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02/2019 Dirty Talk with Dominus Berlin

Klicke hier, um die deutsche Version zu lesen: 02/2019 Verbale Erotik – des dominus Dirty Talk

This is where the difference between a real BDSM lover and a sex worker, who can also be hired for dominant themes, becomes obvious. I’m not saying that all BDSM lovers have to „know“ verbal eroticism, i.e. dirty talk. That would be nonsense – of course there are silent lovers. When I look around the BDSM clubs, the non-verbal faction seems to be in the majority. But if you can express your feelings eloquently, you will certainly feel them, not just pretend to. Such fake talk will overwhelm anyone in the course of a session. Real dirty talk, on the other hand, enriches.

Dirty talk signals authenticity

Dirty talk can be used for the whole BDSM spectrum, no matter if you are being beaten, educated, pooped on or just fucked: The other is certainly THINKING something in those moments. These thoughts are not only the key to an individual’s orgasm, but they’re very similar depending on the subject.

Dirty talk experts know that the clinical fetishist, for example, craves to hear about the „sterile and cool“ instruments with which the „doctor“ examines the patient’s „exposed body“ in detail in a „white and bright“ environment and then exploits the power imbalance of the doctor-patient relationship to perform his sexual therapy treatments.

The foot fetishist needs information about the size, skin color, hairiness, and especially the smell of the two beloved objects, and then they are mentally immersed in a game where they consort with the same in some form.

For the lovers of submissive feelings (my favorite topic), one enumerates in detail the rules to manifest them over and over again and then paints out the most pleasing situations in which they must prove their submissive feelings. In this way, it’s possible to really feel these feelings, even if you only talk about them.

I remember well the last session with my slave Ben, who had been coming to me regularly for several years. We had created a relationship in which he was blackmailed by me into doing perverted things. The practices were almost irrelevant, so deep he was – or is – in this submissive theme.

Dirty talk examples

Of course, we both know that the situation was created by him at the time and that legally there is no dependency at all, but when I told him what means I had to expose him, to ruin him professionally and privately, the very moment he entered the room, then we both feel this relationship clearly.

„When I imagine what your colleagues will say when I send them the video of you running around with a toilet brush up your ass and barking at me, I have to laugh. Look, this Dietmar here, he’s an important business partner for you, right? Does he know that you suck unwashed cocks for me? What will he say when he sees the video of you pleasuring several men at the same time?“

Ben pleaded, „No, sir, please. I’ll do anything you want!“

„Really? First, you come here and pull the trigger, you pig. Then we’ll see.“ I also count the money out loud to make the blackmail more tangible. „It’ll go on and on, Ben. It will never end – I own you“.

He whines, „Sir, I know that. I’m your property and you have all the power over me.

Of course, you can also yell at your opponents. I like to do that sometimes because you can let off a lot of steam. Actually, I’m more of a subtle type, because malice in a calm tone with a slight smile usually works better than shouting.

You can increase the verbal eroticism and share the dirty talk by having the submissive recite something. „Repeat after me. I’m a dirty little pig and I belong completely to Master Andre. I’ll do disgusting and perverted things for him until I drop dead. Heartwarming.

Dirty talk gives you better orgasms

Making someone recite is also a part of swearing-in ceremonies and can be used here with the same effect. The submissives always repeat after you, and usually, their cocks twitch at the signal words.

Try it. As they suffer and beg, you’ll know the game fulfills them and that their whining is actually the request for more of those feelings and you have the power. Yep, that’s hotter and actually makes me hard. It’s one of the reasons why I still have so many clients who want to talk to me the old-fashioned way on the phone and I’ve never seen them until today. That’s totally fine with me because I really get off on phone sex.

You don’t have to be a dramatic word acrobat. The important thing is that you feel it because then the feeling is transferred over the phone, even if you always say the same thing. Verbal eroticism has the decisive advantage that there are basically no practical problems. It’s obvious because at some point even the best knot of a bondage session can come loose, the batteries of the power device happen to be dead, or a butt can’t take the master piston despite intensive stretching.

Theoretically, this can’t happen because everything is perfect and works where BDSM works best: in the mind.

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