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10/2018 Overtime at Folsom Europe

What CeBit is to Telekom, Folsom Europe is to a Dominus: the all-round event. During the day I presented myself for the first time in my new leather outfit with delicious coffee and cake at the Folsom VIP booth and was rewarded with surprisingly more encounters than expected. From really great feedback to upturned noses to exciting new offers, it was all there. I definitely ran out of business cards.

When it gets dark and the cats turn gray, it’s time for my divine colleague Lady Xara at Folsom Europe. She has so much erotic charisma that even die-hard gay men come to her and book sessions. She is something special, because as much as the gay man loves the woman – when it comes to sex, women have to stay away.

With Xara, it’s different, because between all the classic wooing of the Folsom gay men, I heard a man whisper something like „I’ll be back for Christmas“. I was amazed, and it was the second time that night. Under these conditions it was a wonderful bizarre stroll, meeting like-minded people, having fun and celebrating one’s own BDSM identity at Folsom Europe. Dominus Berlin’s favorite activities.

BDSM studio at Folsom Europe

By the way: If you missed me, you have a chance to see me at the Venus in Berlin – on stage with Xara. Or at the Passion Fair in Hamburg, on Saturday afternoon at the autograph counter of the Dominazone.

Once the representative stuff at the Folsom Europe is over, it’s back to the BDSM studio, where a Dominus belongs. Although I was already very tired due to the high fun factor, I had arranged a session with a slave in a leather bar. Of course we parted ways with Lady Xara and I was alone with my slave on the leash in the testosterone leather heaven of Berlin. Driving electronic music, black leather as far as the eye can see, male horniness and the resulting male smell are always in the air in a leather bar. Folsom amplifies this immeasurably.

My already very mature slave followed my order and began cleaning my leather boots with his tongue, while I really enjoyed it on the stairs with the beer he was allowed to serve me before. I couldn’t decide which feeling I liked better, because getting your boots licked passionately in front of everyone makes you proud and gives you a pleasant feeling, but Folsom Europe has conditioned the men for an abnormal heat in a leather bar, so that the cooling beer is almost as positive in my perception as the pride in my slave’s striving for cleanliness.

Around me are several handsome leather men, also waiting with remarkable patience for a licking victim or already enjoying a boot licker. To my left a cigar smoking man greets me with the words „I’m Jo, we’re friends on Facebook“. I like that phrase, yes, because a Facebook friendship expresses appreciation in addition to classic networking.

Exciting conversations at Folsom Europe

Another Master positioned himself directly in front of me (but I don’t think it was because of me) and started a game with a scantily clad man, using his abnormally large penis. I’m afraid I reacted in a somewhat infantile way: „Dang!“ The leather man smiled at me anyway: „I have a few profiles like yours“.

I had a great conversation with this man, who later abraded my slave several times. Somehow I saw in him a more mature version of the Dominus, even though I’m probably a bit broader, he impressed me a lot with his approach to the slave. His nick on GR is „MasterTopXXL“. Yes, you can look him up.

When I noticed that my slave was nearing the end of his licking and was already looking at me a bit expectantly, I pushed him back a bit and checked my leather boots. I found a spot that had been neglected, „You call that clean? Oh wait, friend.“

I grabbed his neck with my leather gloved left hand, pushed his head down next to me on the stairs and with my other hand I pulled down his last piece of clothing (his underpants) in front of everyone: „Slaves who do their job badly need to be educated,“ I informed him in a completely matter-of-fact and calm tone, which was particularly impressive because of this subtlety, especially in the presence of all the other leather men.

I saw my slave shudder and at the same time I heard a small moan of arousal to be chastised by me now in public. I took my rubber truncheon and smacked his ass three times.

I brought him back up, looked him straight in the eye and said, „I’m certainly not going to lead you into the darkroom like that. You’re going to do it right or you’re going to be put in the cage and you’re not going to get out of there today.“

Of course he did it extra neat this time, and between us, even if he didn’t do it neat, it would be fatal to keep him in the cage all night, since he was so eager to be pulled into the back dark area on my leash.

This may be a difference between private and paid BDSM. In private, I often see masters lock their slaves in the cage for an entire evening and not let them out because they misbehaved. Logically, I could do that in private as well, and it would certainly excite me. But as a service provider you have to guarantee a certain quality of experience, at least because of the given time frame. Especially at Folsom Europe.

Darkroom at Folsom Europe

The handcuffs hissed around his wrists and I dragged my lackey on a leash through this dark hallway of pure perversion. Despite his age and his residence in Berlin, my client had never ventured into a darkroom before in his life, let alone a leather bar. So the image that presented itself to him was more than overwhelming. He had to squeeze past four leather men sitting in a row on a bench, pushing their large private parts out of their leather gear in a rock-hard state as an effective advertising measure.

A beefcake, wearing only boots, shorts and a latex mask, was crawling on all fours from boot to boot of these four men, asking for attention with a simple as well as tender kiss on the tip of the boot.

The first leather man pulled his boot back a bit, signaling that he was not interested. I saw that his eyes and penis were already in an eye-fucking war with another man, also dressed in full leather.

The beefcake snorted a small like and some courage, then crawled to the next boot and was now rewarded, because this leather guy allowed the kisses on his boots without batting an eyelid. Well, let’s call it a partial success.

In the sling in one corner, a man in latex (at „waist level“, of course) let a dildo slide in and out of the other’s anus. More than obvious, this candidate was welcoming to receive an active man. Further down the aisle, two tall, strong men were already in their element. In addition to the obviously intense penetration of the two despite the darkness, the guys underlined their male pairing with dramatic mating noises, which must have scared my slave a little, because he pressed a little closer to me.

I personally find this type of male groaning wonderfully animalistic, even though I don’t indulge in it myself. In the dark, of course, these wonderfully masculine moans, which seem to come from the stomach area, are even more dramatic.

Getting hot in the Darkroom

This human sex-sound also offers the possibility to make oneself – or essentially one’s sexuality – transparent to the other person, when one can hardly see oneself.

Of course, the main advantage of the darkroom is that you cannot (or must not?) see your counterpart, and it allows you, for example, to have sex with a penis without knowing what is attached to it.

Since the aisles are narrow, the guys are physically exerting themselves during sex which ensures the temperature soon reached its peak. For me, wearing full leather gear, this means: circulation problems.

But it is what it is. Somewhere in there, your orgasm is waiting, your cock tells you, and the lust drives you even further…

02/2024 Meeting THE Dominus

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01/2024 Fucking Principles – who’s topping who and why?

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11/2023 Penis Pump: Total Loss of Control

However I pleased, I kept pumping his cock to the maximum, teasing and fondling it, letting him „cool down“ again and then also caressed him from time to time. His cock, his pleasure, whether he was allowed to cum or not: all of that belonged to me.

09/2023 Starting out as a (male) sex worker

My crucial (cross-gender) tip for beginners in sex work: I always try to go into a sexual flow and have fun with the job – no matter how the meeting develops. That keeps people coming back, because clients want real feelings – not just actions.

Discrimination: Why I WILL NOT attend Folsom 2023

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