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11/2017 Body Odor Fetish

I myself am sexually aroused by the body odor of some of my play partners, even if I prefer less strong body odor than the slave in this diary entry. Personally, I have to know the person very well to want to bury my nose in his armpits.

My slave, on the other hand, gets turned on by very strong body odors. He had the task to tell the story from his point of view, so this blog provides a dual perspective. My slave was already with me once and we enjoyed the session very much. This time, he was to serve me and my colleague Master Alexander during the already very exciting times of the Folsom Fetish Festival in Berlin.

Inducing body odor

Slave: „This was the second time that I walked through the front door of the studio „LUX“ in Berlin to offer my services to my master Dominus André. The first time was about half a year ago and this encounter has changed a lot in me. „I let myself be dominated? Never,“ I thought until this day in March 2017. And today I’m returning with the difference that today the „buddy“ of my master – Master Alexander – is to be convinced of my abilities as well. I’ll be presented – how exciting!“

Yes, he really is a brilliant smelling and licking slave. He can also be used as a urinal. Many take it upon themselves to absorb the entire contents of the bladder, but fail at the second gulp.

So, how do you create odor on the genitals? Well, it is quite simple: After showering and not drying there, bacteria can develop quite well, but the best thing is to leave your own sperm on the penis overnight. That’s enough.

After the second night, especially on warmer days, the man’s smegma praeputii develops, also called preputial sebum and colloquially simply: Cheese. Logically, it works 50 times better if it can „ferment“ under a foreskin, but even circumcised men get the well-known cheese odor after a night with sperm.

The odor of urine takes much longer to develop the smell and, contrary to popular belief, has a more cleansing effect. Tip: If there are no washing facilities nearby during a gangbang, I always recommend my partners to clean the penis with their own urine from time to time. Of course, this is not necessarily hygienic, but it is more hygienic.

Basically, though, I’m a very clean guy and usually pretty free of body odor. However, for such an exciting game I like to prepare my best piece as described so that my slaves can fully indulge in their favorite inhalation kick.

„So I stood in the room, sparsely lit with candles, but I immediately saw my master and at second glance also the other handsome man: Master Alexander. He looked at me with his piercing blue eyes and this look went down to his trousers. He was a little taller and much younger than my master.

Now I understood why my master liked the combination of the two men so much, because the two very Germanic types looked simply wonderful together. A double force from a similar source with different horizons of experience as well as different energies due to age, united in a sadistic, dominating goal – a dream.

I had to perform the welcoming ceremony by kissing my master’s boots, and then I was instructed to lick them as well. Then I had to strip completely and get on my knees in front of the two leather men, with my hands behind my back and my legs spread.“

Cleaning body odor

I’m known to be a proponent of CMNM (clothed male, naked male). Personally, I’m not into leather, jocks, or any other kind of sexy lingerie on my play partners, but I do appreciate the nakedness of my slaves, because a slave’s exposure is a sign of his defenselessness, his humiliation, and an offer to play with the intimate parts of his body that are otherwise so protected from the world.

However, the offer to play with his body is not asked at all in this session, as it is the master’s body odor and arousal that is celebrated. When a man crawls in front of me and dutifully licks my boots, it excites me to the point that I have to give my best piece of air to breathe. However, the concentrated smell that escapes at this moment must enter the airways of my slave:

„The instruction followed to inhale the male aroma of my master’s unwashed genitals. First only that of the testicles, then up the shaft to the glans. I was told to smell only. After I had signaled my joyful excitement to my master by moaning that I was allowed to smell him, he was visibly satisfied and ordered me that I now also had to look at Master Alexander’s penis. He rubbed some of the sour cream off his glans with his thumb, held it up to my nose and then smeared it on my beard. My penis was rock hard. I smelled myself from his trunk to his glans and there was an aroma firework in my nose – I almost went crazy. I wanted to lick him right away – but I wasn’t allowed to. With obvious pleasure for Master Alexander and my Lord Dominus André, I sniffed exclusively and was able to chase the full male aroma into my brain. The smell of my master was especially exciting because of his uncircumcised cock. Later, he enjoyed it to pull back his foreskin under my nose and to press my nose directly behind his glans.

Multiple courses of body odor

Like a fine meal, there are „several courses“ in sexuality. To stay with this analogy, it makes little sense to throw all the courses on the table at once and consume them uncontrollably. There is a reason for this „interval pleasure“, also with a body odor fetish.

That is why my slave starts smelling the less fragrant parts, progress to the more intense ones, and only be served the main course of licking after the appetizers are finished:

„Now I have been assigned licking duties. To clean the gentlemen’s genitals with my tongue and to produce a ‚clinically pure state‘ was the greatest pleasure for me. I began to clean behind the edge of the glans with my tongue. This mixture tasted spicy, salty and of men’s sweat and urine, which I licked with pleasure. When I had licked up to the tip of the glans and the piss-hole – I got the whole length of the member pushed down my throat.

Suddenly Master Alexander stood behind us with the sentence: „Him – or the toilet“. I served the gentlemen as a „human urinal“ that had to absorb as little as possible. So I greedily sucked stream after stream of urine down my throat. In between I had to open my mouth so that Master Alexander could see me swallowing his urine. After 100 liters of urine I had to take care of my master Dominus André, because he wanted to use me as a sperm dump.

In fact, these smelly scenarios and the sequence of the golden shower games of the two excited me so much that I asked him to let me blow him. Someone who is so oral is also a good blower – so it was easy for me to get through his blowjob.

Of course, I swallowed every drop. I know that I’m not done after a Master’s orgasm, because I still have to lick clean. I provided the master’s cock in a clean state, with empty balls. Dominus André seemed to be very satisfied. Only now I squeezed my master’s bladder as well. Again I drank professionally, submissively and with much devotion. His golden shower was still much spicier than Master Alexander’s urine, but just as hot and in the same quantity. Again I managed to swallow the whole content of the bladder.“

Clean and content

Of course my colleague was also allowed to sink into my slave’s throat. Everything went as planned – my slave made me proud that he excited my buddy so much.

It’s also a very liberating feeling when your bodily fluids have been completely „sucked out“ and your previously smelly cock can now shrink back into your pants, licked clean.

The last sentence I leave to my grateful slave: „Afterwards I wiped the floor clean, because a few drops were missed. Full of man juices and good impressions we parted in a good mood.“

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09/2023 Starting out as a (male) sex worker

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