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11/2021 A Ds Couple in the Chains of a Sling

Watching a master and his slave in the sling? Not something I do often. I definitely prefer private sessions. They let me really focus on the client and make sure they get what they need. I’m always a bit skeptical when it comes to meeting with couples. Often I’m asked to teach the dominant a stronger form of dominance or sadism, which rarely works well, because a person doesn’t change their own nature and innate way of domination just because they see it in someone else.

That said, there can be ideas and impulses that lead to success. There’s a couple I found exciting, somehow. Kai, the verbose slave, and Tom, the quiet, almost shy master. As Kai explained to me in a barely restrained torrent of words, both of them wanted a session with me in which we would both „serve“ each other and Tom would learn a lot from me.

Dominant games in the relationship

Kai is a wiry guy with an extremely brash manner. The mouth in his handsome face always seemed to keep running,  and more and more ideas and desires bubbled out of him. He was always talking about how they wanted this and that. But the powerfully built and a few heads taller Tom just sat quietly and nodded to his slave from time to time. As tiring as I found Kai with his multitude of ideas, which would have been enough for a whole week, the more exciting I found the challenge to clarify the balance of power here within a session. I knew what I’d use: the sling.

Kai was the classic passive part of the S&M relationship and Tom was the active one. It turned out that fucking had never really been Tom’s thing – most of the time, Tom just lets himself be blown away. I thought this was only logical because there are very few men who can really enjoy power bottoms, those bottoms that jump all over you and really set the tone. Especially in a DS relationship, the active one should be allowed to indulge his hunting instinct or have the feeling that he now has a „victim“ in front of him that he can use, and not that he himself is being used – as a stud, so to speak.

Kai was quickly naked, unnoticed by us. Tom wore leather pants and black jump boots, combined with a sexy harness, and seemed a little distracted. When Kai immediately went into slave mode, threw himself at my feet and just licked away, I brutally stopped him. In my full leather outfit, I bent down to him.

„Hey, tell me, are you calling the shots now, you snooty bastard? That’s enough pushing. From now on you’re going to follow my lead.“

I have to admit that I was a little insecure at that moment because such a complete counter-steering can lead to an immediate abortion, but I wouldn’t have liked to have been used by Kai as his „master“. Confused, Kai looked at me, and before he could say anything it was my turn again.

„Did you ask my permission to lick my boots, Kai?“ After his hesitant „No, sir“, I got down to business, „So, get in this sling, keep your mouth shut and then I’ll take a look at your pussy.“ I put him in the leather sling, tied him up a little artfully, but practically, and put a thick gag in his mouth. He was off the air.

How to raise a slave properly

I went over to Tom and we began to discuss how best to train such a slave, while Kai remained quietly in the sling, realizing that for the first time, he had really relinquished control.

Tom kept picking up some of my toys and discussing with me how they worked on Kai. You have to imagine Kai’s mindset at this moment: you’re usually the strong one and now you’re lying there in a sling with your legs wide open and two guys are calmly discussing what they’re going to do to you. The balance of power was now established.

I stood up in front of Kai without paying much attention to him and stuck my finger up his ass. I completely ignored the little guy’s groans and comment on how I found his hole in the direction of his master: „Tom, that hole is way too tight – let’s make it nice and pliable now. I start and try different toys for stretching and make it clear to Kai again and again that his pussy must now meet OUR demands. Of course, I knew that I also excited him with this humiliation and the stretching of his pussy, but I didn’t say it at that moment.

Stretching exercises in the sling

A smile appeared on Tom’s face. He calmly took out his big one and began to jerk off. He had understood. The sling (also called ‚love swing‘) oozes testosterone really beautifully: Black leather and massive chains. And in terms of function, hardly anything is better for getting someone into an absolutely passive position. Arms and legs stretched upwards and fixed to the heavy chains, Kai’s little pink rosette lay open in front of me, his cock twitching half-aroused.

After a while, I invited Tom to „examine the pussy“ as well: „Feels much more inviting already, the pussy, when it’s well oiled and stretched, doesn’t it?“ We took turns sticking our fingers in Kai’s ass to verify this statement as if it were a commodity.

„Stand in front of his hole, Tom.“ I showed him how to fix an already occupied sling by adjusting the chains so that Kai’s ass was at the perfect height for fucking into it with his cock. „See, now you don’t even have to bother getting your dick in there, because you can just pull the hole onto your cock now. That’s a subtle difference.“

Strokes for the slave

I reached to my console and picked up the little crop. With light strokes on the hole and the tail, life came into the rigid slave in the sling. The moaning became louder and Kai tried to wriggle out of the way. Nevertheless, his dick was almost in full glory now.

„Well, now he can enjoy outside his comfort zone.“ I handed the crop to the equally excited Tom and he happily accepted it while simply positioning his huge cock in front of the hole without sticking it in. His strokes were unsteady and gentle at first but quickly became firmer. Moans and sighs filled the room, then he stopped, dropped to his knees, worked the wide hole with his tongue, and jerked his cock hard. I put a mask on Kai so that he could no longer comment on the situation with his looks or even influence it.

„Now you can just push it in, Tom. The bitch is all yours now. We can also leave the bitch there for a while – never mind. This pretty piece is there for us now.“

Tom, who had understood his new position of power even before this declaration, let his cock slide into the well-slicked hole with a powerful thrust. Kai let out a stifled yelp. Tom pulled out again and played with his glans in front of the hole. After a while, he gave in to the little boy’s horny whimpering and pushed it back in – but then remained motionless. Damn, once again something the little one in the sling had neither expected nor had any influence on.

These games continued and I could see that Tom was visibly enjoying the power role. The seemingly awakened Master Tom held the chains of the sling alternately left and right and then just pounded on them. The sling would swing back for a moment, only to swing back again with a sonorous rattle of the chains. It’s really cool when a device like this takes care of all the difficulties you might have with a normal penetration in bed: You don’t have to push a pillow under your butt, which then slips away after a few thrusts; you don’t have to „take it from behind“ and find yourself on your toes at some point because the passive partner is „going along“; and you won’t run out of breath because you’re almost ramming. No, you just move your butt hole back and forth in front of your dick at your own pace.

I practice verbal eroticism again, while I comfortably jerk off to the situation and fire it up like this: „Kai, keep your hole open. I don’t want to hear a peep out of you. You’re just a hole now …“ And to Tom, I say: „Tom, as long as you want, just for your dick. The hole’s there just for you, it’s lying there, waiting till you’re done.“

Actually, I thought we would restart a few more times, but Tom was like a well-oiled machine and worked the hole mercilessly. I think it also excited him that I’m watching and he now has full control and can use his big cock well, because shortly after he comes with a nice show outside. Good for me, since I could „shoot into the lake“.

That was our first meeting a few years ago. Since then, the two have seen me a few times. The sling is still a big attraction for both of them and is used in every game.

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