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02/2017 Cuckolding – Humiliation and Jealousy

It’s October, and as I walk from my car through the dark streets of Tempelhof to the studio, I notice that it’s already very cold for this time of year. The studio is not located in an abandoned factory building in the middle of nowhere, but in the garden house of an apartment building. So you can enter it quite inconspicuously through the front door without immediately establishing a connection to the activity that follows. Today, by the way, it’s all about cuckolding.

My cuckolding guest

For me, the biggest advantage is that I can really let loose in these rooms, especially in terms of volume. Because the garden house is equipped with thick double-glazed windows, triple sound insulation. In Schöneberg, where almost all male homosexual S&M activities take place, you also have the „undercover street advantage“, but unfortunately you often have to be quiet. At the same time, I love to be loud during my sessions. I can let it all out while screaming – and most importantly, draw it out. But today’s first client probably needs the opposite of loud.

His fantasy is particularly exciting. Something that has a rather negative effect on the vast majority of people gets him all excited: jealousy. He gets really excited at the idea of someone sexually abusing his partner. This fantasy is called „cuckolding“ (Google tip!). This is really exciting, but unfortunately not always easy to realize in reality, because logically the partner has to play along.

This client, Stefan, is in the same situation as most people who come to me: He doesn’t live in an open relationship, but has a partner who unfortunately has little understanding of his particular inclinations.

To be honest, before my career as a male dominatrix, I didn’t know anything about it either. Now I enjoy playing with that fantasy. We exchanged a few emails about it and the plan is set. In this case, I already know that I’ll have be very subtle. For it’s a graceful, tingling game with words that can manifest into a mental reality of their own.

The doorbell rings and I speak into the intercom to give my client her first instructions: „Welcome to Studio Lux. Go through to the garden house, the door is ajar, then immediately into the room on the left, close the door, stand in the middle of the room and wait for me there“.

I usually play „from the door“, i.e. „Spiel ab Tür“ – that’s what we Doms call it when there is no preliminary talk). If the client wants to acclimatize first, then I sit down with him or her first. We have a pre-talk corner in each room specifically for this purpose, which I really appreciate in this studio. All of my colleagues are very goal-oriented but it doesn’t work if you just go into it without any knowledge of the playing field. In this case, it was explicitly agreed that we would not have a preliminary discussion.

I hear him come in, enter the steel room and close the door behind him. I now allow the room, the thoughts, and the client’s „anticipatory excitement“ to have some effect on him. This is not difficult as the room is very stimulating. Bright green latex is stretched over the entire ceiling, which can even act as a mirror when properly lit. Underneath is a deliberately asymmetrical, rusty-looking steel construction to which restraints, slings, and hell knows what else can be attached.

I always light candles and listen to dark and relaxing music. That alone has an effect. When I enter the room, I see (as is almost always the case) that my client is already shaking a little. I walk around him and stand in front of him. He sees me completely dressed in leather: knee-high shiny boots, leather gloves, motorcycle jacket, and in front of my crotch clearly shows a zipper, which I can, if necessary, open so ingeniously-awesomely wide that everything important can appear to the hot gaze.

I look him in the eye: „Now we’re going to talk about your young friend. But first I want your hands.“ He hurries to fulfill my wish and I tie him up.

Cuckolding dirty talk

This action definitely doesn’t require a one-hour bondage work of art, because he only needs to feel surrendered in order to be completely with himself and later with me as well. So I tie his hands over his head, bind his feet together, put the blindfold on him and make sure that the last thing he sees are my eyes. I forcefully and decisively open his pants. He has a beautiful cock. However, I don’t really care about this beauty, because I’m rarely on „purely physical missions“.

Of course, I use these simple physical stimulations and play with them, but it’s rather a means to an end. For my goal today I have completely different, very subtle measures: I now whisper in Stefan’s ear how I’m going to seduce his man. I tell him how horny the little guy will be when he sees a younger man, who promises him proper fun, because his younger friend is the passive one in the relationship. While I’m talking to him, I’m now stroking Stefan’s cock, too.

„It’ll horrify you as you lie tied on the floor and watch as I slowly pleasure your little one inch by inch. You’ll see your darling get really big eyes then. He’ll even roll his eyes when I thrust, grab him by the hips and pull him towards me.“

„Please don’t,“ Stefan is whining now.

