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05/2017 A Boy and the Passion for Feet

Cock, ass, nipples, and co – there are many wonderful body parts to have fun with in fetish life. One often-forgotten object of affection is our feet. The foot fetish is popular: No other part of my body gets as much attention as them. Of course, having an athletic body is extremely important for someone in my profession, but not quite as crucial when you specialize in fetishes and other special games. However, I personally can tolerate a flabby belly better than rugged and cracked feet with too long and dirty toenails. So I take good care of my feet.

Fuss Fetisch und Fuss Anbetung mit SM Master Andre alias Dominus.Berlin im Anzug

Sometimes I spend my evenings with a romantic foot worshipper in the donina studio. Logically, I choose the warmer wooden room on the second floor to create a special atmosphere with candlelight and stylish Enigma music. I’m lucky, because so late in the evening there’s usually not much going on in a domina studio, so I quickly turn on the lanterns in the garden and make myself comfortable. I know what someone feels when they enter a studio because the air is filled with erotic tension. Anyone with a little sensitivity can feel that sex and orgasms are the rules of the house.

Erotic tension, feet, and a young boy’s body

My client Sven now closes the door behind him as instructed and has to walk alone up the stairs to me in the upper room. Accompanied by the epic sounds from my room, he already experiences his first intense movie during this walk.

You have to imagine what is going on inside you when you enter such a dark house of perversions, carrying a lot of your saved money in your pocket, ready to spend it on fulfilling your deepest sexual desires, and then being left alone with these hardcore emotions for the first few minutes as there is no receptionist waiting anywhere. I think that’s great because in this day and age, there’s often a lack of moments where you can just be „with yourself“.

This mixture of anticipation, fear, and lust always makes the person standing in front of me weak in the knees – this case is no exception. I catch sight of a particularly petite man, about my age, who looks much younger because of his sweet, boyish body.

SM Master Andre alias Dominus.Berlin in Smoking in Barock Umgebung bei Musterung mit Sklave nackt und mit Leder Kappe

A boyish body! My own personal fetish, I must admit. I’m immediately taken with him. This client is just a little bit into dominance, so I smile immediately so as not to be miles above him – my home advantage as well as the dramaturgically well-positioned throne already affect him enough.

He’s visibly pleased that I’m obviously not the bad man about to lash out and quickly pulls out the envelope with the money. He somehow holds it protectively in front of him despite my smile. I take the envelope and tuck it into my suit. Still smiling kindly, I subtly order him to „undress“.

During the entire undressing process, I remain very relaxed and look at his beautiful little body. I don’t hide the fact that I’m „stringing him along“ by telling him to slowly pull down his panties or to stroke his beautiful belly while looking at me. As a rule, I always find some part of the body, movement, or behavior that pleases me and makes me sexually excited for the game to come. For some fetishists, it’s very exciting when they aren’t perceived as a sexual object but rather a desirable person. I didn’t get this impression from my previous e-mail correspondence with Sven. And my impression is confirmed by the fact that his little penis is already erect before his underwear touches the ground.

SM Master Dominus.Berlin alias Master Andre in Lehrer Pose mit Schreibtisch Leder Stiefel und Schlagstock bereit fuer Bestragung bei Schueler

How to please my feet

Our game is characterized by words and slow actions because everyone can imagine that it would end quickly if I took off my socks and stuffed my feet in his face. Sven is allowed to slowly approach my legs and then enjoy the business attire he prefers. Of course, he wants to touch them right away, which I deny him at first. He should linger a while near the object of his desire. I order him to touch, smell, then rub his own face against my legs and more.

I support Sven by giving him clear instructions as to what he is allowed to touch, when, and how, but I continue to stroke him all over his body, thus confirming his actions. Everything is accompanied by his soft moaning, which gets really loud when he somehow manages to get his nose into my shoe. When he finally unveils my bare feet, I have to tell him to stop playing with his penis so he doesn’t have an early orgasm. He gnaws on my toes, licks on command between the slightly salty toes, and nibbles on the cornea. I once again realize that there’s an incredible number of nerve endings in the feet.

