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07/2018 Smoking – Vice & Fetish

Smoking was – and still is – one of the best ways to set yourself apart from the gum-chewing, Panini-picture-collecting rabble.

If you tell your kids that smoking was stupid, you know instinctively that you’re lying, because the only way to be cool during puberty was to hold a glow stick. You could use smoking as a sign during recess to show your kids that you’re now in any rebellious recreational facility in the evening, far away from the parental radar, and that you have a hip lifestyle.

Changing attitudes towards smoking

However, from the age of 20, we start questioning the cigarette. Students, already pressed financially, decide smoking is a useless financial burden and prevents kisses from the numerous non-smokers, until one approaches an agonizing withdrawal in one’s 30s.

Yes, I was also there: in the smoker’s corner feeling unique. Of course I stopped smoking again (relatively early in my mid-20s) and it was exhausting but necessary at the same time.

For me, the question of whether I should smoke a cigarette seldom arose again, except of course when I was drunk, when everyone around me was smoking and the collective compulsion could freely unfold its effect. But the cigarette had basically lost its importance in my everyday life. Smoking men and women were laughed at and almost pitied.

While Dietrich was able to express her rebellion by smoking back in her day, today people are more likely to ask a smoking Madonna if she could manage her rope skipping on stage with her smoker’s lungs.

Smoking as a fetish element

Really? Well, Madonna doesn’t actually smoke, but in every other photo shoot, the athletic yet scandalous lady picks up a cigarette to add a little spice to the picture. It’s not for nothing that the femme fatale in „Basic Instinct“ lit up a cozy one in the interrogation room right after the smoking ban, turned all the men in the room on with the view of her crotch and, by the way, aced the lie detector test.

Why does this go so well with a cigarette? Because the anti-mainstream character of a cigarette is not lost, especially if you put it in the right context, e.g. in contrast to a beautifully groomed woman or in the dim light where you expect to see Al Capone & Co.

Now imagine a man in leather on a motorcycle, put another cigar in his mouth and bang, we politically correct gays get all fuzzy again. It’s over with the „senselessness of smoking“ and we welcome a world where smoking has a meaning again: As a fetish element. Because somehow one assumes a completely different, self-confident and rougher sexuality if one is a smoker.

How great it is to play with this element of sexuality! Have you ever been fucked while the active person was smoking? That would be too exhausting for me personally, but the effect of a sub actually offering his supposedly highest good, his body opening, to his play partner and putting this act on the same level as the everyday act of smoking – that has something quite humiliating about it.

Or my personal favorite, when your sub has already blown his mouth dry to impress you, you light a cigarette and send the message: „Your action is not worth my full attention, but you’re welcome to do more.“ This degrades your sub to a service provider of the most impersonal kind.

Smoking as an act of humiliation

The game can be taken even further, of course, by adding everyday actions like texting to smoking, then you’re objectifying your sub as much as a hood at the hairdresser.

From the perspective of the „giver“, if you want to call it that, this objectification has not only the advantage of humiliation, but also of concentration on the task itself, similar to the effect of a penis sticking out of a glory hole.

Either the „giver“ decides by this concentration to reduce his play partner to a penis, which is now also really delightful, or he decides to experience the disregard as support of the submissive role.

From my point of view, the humiliation culminates in my gag, which replaces the slave’s mouth with an ashtray. How wonderful it is to turn a man into a living ashtray. The toughest ones even manage to offer up their tongues, which can mutate into a feat for the slave due to the glow, depending on the distance.

Switching to cigars

When I walk across Folsom, I catch sight of the thickest and largest cigars I’ve ever seen. Of course, smoking such an oversized cigar has a phallic motivation in this case, and that’s a good thing, because I’m a sucker for subtle innuendo.

The cigar also has the effect of the tough man, the connoisseur. A cigar, unlike a cigarette, can actually hit the taste buds. The leather-clad cigar smoker reveals himself as a man who will enjoy the physical encounter as long and intensely as he enjoys the enjoyment of the cigar. He’ll probably perceive the smallest emotions and deal with them with calmness, composure as well as maturity, not looking bashfully for the towel to wipe off after a minute.

The combination of suit and cigar also promises a stylish approach. Such a man will certainly be able to enjoy a very relaxed mindfuck for hours and just let the victim sit there naked and wriggling before he takes over his body.

All this will surely be paired with intelligence and means a challenge that will take you to your personal limit.

May we all have rightly given up smoking today and live healthier, but to paraphrase Gregor Brand, the attempt to give up smoking will always be in vain.

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