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03/2023 List Of My Preferred Games As A Dom

Curious about what I really like? Here is a quick and clear overview of the preferred games I enjoy as a Dom.

Preferred Games

Listed in alphabetical order.

  • Age Play / ABDL (Adult Baby Diaper Lover)
  • Anal Play (anal stretching with dildos or vibrators)
  • Ball Busting 
  • BDSM beginners 
  • Boot / Foot Fetish
  • Caning / Impact Play
  • CBT (Cock & Ball Torture)
  • Chastity / Orgasm Denial
  • CMNM, CMNF (Clothed Male, Naked Male/Female)
  • Dirty Talk extreme
  • Degradation
  • Electro Play / Electro Stimulation
  • Embarrassing Interrogation Play
  • Figging and use of similar legal substances (e.g. tabasco)
  • Fisting (vaginal, anal)
  • Flogging / Whipping / Impact Play
  • Foot Caning
  • Fuck machine
  • Golden Showers / Water Sports
  • Humiliation
  • Hypno Play (hypnosis)
  • Long-term Play / Training
  • Licking Slave
  • Leather Fetish
  • Medical Fetish / Medical Role Play
  • Mental Torture (e.g. through degrading acts in front of an audience)
  • Milking Play
  • Mind Games
  • Mummification, e.g. with plastic wrap and optional duct tape
  • Needle Play
  • Nipple Play / Tit Torture
  • Objectification
  • Pet Play
  • Prison Play
  • Play in Uniform / Military Fetish
  • Role Play
  • Rubber Play

BDSM Aktion mit Master Andre alias Dominus Berlin im Latexanzug und Latexhandschuh sowie in Fesseln der Sklave Des Dominus Diener in Rubber gekleidet und mit Hundemaske

  • Scat Play (only active)
  • Shaving / Forced Shaving
  • Sissification
  • Spanking 
  • Strap On
  • Suit Fetish / Fifty Shades of Grey-style Seduction 
  • Tickle Torture
  • Trampling
  • Urethral Sounding
  • Venus 2000 (Milking machine)
  • Visiting Kinky / Sexual Events
  • Wax Play
  • Weights
  • Whore Training (including anal and oral training)

Hard Limits

Listed in alphabetical order.

  • Brat-Taming
  • Emetophilia / Vomit Fetish
  • Rape Play / CNC (Consensual Non-Consent)
  • Switching
  • Wrestling

02/2024 Meeting THE Dominus

Recently, Master and I where in Berlin where we had the honor of meeting THE Dominus, Master André. This made me nervous as hell. But not only that, also that we where invited at his place and later, I would end up totally vulnerable and exposed in front of two leather Doms…

01/2024 Fucking Principles – who’s topping who and why?

We have certain patriarchal stereotypical principles within us, reproduce them and also repeatedly inserting ourselves, our sexual partners and our environment. But where do these stereotypes come from?

11/2023 Penis Pump: Total Loss of Control

However I pleased, I kept pumping his cock to the maximum, teasing and fondling it, letting him „cool down“ again and then also caressed him from time to time. His cock, his pleasure, whether he was allowed to cum or not: all of that belonged to me.

09/2023 Starting out as a (male) sex worker

My crucial (cross-gender) tip for beginners in sex work: I always try to go into a sexual flow and have fun with the job – no matter how the meeting develops. That keeps people coming back, because clients want real feelings – not just actions.

Discrimination: Why I WILL NOT attend Folsom 2023

It’s really fascinating how every time there’s a need to „clean up“ in sex positive spheres, they start with the hookers first.

05/2023 The BDSM Game Of Stamina

Fynn is new to BDSM, but his motivation is clear: to serve me. In doing so, he shows an appealing stamina…

04/2023 BDSM Beginner With Stamina

"BDSM Beginner" published 05/2023 in the magazine HIM  Klicke hier, um die deutsche Version zu lesen: 04/2023 BDSM Anfänger mit Durchhaltevermögen   BDSM Beginner With Stamina There he stands in front of me. Naked and nervous, his hands dutifully behind his back...

04/2023 Interview With „Schwulissimo“ About Sex Work & BDSM

The Dominus in a candid interview with the high-circulation magazine Schwulissimo. Read my thoughts on sex work, morality and the reputation of BDSM within the LGBTI* community.

03/2023 Male Dominance – Cliché and Tipps

Male dominance oscillates between applause and rejection. Dominant women tend to be celebrated, but a woman may not want to take the submissive position. My thoughts in this brief blog.

03/2023 A flashback to 2016 – My first set card at a domina studio

When I think about how many BDSM profiles I’ve created all over Germany… Phew. So let’s flashback to 2016: This is the very first set card I made for a dominatrix studio. Take a look!

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