I show him exactly where I want to be licked or gently bitten. Coupled with his absolute devotion, this game develops into my absolute maximum pleasure. I notice that he’s now looking more and more between my legs, where I am already stimulating my cock with my hand.

„Now the little one may have a turn with the cock,“ I tell him in a firm but friendly tone.

SM Master Dominus.Berlin alias Master Andre in Leder Mantel auf Sklave wartend und bereit fuer Fetisch Session

The boy craves my cock and feet

I’ve barely finished my sentence when he plunges his head between my thighs as fast as if he’d been chaste for two years. Wow, he can really suck! I always make it clear a few seconds before I come. When I notice that my partner is more than willing to swallow, I find my release there and then. Most submissive men get a kick when they’ve taken care of you exclusively and are then allowed to taste you.

I don’t let a pause develop. Rather, I quickly tuck my still stiff erection into my pants, adjust my suit and build myself up again as a Fifty Shades of Grey copy in front of him. Everything fits, except for the missing shoes and socks. I pull myself up on the crossbars of the huge bedposts and press him to the floor with my feet. He knows exactly what to expect: this game is called „trampling“. Basically, I walk around on my playing partner.

Of course, with trampling, you can’t just walk all over them – goodness, you’d break bones! No, you always shift the weight a little more or a little less on the body, depending on the body part. The passive part enjoys the pressure of the body, the superiority of the active, and of course the feet.

I look into his wide-open eyes and relish his massive arousal and accompany this last part of the game with a lot of dominant dirty talk. I now allow him to come, which takes what feels like only two seconds before he shoots a huge load almost up to his nipples. It looks great on him. He’s visibly excited about fulfilling his long-held dream.

If he were from the center of Berlin, he would have done this many years ago, but like many of my clients, he comes from the outskirts of the city – usually even from the countryside.

He definitely got what he came for, judging by his blissful expression. We have a nice chat, then I dismiss him into the night.

02/2024 Meeting THE Dominus

Recently, Master and I where in Berlin where we had the honor of meeting THE Dominus, Master André. This made me nervous as hell. But not only that, also that we where invited at his place and later, I would end up totally vulnerable and exposed in front of two leather Doms…

01/2024 Fucking Principles – who’s topping who and why?

We have certain patriarchal stereotypical principles within us, reproduce them and also repeatedly inserting ourselves, our sexual partners and our environment. But where do these stereotypes come from?

11/2023 Penis Pump: Total Loss of Control

However I pleased, I kept pumping his cock to the maximum, teasing and fondling it, letting him „cool down“ again and then also caressed him from time to time. His cock, his pleasure, whether he was allowed to cum or not: all of that belonged to me.

09/2023 Starting out as a (male) sex worker

My crucial (cross-gender) tip for beginners in sex work: I always try to go into a sexual flow and have fun with the job – no matter how the meeting develops. That keeps people coming back, because clients want real feelings – not just actions.

Discrimination: Why I WILL NOT attend Folsom 2023

It’s really fascinating how every time there’s a need to „clean up“ in sex positive spheres, they start with the hookers first.

05/2023 The BDSM Game Of Stamina

Fynn is new to BDSM, but his motivation is clear: to serve me. In doing so, he shows an appealing stamina…

04/2023 BDSM Beginner With Stamina

"BDSM Beginner" published 05/2023 in the magazine HIM  Klicke hier, um die deutsche Version zu lesen: 04/2023 BDSM Anfänger mit Durchhaltevermögen   BDSM Beginner With Stamina There he stands in front of me. Naked and nervous, his hands dutifully behind his back...

04/2023 Interview With „Schwulissimo“ About Sex Work & BDSM

The Dominus in a candid interview with the high-circulation magazine Schwulissimo. Read my thoughts on sex work, morality and the reputation of BDSM within the LGBTI* community.

03/2023 Male Dominance – Cliché and Tipps

Male dominance oscillates between applause and rejection. Dominant women tend to be celebrated, but a woman may not want to take the submissive position. My thoughts in this brief blog.

03/2023 A flashback to 2016 – My first set card at a domina studio

When I think about how many BDSM profiles I’ve created all over Germany… Phew. So let’s flashback to 2016: This is the very first set card I made for a dominatrix studio. Take a look!

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