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03/2020 Of Cozy TV Evenings and Latex Play

Klicke hier, um die deutsche Version zu lesen: 03/2020 Von TV-Kuschelabenden und Latex

Since most Domina studios are also equipped with rubber, I’m usually able reply to clients‘ requests that I can indeed wrap my favorites in this stimulating material. In the Berlin studio „Lux“ and Duisburg’s „Alten bizarren Bahnhof“ we use latex from Blackstyle, which I find to be the best combination of quality and value.

Exploring outfits for latex play

I personally find the label sexy, which is why the Dominus can be seen wearing it more often than not, and I will deal with the sexy, cool material more intensively in the future. I always find inspiration in the Blackstyle store with its open-minded and BDSM-knowledgable staff.

This time I purchased a full set of latex restraints. The red version of the body harness was particularly fantastic, not just because of its look, but also for working in the dark – you see everything much faster. I can always try everything out with my trusty house servant Olaf. Since we see each other so often, I can always (ab)use him as my guinea pig. With him, if something turns out to be a total flop, that luckily doesn’t kill the mood. I don’t like to experiment in first meetings. Olaf can take a lot and I enjoy fixing him somewhere and simply leaving him there.

BDSM Inszenierung und Latex Spiel mit SM Master Andre alias Dominus.Berlin und Sklave in Rubber Outfit
It’s such a beautiful sight to have such a „plastic being“ restrained next to me when watching TV, for example. With every passing minute, made difficult for him in his bondage, he shows how much he’s willing to take for me, in order to please me by being decoration. Normally when I’m restraining someone I would use hemp rope that I got from my bondage instructor Ron Hades. But today I want to use these new latex belts.

Actually, they are leashes for the collars, but I just use them for fixation. To be honest, I don’t quite completely trust this material and always worry about a tear in the material, the classic mood-killer in a rubber session.

Foot, thigh, arm and waist belts are quick to set up. Now I can pull the ropes deliciously through the eyelets on the belts and determine the posture of my slave. Quite simple. The new restraining material is thick and turns out to be much more robust than I first thought, so I get the courage to pull the belts so tight that my boy is stretched to the limit. The fear of tearing the latex straps turned out to be unnecessary.

For example, a nice „outside roll“ so that feet and legs meet on the back. Has the advantage that you can take his lollipop out while watching TV. You can then make him stiff again and again and then just let him „stand there“ again, without getting up. I can do this the whole evening – wonderful. Latex, or as we gays always say – „rubber“ – stimulates the senses on many levels. On the one hand, it looks so sexy, futuristic, cool and untouchable, and on the other hand, it feels the same to the wearer. No material used to cover the body lies closer to the skin than latex.

SM Master Dominus Berlin alias Master Andre in Latex gekleidet leckt an dem Sklaven Des Dominus Diener im Latexanzug und mit Fesseln

Why latex is so popular

This “ rubbery tightness “ allows the wearer to experience a whole new body sensation because every millimeter of the body must feel this cool, air-impermeable material. The coolness can also be reversed by wiping the hands vigorously, as rubber reacts to friction with heat. It’s quite exciting with the „inner roll“, i.e. when your toy has hands and feet tied together in front of the belly. Then times over the back rub and you can annoy it because the heat remains first something in the material, and thus on the skin.

The suits all have zippers that allow the anal openings to be exposed. If your object is well-behaved now, you can simply open the zipper and „hold times pure“. Sometimes just a little, sometimes a little more – depending on your mood.

The depersonalization through latex makes it much easier for your slave to degrade to a pleasure object for you, and so you can follow his moods more easily and not have to worry about the feelings of the other. Something that is very hard to do in this day and age of dramatic consideration for everything and everyone – we are all trained not to be or act like egomaniacs.

My latex tip: Put another mask over your face and the other person will just mutate into a „hole“ for you. Believe me, there are thousands of people who enjoy this form of humiliation. You just have to make it clear beforehand. I have enjoyed such a cuddly TV evening countless times – but it usually requires a good connection to the play partner. The mind of the playmate not only works at full speed in these situations but also for a long time. Therefore, you should already know and trust each other.

BDSM Master Andre alias Dominus Berlin in Ganzkoerper Latex mit Handschuhen frontal mit Sklave in Rubber und Fesseln an Hand und Fuss

If you don’t like pulling long straps, you can simply use the cross for this game to create an inside or outside roll. This is even easier. The advantage of longer straps is that they’re easier to put on, unlike normal ropes, which always have to be knotted. Here I just „hook in“.

Lying in the latex is still a bit more strenuous because of the sweat, but my house slave keeps it better in the latex. Probably he feels a little bit more perverted – I always do that. The other day he even broke his record of two and a half hours. That makes a gentleman proud!

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