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03/2019 Sheer Sox – Nylons For The Man

Klicke hier, um die deutsche Version zu lesen: 03/2019  Sheer Sox – Die Nylons für den Mann

Sheer Sox – it’s crazy how many fetishes there are. I can’t always explain what an individual fetish is based on, but it is certain that we use it to process emotions, compensate for experiences, or simply as an outlet. Of course, this is true for the whole spectrum of sexuality and for fetishes in particular – and that’s a good thing.

The human body with its billions of functions is already a miracle, the human psyche is at least as complex, probably even more so. Although psychology is still in its infancy compared to physical medicine, we already know that it’s not at all harmful to live out special sexual preferences, as long as one refrains from suicidal or other harmful practices.

The Sheer Sox Fetish

This is because according to the international Western definition, you’re only in need of treatment for your fetish if you can no longer feel any excitement in the sexual area without this fetish. And then, of course, you’d have to suffer (as is the case everywhere in modern psychology) from the fact that this is the case.

So, if you enjoy sniffing stolen shoes in the locker room at home and working yourself up to orgasm with them, then only the theft is to be condemned. As long as it fits into your life, feel free and don’t let anyone tell you what to do, because we are what we are.

Enough of my rendition of Dr. Phil. Of course, I’ve brought a session replay today. The sheer sox fetish is relatively rare, but the fan group isn’t small either. Sheer sox are actually nylon stockings (see the picture above), similar to women’s nylons. They are a little less fine in material and usually more masculine in ornamentation, as far as that’s possible with nylons. After all, nylons are perceived more as female accessories.

Peter and Sheer Sox

Peter has been coming to me for many years and is a relentless fan of these stockings. At first, I could not imagine that he doesn’t care about the rest of my clothes, since he puts such an emphasis on the sheer sox, but this is actually the case. I think I could even receive him in a jogging suit, as long as I have these socks on.

Actually, I always let him fidget a little bit. When he comes in, he’s not allowed to see his beloved object – just to „assume“ they’re under my pants because they’re always there when we meet.

Sometimes, just for fun, I lead him around the studio and am delighted at how hard he tries to get a glimpse down my pants. Of course, he’s lucky if I walk up a flight of stairs in front of him because then my pants automatically pull up a bit.

Peter always plays along nicely. He also wears his excitement on his sleeve, like me, so I can fully indulge in my favorite form of verbal eroticism because he always answers and so a dialog develops.

After sitting down, I give him a quick look at my socks by pulling up my pants. Wow, he grows all hot and bothered immediately. But no, first he has to get undressed and show me that he can be sexually abused by me. It’s always a bit difficult for him to let his pants down, it’s a manifestation of the roles that he is the victim and I have the game in my hands because I’m literally „wearing the pants“ (a German idiom).

When he stands in front of me, his cock is already hard as a rock. Remarkable for his age, because he’s heading straight for the 60s and it usually takes a while for the child-maker to get really hard. But not when you’re finally allowed to do something you’ve been longing for months and that you can’t just go cruising for. Of course, that triggers a different kind of excitement.

In this respect, fetishists are perhaps even to be envied – they have the advantage of being able to add the „spice of a weekend relationship“ to their sex.

„If you want to touch my beautiful feet, you’ll allow me to play with your willy and milk you when I feel like it.“ I open my hand a little and he puts his penis in my palm as usual. Now he can get on his knees and open my shoes – I have my hand on his sensitive parts again and again.

First, he smells from the outside of my shoe – doesn’t lick it immediately. I want to watch and control his „consumption“. As with food, there is no gorging yourself.

Finally, he is allowed to put his little nose inside my shoe. His cheeks touch the Sheer Sox and I feel how his three-day beard gets stuck in them. His child-maker is even harder than before.

„Yes, now you can take off my shoes,“ I say in a big-hearted tone, and he follows my permission and carefully unties my laces. With our feet exposed, we take our preferred position: Both lying on our backs, so to speak, with our hips side by side. This way I can play with his intimate parts and at the same time press my feet into his face.

I verbally encourage him and describe with my words what he’s experiencing and how it looks from my perspective. After a long time of strict control over each of his actions, he’s now allowed to fondle, kiss, lick, and love my feet. I bury his face under my feet.

My verbal action climaxes and I become firmer and more determined in my milking so that at some point he can indulge in his inner sexual explosion when I think it suits me just fine… his handsome amount of semen spills out, going everywhere. The fulfillment of fantasy, the climax of the sheer sox fetish.

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