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09/2018 Manservant of a Dominant Couple

„It is all about your pictures,“ my mentor Hermann said to me in the early years. He was right, because you certainly make an impression on people if you have a few fancy pictures of yourself – but does this also apply to the facets of your personality or your sexuality? For that, you need a few more pictures to present your existing entourage with new insights as well as the hesitant viewer with the final reason to send you an email. For example, about the desire to become the manservant of a dominant couple.

Travel back in time as a manservant

With my great colleague, Lady Stella, I recently had the opportunity to do a photo shoot in a luxurious old building apartment in Berlin. In the process, we also created a few images together. Although we had just shown the pictures to our clients, we were immediately presented with a special fantasies, the realization of which we will soon publish as a joint special.

Stella’s client wanted to travel back in time to Berlin in 1890, when there were still serfs. He wanted to be the manservant of a dominant couple. Oh, what a great idea! We hadn’t even thought that far, but the images gave it that nostalgic and upscale feel. And of course, the dominance of a strict lady and that of a man of the house.

For our meeting we chose the residence of Studio Avalon. On time he rang the doorbell and a dear colleague played the governess who opened the door and showed him the way. We sat down in the magnificent reception hall with its beautiful chandeliers and leather armchairs. I chose my tuxedo and Stella a knee-length black skirt with a white blouse – high-waisted, of course – and high-heeled shoes.

„Alas, this is our rookie? So you want to apply to be our manservant?“ said Lady Stella in her fascinating deep voice, like Scully from The X-Files. She turned to me and said, „Well, I already know him, because he used to take care of our garden for us.“

The client, Christian, my age, handsome and with a personable demeanor, responded confidently and forcefully. He was hired by us on a trial basis and began his service by serving afternoon tea. However, there was some spilling (I think some of it intentionally) while he was serving.

„What the hell are you doing, friend?“ Her deep voice rang out incredibly in the room. Even I was a little startled, but I didn’t let it show.

The stern „Mrs. Teacher“ stood up and fixed Christian with a piercing stare. „I’m going to beat that sloppy attitude out of you, you little good-for-nothing fool.“ Her body was erect, tense, and her high heels seemed perfectly parallel side by side. „Pants down!“ she demanded of him.

Now Christian was a bit intimidated and only pulled his pants halfway down over his butt.

„Down I said,“ she hissed and pulled his pants down all the way. His dick dangled innocently in front of me as he pulled them down, and I realized that this was exactly what he had been trying to avoid, because he immediately covered his stomach with his hands in shame. It was at that moment that I began to get excited.

Stella was not interested in the servant’s shame and pulled out a cane. „Bend over,“ she commanded, marking a spot on his white buttocks with the cane, taking it out at an angle of more than 90° and hitting the same spot again.

Christian immediately whined loudly, „I apologize, Lady Stella!“

I pretended to be unaffected by the situation, because it was 1890 and it was normal for „my wife“ to chastise the staff. Besides, I was to be called into action later to raise the stakes. Christian made a few more mistakes and at some point she finally asked me to read the rookie the riot act.

The Manservant and the Master of the House

I put down my newspaper, calmly took off my jacket, rolled up my sleeves in a visibly relaxed manner, and looked at our manservant: „Come,“ I said, almost as calmly as a priest.

He followed me, but now much more anxious. The Avalon Residence also has an outdoor area. We walked past the kennel where people are kept as dogs, and I took my puppy to the horse stables. I tied his hands with a dirty rope and hung him from one of the roof beams.

He had to lie across a deep beam. His hands, which had been tied behind his back, now stretched up and immediately turned red. He sobbed, which in turn aroused me.

I pulled down his pants and humiliated him, smugly looking at his dangling dick, but not commenting. In the cool macho/daddy/master role, I slowly, without saying a word, pulled my belt out of my pants and made a loop of it. The valet, who desperately wanted to be the servant of a dominant couple, panicked and started whimpering again, which excited me a lot.

He begged for mercy, but I got through – right on top of the little bitch. Finally I untied him and pushed him into the straw on the floor. „In five minutes you’ll be back in your place, combed and clean.“

We stayed in the game, taking a break, so to speak. He served us some food and had to eat his portion in his room. Later we called him into our secret back room.

„If you want to keep your job, we’ll have to make you a little taller so you can reach everywhere,“ Lady Stella said. „Lie down here on the rack.“

Immersed in manservant role play

He did everything very well. I felt that he really lived this role. He had his hands and feet tied to the rack with a submissive look on his face. Taking turns, one of us would turn the crank to pull him apart nicely. His body was in full tension.

„Dear, have you seen his little dick? He’s got a really long foreskin on him.“

Stella: „Really, I have to see that.“

I pulled down his pants and showed her his manhood. It looked like we were both perusing our photo album. He was our valet, our property, so we were allowed to look at his dick! It was also natural for us to play with his private parts. Like two doctors, we examined his penis, played with it, sometimes lustfully, sometimes sternly.

At night he came to his small room and had to sleep there while we made ourselves comfortable in the beautiful beds. But there was also a video connection to this chamber for security. In the morning he had to get up very early, because a nasty alarm clock woke him up. He had a list of things to do BEFORE we got up: sweep the stalls, fetch the rolls, set the table, and do other cleaning around the residence.

After breakfast, the masters again saw the need for the manservant to make himself available in the back room. This time the master and mistress of the house wanted to extract the manservant’s seed so that he would not get lustful thoughts again and turn on other servants. What if the herd multiplied, after all, and we’d loose our servants? We had to prevent that.

The manservant may milk the cows, but not our staff …

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