3/2021 Double Play – between two leather men


No hairdresser, craftsman, financial advisor or any other service provider will ever be asked to organize a colleague to have the service performed by two professionals at once. In sexuality, of course, it looks quite different. Why? Quite simply: Because here the path is the declared goal. It’s the experience that counts, not what happens in the end. Everyone can do it by themselves at home.

Usually, after the first or second successful session, I am confronted with the desire to increase the positive experiences by doubling myself. While in classical sexuality (naked in bed) the positive effect of doubling is mainly limited to more possibilities to feel skin, in BDSM there are unexpected additional advantages due to the partly technical requirements of a session. These are quite simple reasons, because one plays with the sub while the other prepares the next setting, for example bondage, putting condoms over the dildos or hanging up the leather hanging cage. So there are no pauses that require patience, but the sub gets an experience non-stop besides the usual and primarily perceived advantages of two tops (for example, double penetration).

Also, by adding another person, I can work out the bond of the slave to me or play with it. For example: Dominus: „I want you to offer my colleague your ass now, so that he can take it properly and he is happy. Remember that you’re doing this for me – especially when it gets difficult.“ I then always position myself in front of this spectacle while looking my minion in the eye. The actual play then actually takes place in our eye traffic rather than on my minion’s ass, because that’s then just a means to an end. As in other creative professions, when adding another person, the fantasy field is naturally a lot bigger. I usually already give the rough direction, but especially in the elaboration my colleagues are simply top.

In pure humiliation games, completely new dimensions arise here, because nothing intensifies a humiliation as intensely as an audience – even if it consists of just another leather man. For example: „So, now you victims go over to my colleague, pull down your pants and show him your little ugly pill man.“ The effect can be increased, of course, if I talk to my colleagues about the one I’m humiliating as if he weren’t even in the room. Dominus: „So Master Lephius, now take a look at this junk version of a male member. What do you think of it?“ My colleague Master Lephius answers (while the victim is still dutifully „showing off“), „Good thing he’s a fag, because he certainly couldn’t father children with it.“ Dominus: „He sent me a picture of this strange plant right when he contacted me. I wonder if he thought that I would be attracted to this misshapen little thing.“ Lephius: „Well, it does turn me on… to make fun of it!“ We both laugh heartily and toast each other, while our victim still stands in front of us with his pants down and holds his cock between his fingertips to show off.

In games without humiliation, it is often enough for a sub to stand between us two leather men and have exclusively our shiny and fragrant leather in front of his field of vision. Mostly, the material standing for dominance is licked and kissed here. The same applies to the classic practice of boot licking. Through the doubling, my minion then even partially comes into a wonderful state of intoxication, which we Doms can then enjoy properly. There is nothing better than subs who can really let themselves fall through the enjoyment of their preferred BDSM element, forget the world around them and give themselves to you and the game completely.

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