„Oh yes, I will! And I swear to you, your little slut is going to moan like an animal when I ride him.“ Stefan trembles and tries to resist as much as the bondage allows. I hear the shackles scraping back and forth in the rings of the steel frame, but I focus on him and the story. „I’m going to do it in front of you, and you’re going to lie there and not be able to do anything. Eventually I’ill make myself comfortable with you as well“. I stroke him a little harder now „…and just have a smoke while you two lie there tied up …. If I have you two tied up there, then I could also get my two buddies, they’ll take you and especially your little one properly in addition.“

I notice that his cock is now rock hard and he moans loudly. I continue: „Then I’ll mount your little one with my buddies. And believe me, your little slut will enjoy it. We’ll fuck like animals in your top-notch apartment. I might even piss on your head after I have taken your friend. I spit slowly down on you and we laugh about you afterwards. You can be sure that someone will always take care of your young friend as long as we’re around.“

Stefan’s moans get a lot louder after this sentence. I sense that the humiliation of his person in the story additionally kicks him, so I spin the story further in this direction: „You little shit, if you can’t manage to take your boyfriend properly for once, then others will have to do it.“

My client now starts to whine, „Oh yeah, I’m a pig,“ „I always come too soon,“ „I can’t do it“ … sentence fragments like that are now spilling out … all from deep inside him … from his soul. It excites me.

My crotch twitches and I continue, „You little bitch, we’re all going to laugh at you. Then you’ll see how men go about being real men too, not a sissy like you are.“

Out of his mouth comes, „Yeah, I’m a loser, I’m a pussy“… and I realize that these words are stuck in his throat, because part of him doesn’t like them. However, they come from deep within him, so I continue to record and play with them anyway.

I’m aware that I’ve reached the limit and love just that point and continue, „Exactly! You’re still the pussy, you’re still the piece of dirt that we’ll fuck properly, again and again. You should only be pussy, let yourself be fucked by the thick, hot, circumcised, hard cocks of my two buddies … until all have come. After that, we still spit down on you and laugh at you, you bitch.“

My client screams, whole body shaking now. I love this moment, as my work brings the desired success. His sperm lands on my forearm. It comes in such fucking big spurts. It seems like his penis is almost throwing the sperm. He squirts against my biceps. I look down at my upper arm and somehow it looks awesome. I like my nice strong biceps and the sperm runs directly down the vein that pulls over my biceps – hot!

Deeper than Cuckolding

My client now collapses and I have to hurry to get him out of the restraints. After the orgasm, you really become aware of the pain these restraints have caused. Of course, the game lasts much longer than I have described here. For the time being, I avoid talking to him about the fact that it has just come to light that he also has submissive and passive tendencies in addition to „cuckolding“. He has noticed this himself, so I’ll leave it uncommented for now.

The fact that his pleasure from jealousy cannot be portrayed in this partnership is a pity in itself. As a rule, it’s difficult to change the roles or power relations in long-term relationships. I don’t judge whether it would be better to leave this relationship in order to realize these sexual fantasies.

In this case, my client would certainly be better served with an active partner who would understand this pleasure-seeking out of jealousy. But this is not the case. He loves another man who likes to be passive and obviously wants to be monogamous as well.

Now the bonds are loosened and my client is no longer blindfolded. Nevertheless, he looks down. He’s ashamed. I let him come back to reality a little. I stroke his head and say with a smile, „That was really cool – we dug really deeply!“

We talk for a short while, mostly about my excitement, so that he does not have to justify himself to me and can see that he is right to trust me with his fantasies. He smiles contentedly and above all gratefully when we finally stand at the door. We hug briefly, look each other in the eye again for confirmation, and he leaves relaxed.

By the way, getting a kick from the other person’s kick is not a lie at all, because I actually experience it very intensely. I think everyone who is a little more sensitive in their sexuality has felt it. Today this kick will be joined by a similar experience with another client – but more about that in the next issue.

In this case, I think that love and togetherness deserve the greatest respect. It’s also possible that Stefan is otherwise very satisfied with the dynamic with his passive partner and only needs to live out this part of his sexuality from time to time. And as I just experienced again, it’s possible to get sexual satisfaction outside of a relationship. That’s my job – and if it’s about fantasies beyond the norms, I’m damn happy to be there for that, too!

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