ in the way they express themselves, the sexes are more similar in their basic needs than we might think at first glance.

Male dominance and empathy

The practicing BDSMer is – similar to the homosexual man – due to the forced intensive examination of his sexuality in his chronicle of course more practiced in dealing with the subject of male dominance. But here, too, the encounter with a dominant man will deepen the awareness that men are more likely to disregard guidelines in the sexual sphere than women. If you look at the statistics of sexual offenses, you’ll find evidence of this.

So let’s be honest: a man is assumed to have a sexual egocentricity, a mindless lust for penetration and rumbling in the execution of a BDSM session, and a woman only: „empathy“. Somewhere deep inside us, this cliché remains to this day.

In the end, even in heterosexuality, the inescapable fact remains that the man has more physical strength than the woman. From my point of view, the Dom should be aware of these facts and, unlike the woman, has to build trust more intensively. As a Dom you should set the following tone: I can handle my power and use it purposefully and/or playfully.

Practically speaking: Starting subtly and then increasing, rather than going for a „powerful first impression“. It’s better to look her in the eyes once to make a connection than to be cool and distant.

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