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04/2017 Beguiling Play For All Senses With Rubber Clothing

Before I tell another erotic bedtime story from my somewhat different working day, a few words to introduce the topic of rubber and rubber. Because in this special chapter of erotic clothing, the terms are already exciting: While the gay world almost exclusively uses the term „rubber“ or its German translation „Gummi“ for this beautiful material, the word „latex“ is mainly found in the language of dominant ladies.

Men’s clothing stores mainly sell darker versions of this special covering, while the ladies, of course, use the entire color spectrum with a special focus on bright colors. In our workplace, the Studio Lux, we use BLACKSTYLE latex.

By definition, latex is the basic material from which rubber is made – so the different usage of the word is correct and rather due to the aesthetic sense of both communities. If this information is incorrect, please let me know (info@dominus.berlin).

The appeal of rubber

The erotic appeal of this tailor-made … pardon: made-to-measure material lies in the perfect clinging to the body, so that the wearer perceives it as a second skin. For the observer, this wonderfully contouring material transforms the wearer into a diabolical, anonymous and almost doll-like version of herself. In a ranking in the category „clothing as a sexual attraction object“, rubber comes in second place after leather among the homosexual gentlemen of creation, while latex is certainly in highest demand with the dominant ladies when a full-body clothing fetish is requested.

In the present case, where rubber is in the absolute center of the experience, a colleague should be added. For this purpose, my respectable colleague Timotheus is ideal. It’s a pity that we have to wear masks, because his beautiful young face is covered by it, but his beautiful blue eyes stand out under the mask regardless. As always, my favorite game variation is to start at the door.

When the customer Christian enters the heated but atmospherically cool steel room with the matching latex ceiling, he sees Timotheus and me standing in front of the brightly lit steel cabinet, completely covered in rubber. The green LED light of the steel cabinet makes the oiled rubber glow deliciously sexy. Without greeting him, I point to the silicone oil where he can prepare for the session. He came all the way here dressed in rubber to get in the mood and just put on his mask in the hallway to start the game.

He just needs to rub a little oil into his rubber body suit. It takes less than a minute and the rubber lover is lying in the designated place, ready to be abused by two masters wrapped in latex. We approach him silently, thoughtfully and almost mystically and calmly tie him up. In order to test his defenselessness, he shakes the chains, but without any notable success. Again and again we caress Christian’s rubber suit with our rubberized hands, not missing a centimeter of his body.

This rubber-on-rubber massage must feel crazy on the skin, because Christian is already visibly aroused. We unzip Christian’s fly and expose his private parts. The zippers on his nipples are also opened and his cute little pink nipples peek out at us. I can feel Timotheus getting more excited when he sees Christian’s huge balls.

I’m even more turned on by Christian’s moaning and the fact that I now have someone in front of me that I can abuse together with Timotheus to my heart’s content. His body wrapped in this hot rubber is now mine. I love this delivery and immediately attach electric pads to the nipples. Timotheus starts to cover the intimate parts of the client with electrodes. We turn on the power and do not forget to rub our bodies against his.

Rubber threesome

I lift Christian’s head and push a plastic pillow under it so that he can see us standing in front of the steel cabinet. We turn each other on and ignore him. The client begins to tremble with excitement as he watches this lustful game between the two shiny, masculine rubber masters without being able to touch himself or us. The electrodes on his body provide him with physical stimuli – but don’t make him orgasm. Our manhoods are also out now and our glans reflect almost as intensely as our rubber suits because of all the oil.

It looks absolutely bizarre when Timotheus‘ jet black shiny glove touches my cock and vice versa. The contrast between the arousing naturalness of a beautiful dick and the artificiality of rubber is manifested here. Apart from our eyes, our genitals are now the only human thing that can be seen.

We approach him again with our club-hard pipes and smash our manhoods into his face. But he can still keep his mouth wide open: We don’t give him what he wants.

Again we stall him a bit and I notice how much he enjoys it. How paradoxical when the desire for something is more exciting than the realization itself. But that is the way it is. Try it for yourself – you’ll usually be met with enthusiasm.

We increase the flow and enjoy its positive agonies. Timotheus now stands over him with his legs apart and pisses down on him wordlessly. Here, too, we hear the only communication of the evening hours: Moaning. No words, only the cool wet rubber and the male genitals are in our perception this evening. Again and again I feel the sweat running down our bodies from the open parts of our suits. Ideal for this game, I now use Christian’s milking machine and thank God it has a T-piece so I can put my cock in the hot, wet rubber mouth of the milking machine. Crazy, perverted and hot!

Timotheus has opened the zipper of his ass and presses the center of it with pleasure against the customer’s mouth. I switch the on LEDs. Beside the driving psychedelic electro sound I hear the two moaning and smacking and enjoy the surreal images that are presented to me through the now stroboscope-like LED light. What a psychosexual torture!

After many games with the client’s body, which he has performed for us with bravado, we move our cocks into the client’s mouth. We also played with this element for a long time until Timotheus and I finally poured all of our bodily fluids on Christian. Just like us, he has received massive impressions, especially holistic bodily sensations, so that his climax has become, as he says himself, „oversized“.

After that, the mood changes and the urgent need to „be human“ emerges. The masks on the face, which are usually the most intense, are always removed first, usually accompanied by a relieved moan.

Playing with rubber usually lasts several hours, because the effort is very high. Rubber needs to be cared for, so you will be busy washing it for several hours afterwards. In addition, the playing surface is usually soiled by all the oil and bodily fluids, and requires longer cleaning. My customer even helps out of gratitude, which is not really necessary.

A friendly and funny atmosphere develops. When Timotheus and Christian then introduce themselves with a handshake and a smile, it is certainly bizarre, but also somehow understandable, because the personalities were not really present before. That’s how it often is in my profession: the focus is on the surface, especially with fetishists. And that’s a good thing.

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