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02/2020 Medical Role Play and Medical Kink

Klicke hier, um die deutsche Version zu lesen: 02/2020 Warum Klinikspiele und Medizin-Fetisch so reizvoll sind

Why is medical role play so appealing? Doctors remain the „gods in white“. If you’re not having overpaid plastic surgery in a luxury clinic on Kurfürstendamm, you’re pretty much out of luck as a patient in your old pajamas, or even worse, in the ridiculous standard hospital gown – no matter which ward you’re in.

Neither restraints nor strict words are necessary, because this situation makes you feel completely puny even though you’re in control. That’s ideal for medical role play…

A small digression: During my last surgery (bilateral inguinal hernia, ouch) such a feeling was running through my veins. Since I hate that with a passion, I’d have preferred to scrub the studio for two hours. It felt like 100 people were passing by my hospital transport bed on the corridor to the operating room.

Some noticed me, others did not. The cleaning lady, for example, who was wiping around me with this huge mop, didn’t pay me any attention, but kept in loud contact with Wiltraud in the break room. Time for a blanket over my head!

I like to remember such feelings because I know that there are a lot of people who can really enjoy them. No one can hide in the perverted clinic.

Medical role play and humiliation

Medical role play often involves humiliation, as was the case with Gerhard. I recently tied Gerhard to the gynecological chair at the Avalon Clinic (pictures 1 and 4) and opened his ass with a speculum. The dramatic, subtle surgical light was positioned with precision, revealing every tiny fold of skin on his pink man-pussy.

It was a great pleasure for me to have seven of my colleagues and friends join me in this humiliation. One after the other entered the clinic and took a seat in front of the perfectly illuminated action. With every guy who entered the clinic, Gerhard became even redder. The guys said nothing as agreed – you could feel an intense mood between tension and smirking.

Proudly I introduced Gerhard – Gerhard from the inside. „Hey, his pussy is completely unshaved,“ said Ken – „that’s not a real pussy, then“. My friends laughed and I joined in.

„Okay, we’ll have to do something about that,“ I counter. I get a disposable razor from the cupboard and am glad to be in a domina studio where such things are standard.

I carefully shave his hole. Tense silence and Gerhard turns his head away a little – so I can reach him.

„Now we have to clean it for disinfection,“ I say happily and stand on the chair in front of him. I take my cock out and pee on his hole.

The bowl under the action makes a few tripping noises. The first guys look displeased at the situation. to bring my (also straight) colleagues to their knees: „And now let’s piss out the dirty hole“ and shoot a straight stream of water, which of course immediately returns and collects loudly in the bowl. „Ewwww,“ I hear my colleagues say. „Yep, that’s enough,“ I think to myself. His shame is clearly reflected in the color of Gerhard’s face.

Medical role play without shame

But medical role play also works without shame or role. My faithful playing partner Alex and I (see pictures) simply enjoy the clinic rooms, because you can concentrate more intensively on what’s happening, in contrast to the dreamy candlelight or dark rooms. You see everything in perfect clarity, which brings its own excitement.

Alex and I especially enjoy anal play. I like his little „Füttchen“, a dialect term for pussy in the Ruhr area. It’s an extremely bizarre feeling when you can almost squeeze such a small, almost boyish butt with your fist.

First, I stretch but only with my fingers the beautiful little bottom. My fingers or hands look like giant paws on that sexy little bottom and somehow this contrast always excites me very much. Then I can thrust into the little one with the gynecological chair electrically „at tail height“ nicely up and also ride him a little. It’s something to behold when my cock emerges so boldly from the perv doctor’s outfit and just keeps thrusting.

Again a contrast that excites me. But I don’t come yet, because I want to let my fist speak first. The little one even manages to introduce himself to my whole foot. But only when I’ve seen his eyes grow big from being filled by my fist completely, then I want to come.

I lay him on his stomach on the patient’s bed and throw myself on him like a satiated farmer. Admittedly, such a stretched whole is no longer physically stimulating, but the mass of excitement before makes the climax not long in coming…

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