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04/2019 Dental Fetish – Session Replay

Klicke hier, um die deutsche Version zu lesen: 04/2019 Dental Fetisch

Every bizarre role play is about the manifestation of power and powerlessness. Whether father and son, teacher and student, doctor and patient, dental fetish or therapy – the motivation is always an imbalance of power. Admittedly, most people shudder at the dominance evoked by leather outfits, although the role behind it is not as clear as that of the relationships mentioned so far.

My First Dental Fetish

From cowboys to motorcyclists to policemen to SS generals, you see leather clothing. In all of these roles, I’ve created the possibility for my client to feel powerless or simply small.

I bought a white doctors coat relatively quickly, at the very beginning of my creative period. For a long time, the „examinations“ and subsequent „treatments“ were essentially limited to practices that could also be used in the black area, although, unfortunately, I usually have less light for a urethral treatment than in the clinics.

When I was confronted with dental fantasies for the first time a few years ago, I was a bit surprised, but as long as it’s something special, I can get excited about it. It’s not worth worrying that, when you commission a professional with a special fantasy that is new to him, the implementation is bound to flop, just because the professional doesn’t have any experience with it.

Sure, the session may not work, but usually a professional is a professional precisely because he is a very sexual and therefore sensitive person. If nothing else, your arousal will kick off the game.

Dental Fetish with Karsten

I can say that for most of my colleagues. It was the same in this case. The client, Karsten, is in his mid-forties, tall and strong, with a small belly, blond curly hair, and an affectionate laugh, which I’ll get to know quite intimately in the following dental fetish session.

When I put on my white or blue doctor’s outfit like an actor, I’m already in character in the dressing room. This nasty, distant objectivity of doctors works really well for me. During the routine questions about the patient’s medical history, I just look ignorantly at the notepad, but in between, I let the patient notice my swelling penis – something like that turns me on.

The biggest studio in town (Avalon) also has a dentist’s chair. Karsten always lies there as if rooted to the spot and claws into the armrests when I lower his body so that his head is far below me at some point.

When I prepare something, I always bend over him, giving him a glimpse of my chest hair, which peeps out of the white doctor’s shirt. It also arouses the patient when he notices this oh-so-unapproachable doctor smells a bit. Preferably a mixture of perfume and his own scent – that’s intimate, in contrast to the aloof doctor. A mixture of intimacy and sterility.

With Karsten, the main attraction are the latex gloves, the way they examine his throat. The first time I did this to him, it left me cold. It was only when I saw his beautiful dick growing wonderfully big that I got excited. After so many dental fetish sessions with him, I already get a thrill when I put on the gloves, so I always do it very slowly when he is lying there in front of me. This way, the excitement can be transferred.

Motivations for Dental Fetish

He gets even more turned on because I’m using a mouth spreader and fiddling with the sharp instruments in that sensitive area of the head called the mouth. I always turn the drill on when I approach his mouth, so he hears the menacing drill coming closer and closer.

One of the main differences to a normal dentist’s treatment is that a penis can grow here – and at the climax of the treatment, it can spill its seeds if he wants.

There can be various reasons why patients love bizarre dental treatments, their motivation for a dental fetish. In real life, anxious patients find a way to override their negative experiences in a positive way. Horror scenarios can be re-enacted in a safe environment and the page of experience is re-written.

This is the fascination and eroticism of everyday hospital procedures. Sterile and yet so human. Caring and painful at the same time. Threatening and a little bit hotter. The dental fetish is born.

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