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07/2017 Forced Bi – The Secret Fantasy of the Heterosexual Man

Forced Bi – The backstage area of a domina studio is characterized by many laptops standing around, as well as many laundry baskets filled with towels waiting to be folded, but most of all by hectic colleagues who are usually in a hurry to squeeze out of their leather outfits into their latex costumes. This day, however, is one of the quiet ones. I sit together with my colleague Calea Toxic and Lady Shaira in jeans and t-shirt with coffee and cookies. The old bizarre train station in Duisburg has a lot of beautiful themed rooms, you could just stay there without playing, but we prefer to sit together in the break room and chat.

Forced Bi with Calea

When Calea answered an incoming call with „Yes, he’s here“ and looked at me with a beaming smile, I already knew what this call was about.

„Right away from 2 to 3 o’clock „Forced Bi“ at the usual conditions?“ she asked me, holding the phone receiver closed. All I could do was give her a thumbs up.

Such spontaneous visitors are not so rare in the bizarre station, because here regular attendance is guaranteed. This is not necessarily the case in the newer rented studios. The visiting dominas usually have their appointments and then disappear. Calea Toxic and I especially enjoy the fact that our appointments are usually fixed weeks in advance and yet we sometimes have breaks or gaps together. In this case we can play  together spontaneously.

While I close the zippers and straps of my leather jacket, Calea routinely closes her leather corsage around her beautiful hips. Her large bosom is now particularly accentuated and I allow myself a sneaky look at it. We receive the client together, but I’m very aware of my role, because his reference is to the woman in this subject. I only serve as an amplifier of the situation or as a highlight for the finale. Sometimes I even join in later.

In the preliminary interview, the client with the colorfully tattooed right arm claims that he has never done anything with a man and has always carried this around with him as a secret fantasy. Forced Bi is supposed to change that.

The game begins: I sit in an armchair, while Calea assumes a seductive standing position and asks the guest in a horny, distant tone: „Take off your clothes, you little pig!“

The guest, in his mid-40s, blond, three-day beard, normal build, immediately complies and unbuttons his shirt with trembling hands. He looks at me respectfully, but keeps checking me out of the corner of his eye to see if and how I’m observing the situation. He hesitates at the underwear.

„Completely naked!“ she demands, holding the leather tip of the riding crop under his chin. As he is now completely exposed, he shows us a thin, very long and straight white cock with a lot of foreskin. His best piece is almost stiff and yet the foreskin still completely encloses the penis.

„I want to see his glans,“ I say. She asks him to stand between us and pull back his foreskin. With a little effort he manages it, although his penis is already completely hard.

Visually, his dick is indistinguishable from the gay dick that pierces the glory hole in gay porn. But if you know that the dick belongs to a heterosexual man who has identified with his father in his childhood, was a striker in his youth and later in the clubs always looked past you to the beautiful women at his side, then the sight of such a dick has something magical about it.

She instructs him to bend down in front of me and show me his hole, while at the same time my pants begin to throb at the sight of this heterosexual man fulfilling his duties given to him by a woman.

While I’m still enjoying the sight of his butt hole that’s hairy despite the blond hair on his head, I hear her call out, „You’re going to have to practice a bit before you can take a real master cock in your mouth.“ She has set up a row of dildos from size S to XXL side by side and put a condom over each one. „Suck – go!“

He now has to suck all the dildos under her supervision and take any corrections from her to heart. She puts him over the trestle and pushes a plug into his ass and ties it to his body with a rope. When he’s pushed back his innocent eyes with the beautiful long eyelashes have become particularly large and I can’t help but get my cock out and make it slowly but surely to me on the situation.

Calea of course has a number of other games in mind to prepare her sophomore for the task ahead and she returns the favor with clear glances at my thick cock being jerked by my leather gloved cock.

She now sits down next to me, pulls up her skirt and spreads her legs so that the guest can see her more than clearly . Classically seductive, she licks her middle finger and then drives it down her body between her legs: „And now you’re going to make me really horny,“ she breathes at him and asks him to crawl to me on all fours.

