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09/2017 Full-Time Slavery

In the issue before last, I mentioned the „mainstream fantasy“ of having to be the whore for many. Approving emails, but also queries followed and inspired this illustrated explanation of an exciting fantasy: full-time slavery.

Challenges of full-time slavery

Tops, Doms, Alphas, Sados and whatever you’re all called, be honest: To have a human being at your complete disposal, to be able to plunder him physically as you like and especially when you like – that makes our crotches twitch. Fortunately, there are many suitable counterparts. The practiced slave even manages to really get involved in such long-term games and enjoys the waiting times from the first to the next physical or mental consumption on the part of the top.

The fact that a beginner threatens to break off after two minutes of waiting without being entertained and thus requires care in long-term games that no intensive care unit could provide, is fortunately rather a rarity.

Whoever agrees to a long-term game of full-time slavery with a Dominus has usually understood that his positive feelings arise as a direct consequence of the Dominus‘ positive experience with him, and the highest degree of authenticity is logically given when the Top can fully listen to his own inner voice and does not have to constantly deal with the Sub’s sensitivities. For this reason, preliminary discussions and a high degree of empathy are essential in a Dominus.

Often slaves have internalized their non-sexual role to the point that they desire chastity. So the slave’s penis is regularly checked or immediately placed in a chastity belt. The slave is not allowed to masturbate. Such things are regulated by the master.

Especially dominant in this long-term play of full-time slavery is often the desire to be exclusively available for the master’s bodily excretions. I have a slave who always sleeps in chains on the floor next to my bed during long-term games. I simply name the bodily excretion that needs to be taken care of at that moment, e.g. „piss“ – and he’s already in position without comment and drinks all that is in my bladder at that moment.

Then he licks it clean, stows me away again, pulls the blanket over me and I can go back to sleep while the slave squats next to my bed until the next use. It’s wonderful to have these daily mini-chores so conveniently removed from your responsibilities.

Full-time slavery in the basement

For a slave kept in the basement, it’s natural that he must also be available for the sadistic urges of the master as soon as it pleases him. It’s wonderful to push someone to his limits, play with his body and let off steam! It should be emphasized once again: You can do whatever you want, whenever you want. The attraction for the top lies in the fact that you can act on your own impulses.

Even if the sense of the full-time slavery game is that only the master’s desire rules and the slave has to steer his own feelings in this direction, all masters still need to take care of their slaves. I often hear that masters are sometimes not in full control of their horniness and cannot respect boundaries or taboos, or in any way show appreciation to the slave.

Aside from the moral cudgel, which I will not swing now, the modern master should know that a game only works properly if the other person participates and does not simply let everything go over his head. Through appreciation and closeness, one is much more likely to achieve an emotional cycle with the subordinate.

Besides, there is no law that forbids you as a master from being affectionate and respectful to your slave. Remember, being a master does not mean being mean. Nor should dominance be confused with arrogance and intolerance.

But surely the most exciting idea for all involved is when the master of the house gives a party upstairs and the slave in the basement knows that he will most likely have to be available as an object for the party guests.

In the slave’s mind, he knows that he will soon be reduced to an animal-like level and will only have to function. No more own decisions: Serve, subordinate and surrender are the only actions in the slave’s scope.

Slave, you’re being taken out of your little stable like cattle and you know that you don’t have to fulfill the activity of a stallion, but to function as a mare. Yes, your knees hurt because there is always a little stone that digs into the skin of your knee, and you usually take that little stone into your skin to work it back in the next time you kneel, but you know that there are only knee pads for you when you walk on all fours for a long time. You do it despite the pain because you want to please your master. You want to fill the role completely and feel your master’s satisfaction or even pride.

Now the slave is presented. His cock is shown, also the foreskin has to be pulled back. He has to show his ass, of course. The buttocks are opened as well as the mouth – like a horse – to illustrate all possibilities of penetration. To complete this form of objectification, the slave’s skills are also discussed and the slave has to listen to how he’s talked about: „How much oral endurance does he have?“, „Can you ride him for a long time?“, „How tight is he?“, „Can he take a good beating?“

Full-time slavery at a club

How convincingly exciting this sexual reduction to the minimum is also for the active, I can also report from practice. When I drag my slaves on a leash through public SM clubs and make them available as objects of use – slaves can actually be unattractive and the most beautiful boys come running and want to use him. In BDSM there are other values than porn.

Here the attractive male party guests are allowed to play with the slave and the slave fulfills all wishes to the best of his ability because the master wants it that way.

Of course, the slave’s cock is fully erect when I present him as an object to someone else. It’s also very exciting to just be an object of pleasure and leave any political correctness at the door.

All body openings of the slave are now available and I enjoy that my guests feel good and have fun. There is always a tingle when the slave is released for use: as an armchair pouf, a glass holder or even an ashtray. Then it’s back to the cage, where a slave in full-time slavery belongs. Until his next use …

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