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06/2020 The Perfidious Interrogation Role Play

Klicke hier, um die deutsche Version zu lesen: 06/2020 Das perfide Rollenspiel: Verhör

Interrogation role play: If you aren’t sitting together on the TV couch every evening and a meeting is therefore something special, then it’s even more unique when you engage in various role plays. That always works well with my playmate Alex, because he’s also an actor, so he’s especially good at it.

After our medical games, which escalated into a fisting session, we decided that this time I would arrest and interrogate the little one as a policeman, together with another colleague in an interrogation role play. We agreed that he should tell me where he had hidden the (fictitious) drugs. „Outside in the car under the back seat“ is the solution, we know. What I do to get this information, how long he can hold out, is not agreed upon in order to maintain the tension of the interrogation role play.

Nothing is worse than perfectly orchestrated scripts – by the way, this applies to every BDSM game, and I think I speak for almost all of my colleagues when I say that with too many specifications, no one gets stiff or wet.

My new colleague in training is still with us: Sir Lephius. He is somehow „me“ in young, i.e. completely enthusiastic about all BDSM and fetish topics, and completely relaxed and willing to offer them as a service – but so far only privately gathered experience. In addition, he is nice and tall and damn well-equipped. Perfect for training with the Dominus.

Interrogation role play: the uniform

Despite his impressive leather outfit, my Sir Lephius still lacks a police uniform. So I lend him my leather jacket with the police insignia, as well as my green patrolman’s sweater, and I take my classic police outfit with baton and handcuffs on my belt and wait inside as a commissioner. „This will work,“ we think as we look at ourselves in the mirror.

SM Master Domonus Berlin alias Master Andre in einem Park in Rueckansicht bekleidet mit einer Polizeiuniform

As always, it will take place at Studio Lux, or to be more precise, in my beloved steel room. The room is right on the ground floor and – in keeping with the intention – distantly cool. Lephius intercepts the little one right outside, while I sit inside in the „interrogation room“ and wait. I can’t hear exactly what he’s saying because he’s outside and he’s saying it very quietly. He just lets his size and leather affect the little one, staying matter-of-fact and calm.

I’m proud of my new colleague right from the start – there’s nothing more unprofessional than rocking around to cover up insecurity with loudness. As expected, I won’t have much more work with Lephius. Alex comes along well – obviously not very impressed yet – but at least he is already involved in the game.

When he comes in, he sees me standing in the middle of the room in my police uniform. The bright operating light is on, pointing at the floor. Next to it, two wooden chairs face each other. And I too begin the subtle and quiet act of asking him matter-of-factly where he hid the drugs. It seems that my partner wants to start the game himself because it is too subtle for him.

Blurring the lines during interrogation role play

Alex asks rather coolly what this is all about, after all, we’re not real policemen and this wouldn’t be a police station either. That was a tough one because now I have the option to either leave the interrogation roleplaying game and then explain almost politely that one doesn’t leave the game like that, or to use this opportunity and really go to the city.

I choose the second option because I know that my game partner masters this dance on the line between game and reality, and for the absolute emergency we have agreed on a safe word. Now it’s time to stop being subtle, to rebel, and to make the claim to power clear through volume and force.

SM Master DominusBerlin alias Master Andre bereit fuer Fetisch Aktion in Polizei Uniform mit Krawatte

„What’s this all about, you ask, little cunt? I guess you little faggot haven’t been fucked in a long time, huh?“ I grab him and push him onto the chair, slapping him hard across the face, taking his mouth in my hand and looking deep into his eyes: „You’re going to do what I tell you to do, otherwise I’m going to beat you up so badly that you’ll wish you’d never come here.“

Lephius is very surprised, while Alex actually expected this reaction and – as he later says himself – even wished for this latent feeling of fear. For this fear, which is triggered by the blurring of the boundaries between game and reality, is actually one of the main motivations of the participants IN the game, especially during the role-playing interrogation.

Admittedly, that’s a lot, but if you know what fear is, you can do it. I once told a guy tied up in front of me that I wasn’t going to keep the taboos today, and he was welcome to complain that the Dominus wasn’t decent, because no one would really help him afterward. In fact, it seems that in practice, prosecutors are rather reluctant to bring charges in BDSM relationships that go beyond the agreed-upon boundaries. (However, my overview here is not very representative, I’d love to read your story on this: please write to kolja@box-magazin.com).

Alex swallows and nods slightly in understanding. He realizes that I am now really emotionally in the flow due to my harsh announcement about the course of the game and that it could hurt if he does not continue to participate. The pain of a spontaneous slap doesn’t trigger an erection in him, so he can do without it. Exposing our lack of authenticity as „sex-working cops“ hasn’t worked yet, so he just has to play along. The Dominus has thus achieved the first partial goal.

Bizarres Polizei Spiel mit SM Master Andre alias Dominus.Berlin in Uniform und Krawatte mit Gefangenem Alex Varlan
„Undress,“ I say again in a subtle tone. „Yes, fine, pants down,“ Lephius reinforces something lascivious in the background. With a feeling of shame, I don’t play with the action, because that he is naked and we are fully clothed underlines the position he is in now.

Interrogation role play in a domina studio

Imagine you’re sitting naked in a domina studio and two men in uniforms are pressing you intensely and distantly, which you paid for: this situation has an impact.

The glare of the operating light is directed at him, Lephius stands behind him and reinforces my actions or statements. Alex and I engage in a war of words, with Alex sinking deep into his victim role and me basking in my position of power. I put him over my knee like a boy to be educated, spanking his ass and commenting smugly on top. His head is forced to the ground by our powerful leather boots and I piss in his face.

Later a few more kicks in the ass – but he stays still and gives nothing away. My arsenal of meanness knows no bounds and I have the feeling that Alex, like many others, wants to explore himself in this game, following the motto „How much of it can I take?“

„Well,“ I say, „if you don’t want to tell us where you little piece of shit hid your drugs, then I’ll release you for use. You can fuck him in the ass now.“

I grab the little guy, who is now resisting a bit, and push his head onto the buck. Admittedly, it is not difficult because I simply have twice the strength. I tie his hands behind his back and put a gag in his mouth. Meanwhile, Lephius takes out his thing, which is already hard because he’s really into rape, and just puts a condom over it, with the right lubricant.

„Haha, this is what I’ve been waiting for,“ Lephius says, almost recklessly shoving his thick, uncircumcised cock into that little butt. I love that look in the eyes of the bottom when you penetrate them. Their eyes open in time with their pucker.

Cuddling after interrogation role play

The little one doesn’t say anything, just lets it happen, and I have the feeling that he doesn’t even want to talk anymore, but is enjoying this interrogation role play rape. It’s so nice to have a sense of penetration in a story.

My colleague knows that this moment is not about the fucking itself, but about the „mindfuck“, so brevity is the key. In other words, you don’t want to „stimulate your partner anally“ here, you want to humiliate him by abusing him. He fucks fast and hard and then comes quickly. He laughingly gets rid of the load on the left buttock and slaps the right one again with the back of his hand.

I hear Alex mumble something and take off the gag: „Outside in the car, under the back seat“. Game over. Exhausted, the three of us cuddle up on the small couch and tell each other what happened.

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