„You’re going to smell the leather first,“ she says and maneuvers him with her foot up to my knees. Very sensitive of her, because to let him lick my boots is probably too much for a heterosexual and his first time. But he obviously enjoys kneeling in front of me and finally getting so close to a man’s private parts. I see that he repeatedly tries to touch his cock, which stands out like a rock.

I comment: „Let him play with his dick. He’ll suck better.“

She smiles at me, „Agreed, but if he comes without me letting him, I’ll spank him.“

He starts jerking off and mumbles a little anxiously, „No, Mistress, I want to be good!“ Man, that sentence turns me on, even though it wasn’t directed at me at all.

I see this otherwise very proud heterosexual man on his knees in front of me, supporting himself with one hand and masturbating with the other, staring at my cock.

He moans the first time a little louder than when he has my balls on his nose. „Come on little one, you may smell his balls a little. Now you may run your nose over his cock and respectfully kiss the tip of his cock. You know, where it feels good for you.“

Of course Calea Toxic knows where it feels good, I think to myself, and the client immediately starts caressing the underside of my glans.

Forced Bi blowjob

„You’re doing great, kid,“ I tell him. The sentence totally resonated with him and he worked his own cock even harder while doing it, „Ms. Colleague, but now I need to be sucked,“ I said to her smiling.

„Alright, now blow him,“ she hissed at him and began to stroke her pussy even harder. He now took my cock very carefully in his mouth and slowly sucked on it while moaning. I saw that he had a small thin gold chain around his neck, which was now moving back and forth in rhythm.

What a cute little hetero! Now he’s licking your tail with pleasure, I thought to myself. Otherwise always posing as a tough guy, maybe even bullying a gay kid in the schoolyard, and now you’re sucking my cock and also want that it pleases me. Man, how that thought gives me a kick! What great job I have.

„Suck deeper, bitch,“ I encourage him and Calea supports me with „Yes, deeper!“ There is now a collective moaning and panting. We both feel that our client is about tho shoot. She stands up with her face very close to where the blowjob is happening and says softly but dominantly in his ear: „I will count backwards from ten and at zero you will squirt on the floor in front of us.“

He nods slightly, as well as he can with a stiff cock in his mouth. She starts counting and he is now sucking on my cock as if it was the only one in the world.

Predictably, he comes at zero. He’s not one of the long distance squirters, he just dribbles, but a huge amount and at the same time collapses from exhaustion and satisfaction. Not surprisingly, he now seeks distance from me, quickly removes the plug from his ass and thanks her effusively. While she pushes a towel into his hand for a shower, there’s a smile on his face, and I tuck my cock back into my leather pants.

02/2024 Meeting THE Dominus

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01/2024 Fucking Principles – who’s topping who and why?

We have certain patriarchal stereotypical principles within us, reproduce them and also repeatedly inserting ourselves, our sexual partners and our environment. But where do these stereotypes come from?

11/2023 Penis Pump: Total Loss of Control

However I pleased, I kept pumping his cock to the maximum, teasing and fondling it, letting him „cool down“ again and then also caressed him from time to time. His cock, his pleasure, whether he was allowed to cum or not: all of that belonged to me.

09/2023 Starting out as a (male) sex worker

My crucial (cross-gender) tip for beginners in sex work: I always try to go into a sexual flow and have fun with the job – no matter how the meeting develops. That keeps people coming back, because clients want real feelings – not just actions.

Discrimination: Why I WILL NOT attend Folsom 2023

It’s really fascinating how every time there’s a need to „clean up“ in sex positive spheres, they start with the hookers first.

05/2023 The BDSM Game Of Stamina

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04/2023 BDSM Beginner With Stamina

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04/2023 Interview With „Schwulissimo“ About Sex Work & BDSM

The Dominus in a candid interview with the high-circulation magazine Schwulissimo. Read my thoughts on sex work, morality and the reputation of BDSM within the LGBTI* community.

03/2023 Male Dominance – Cliché and Tipps

Male dominance oscillates between applause and rejection. Dominant women tend to be celebrated, but a woman may not want to take the submissive position. My thoughts in this brief blog.

03/2023 A flashback to 2016 – My first set card at a domina studio

When I think about how many BDSM profiles I’ve created all over Germany… Phew. So let’s flashback to 2016: This is the very first set card I made for a dominatrix studio. Take a look!

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