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05/2020 From Exhibitionism to Cuddling

Klicke hier, um die deutsche Version zu lesen: 05/2020 Vom Exhibitionismus zum Kuscheln

In the last issue I told you about my regular client Olaf and how much fun we have playing dog games together. As soon as I realize that I really like a game, and that it might even be aesthetically pleasing, another sexual stimulation intrudes: my exhibitionism. That’s why I’m going to „walk my dog“ today.

But what does „exhibitionism“ actually mean? Like many others of my generation, I first heard the word in connection with gentlemen who opened their long coats in parks and tried to frighten passers-by with their private parts. It was this shock of the other that holds the sexual excitement.

My passion for exhibitionism

Unfortunately, I’ve never been lucky enough to have such an encounter, perhaps one of them has already looked at me and I probably would not have shown the desired reaction. Of course, I had to search a bit to find these gentlemen. But it was not very difficult, because in my time there were public toilets everywhere, where every man and woman rubbed his dick on the trough and showed it with pleasure.

Today, the term is more broadly defined, because even media-hungry people who expose themselves in public, for example on talk shows, are now called exhibitionists, which of course is not a criminal offense. But since exhibitionism means nothing more than „showing off,“ it’s certainly not wrong to call it that.

By the way, this very masculine phenomenon is and will remain punishable only for men. Even when two years ago a famous actress pushed her pussy in the face of two sexy undercover cops in a dirty parking lot, and the cops filed a complaint because the good guy didn’t stop, the „offense“ remained without consequences for the lady. Well, so much for equality.

Exibitionism and Cam

Well, in the age of the internet, most of these things have moved in front of the cam anyway. But as exciting as this spontaneous look into another person’s living room and the eroticism there may be – nothing can replace live contact. We have created enough places (clubs) for that now.

Of course, the desire to „show off“ is also based on a feeling of pride, as in „Look what I’m doing here“. However, the need for external inspiration also plays a significant role. In other words, a search for input to further develop what I am experiencing so positively.

In Berlin, there are a lot of places where the mixture of dance and sex has actually been achieved, e.g. the Laboratory (gays only), a „back wing“ of the internationally known Berghain, where there are theme parties especially tailored to the gay man. The legendary Kitkat Club, where no one can enter without a fetish wardrobe, and Insomnia, a former ballroom where original baroque elements meet psychedelic artwork and the hedonist can let off steam – also in terms of exhibitionism – are more mixed in terms of audience.

Exhibitionism at Insomnia Berlin

The latter will be our goal tonight because, in addition to my exhibitionism, I also enjoy its counterpart: voyeurism. In the club, there are so many opportunities to peek, oh, it’ll be wonderful!

In order not to have to change our clothes, we take a taxi and pass the checkroom at the entrance to the hall. Thank God, it is not that crowded and Olaf can crawl next to me.

I pretend that it’s perfectly normal for a human dog to walk next to me. Of course not with me, because I still have a normal life without BDSM, and so I can enjoy these moments all the more.

I decided to wear leather. It seems to be more massive and Olaf’s latex already flashes enough with the lights. I notice that he gets insecure because he presses his head against my leg. I stroke him and I like that he stays in character despite his insecurity. A handsome guy at the bar watches us and signals with his almost kissing look that he thinks our connection, which is clearly visible at this moment, is „super cute“.

I smiled back because I had reached my first goal: I’m proud, even though the guy is obviously straight. We meet a lot of crazy characters, including a horse and its rider, but they don’t pay any attention to us, even though we have so much in common with them. Some of them wear crazy costumes, others just underwear or nothing at all.

In the back rooms, it gets down to business. In one corner sits a transvestite, and somehow all the straight men want to please him, even though the „male background“ is obvious. You can sit there as a cis man for an hour, so nicely draped and ready to receive, no straight man comes around the corner, but a little skirt, a wig, and just a little makeup, plus the usual slight hetero male surplus, and the investment in this wardrobe has already paid off for the tranny.

Olaf is also fascinated by the transvestite, who is only allowed to choose between the dicks offered to her. Her choice is always „big and circumcised“. Actually, I would like to lie down there now, watch the action and spend some cuddle time with Olaf, but somehow I find that inappropriate between all the fucking.

Besides, I’ve made the experience that when I’m in such clubs and lie down somewhere with my dog, people look at me expectantly and think I’m going to fuck him.

A dream for fans of exhibitionism

Then we leave the back room and stroll back out into the hall. Olaf is now off the leash. „Now run along,“ I call to him. At first, he’s a little insecure, but later he jumps on all fours on the dance floor and keeps coming back to me, rubbing against my leg.

Our show is of course being watched and I throw a plastic bone into the crowd. Olaf dutifully fetches it back, although he doesn’t even notice that we’re being watched.

„Wow, you guys are cute,“ I hear a smoky voice from near the bar. I turned to the voice and there before me was the „gay dream“: a 1.86 m tall woman, mid 40s, on mega high heels, with pinched big breasts, long hair and an insanely positive charisma; in short: a diva, and I was immediately smitten.

It was Dominique who owned the place. She used to have a pretty big domina studio of her own, which she also ran herself. One of the things that made it famous was that it was a family domina business.

„Aren’t you the Dominus?“ she asked in a voice that somehow always had a laugh in it. Well, of course she’d heard of me, as the training center of my dominatrix studio had recently moved into the rooms directly above Insomnia.

„Hey, we have a bowl for the dog,“ she said, letting me show her the bowl. „Well, then my puppy will have to be on the counter for everyone to see,“ I replied, fully aware of my exhibitionist streak. She thinks for a moment and then clamps her hands on her corsage: „All right, but just for the picture!“

Olaf may now drink directly at the bar. We get into a good conversation and I have to admit that I’m a bit proud to be approached by such a party veteran and experienced woman. Still, I grumble that I don’t think you can just lie there and cuddle.

„That’s true,“ she says, taking a deep drag from her electronic cigarette, „but that’s what Fräulein Schmitt’s party is for, do you know her?“ No, I didn’t know her either, and so she was introduced to me as well.

Post-Exibitionismus Kuschelparty

In the meantime, Olaf was allowed to take off his mask and drink something upright, because I was very interested in this cuddle party. We both listened to this good-humored person: Miss Schmitt. She is one of those emphatic dominas. Intelligent, pleasantly matter-of-fact, and subtly decisive. I like that.

„Oh, the cuddle parties are great. There is a program where everyone has to participate. It starts slowly and carefully until there’s an intimacy that doesn’t exist at other parties. It creates a very special energy. A temporary infatuation, so to speak,“ she said, leaning on the bar with both elbows.

I raised an eyebrow, „And then gang-bang?“ She nodded. „People are allowed to fuck, too. But later. When they’re really ’soft-boiled‘ and ‚hot-humped‘, so to speak. Then they usually can’t wait.“

Olaf and I were thrilled. We have to experience this! No sooner said than done. After the relaxing and exciting cuddle party a few days later, I somehow even found new impulses for my everyday life. It felt like a massage.

I persuaded Miss Schmitt to offer this exclusively for gays and she said „yes“. So soon there will be a cuddle party just for gays – even hotter! I will be there. Are you coming too?

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