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03/2018 Dogplay with Master Alexander

Dogplay – To be able to indulge in this type of play, I have added three dog tails in all available sizes to the studio inventory. For dogplay, the collar and leash are put on, one of the tails is inserted into the bottom of the submissive, and the latex dog mask completes the look of the „little puppy“ perfectly.

Dogplay in the Steel Room

My favorite colleague Master Alexander joins us again. Since it’s already relatively late, we’ve reserved the steel room and will therefore be able to easily share the room with its large dog cage.

Our play partner steps under our eyes confidently and at the same time very submissively and respectfully. He undresses at my command in no time at all and remains motionless in front of us as commanded with his arms folded behind his back.

We both sit comfortably in the noble Chesterfield armchairs and Alexander instructs the dogplay partner to close his eyes, Alex knows that I’m about to verbalize a content statement of the game, which the play partner hears best without visual distraction.

In a calm but very clear tone, I announce to my play partner, „We’re going to abuse you as a dog today. Get used to saying nothing but „woof“ from now on.“

We can both clearly see that his best part is now really starting to twitch.

„I’m going to walk you on a leash and you’re going to >sit< and >down< when I tell you to. I expect you to be good and let Master Alexander pet you, too.“ During my speech, I watch my servant’s cock, and at the end of my speech, it’s erect.

I always like that, because an erection is probably the most honest confirmation of your sexual intentions. Especially for something like dogplay, I enjoy the confirmation. In a few minutes, he has slipped into the dog outfit.

And shortly after I have pressed the last button on the dog mask, Master Alexander is already tugging at the leash in anticipation: „Now you’re going to heel! Alex obviously enjoys leading him around in circles and commanding him at will.

I keep hearing, „Sit! Sit!“ This may seem funny on the surface, but anyone with even a modicum of empathy watching these scenes understands that the thrill comes from both the classic will to obey and the reduction of a complex personality to simple animal instincts.

„Over here and stick your ass out!“ I yell. My dog is let off the leash by Alexander, jumps up to me and stretches his butt joyfully toward me. I stroke both tails. My dog responds with a kind of purr that would be more appropriate for a cat. Since the goal is the same, I let it pass with a smile.

Doing one’s business in dogplay

„So, we’ll let the dog piss now,“ I say, and I put the dog back on the leash and lead him out of the room. At the door post, I order him to lift his little leg to pee. „Good boy, you did it,“ I tell him when he is done and pat him on the head.

He is now locked in the cage and sees us two leather men sitting on the side. From our wide-legged sitting position, it’s easy to pull out our almost stiff cocks and show them to the dog in the cage. The sight of the big cocks of the men in full leather from between the bars of the cage must be phenomenal, because the dog yelps, howls, and pokes around wildly with excitement.


It’s exciting to learn about sexual excitement in a completely different way than the usual „fuck, that’s hot“.

The purely sexual part of the game that follows is also about keeping with the roles of dogplay. It’s not about acting, it’s about experiencing sexuality in a much simpler interaction.

Curious? Just try it, because it also works without a leash. The passive person can only say „woof“. Don’t forget to pet him when he’s done something good!

11/2023 Penis Pump: Total Loss of Control

However I pleased, I kept pumping his cock to the maximum, teasing and fondling it, letting him „cool down“ again and then also caressed him from time to time. His cock, his pleasure, whether he was allowed to cum or not: all of that belonged to me.

09/2023 Starting out as a (male) sex worker

My crucial (cross-gender) tip for beginners in sex work: I always try to go into a sexual flow and have fun with the job – no matter how the meeting develops. That keeps people coming back, because clients want real feelings – not just actions.

Discrimination: Why I WILL NOT attend Folsom 2023

It’s really fascinating how every time there’s a need to „clean up“ in sex positive spheres, they start with the hookers first.

05/2023 The BDSM Game Of Stamina

Fynn is new to BDSM, but his motivation is clear: to serve me. In doing so, he shows an appealing stamina…

04/2023 BDSM Beginner With Stamina

"BDSM Beginner" published 05/2023 in the magazine HIM  BDSM Beginner With Stamina There he stands in front of me. Naked and nervous, his hands dutifully behind his back as requested. Fynn – slender body, pierced nipples and tattooed chest – is 48 years old, but right...

04/2023 Interview With „Schwulissimo“ About Sex Work & BDSM

The Dominus in a candid interview with the high-circulation magazine Schwulissimo. Read my thoughts on sex work, morality and the reputation of BDSM within the LGBTI* community.

03/2023 Male Dominance – Cliché and Tipps

Male dominance oscillates between applause and rejection. Dominant women tend to be celebrated, but a woman may not want to take the submissive position. My thoughts in this brief blog.

03/2023 A flashback to 2016 – My first set card at a domina studio

When I think about how many BDSM profiles I’ve created all over Germany… Phew. So let’s flashback to 2016: This is the very first set card I made for a dominatrix studio. Take a look!

03/2023 List Of My Preferred Games As A Dom

Looking for a Berlin Dom and curious about what I offer? Here is a quick and clear overview of games I enjoy as a Dom as well as my hard limits.

02/2023 Sex Work – Looking Back On 10 Years

Looking back after 10 years, two of them under Corona, I focus on queer sex work, give concrete numbers and highlight the danger of the sex purchase ban, with comments from Kristina Marlen and queer activist Margot Schlönzke.

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