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11/2018 Wax Play – Tips for Beginners and Pros

Wax play? Is this another blog about soft-SM? Of course, I also associate these games more with a teenage girl who has seen „50 Shades of Grey“ and decides to scald her nipples with the help of a poorly placed and cheap tea light, which leads to much giggling during the deflowering.

Safe wax play

But don’t be fooled by such clichés, because this is the department of „subtle BDSM“ department, which can be very effective when used correctly. One of the most important tip for wax play is to leave plenty of space between the dripping candle and your partner’s skin. The melting point is not the same for every candle because of the wax’s oil content, but the differences are about 15°C max. So if I drip wax on my bottom from a distance during wax play, I can easily compensate for this temperature difference.

It’s obvious that the longer the distance, the more the wax cools down until it touches the skin. This is nice for the top, because I can increase the intensity of the pain level by dropping the dripping candle and make my victim suffer even more.

True to my main BDSM rule: „You can always increase intensity„, you just start very high and please: A few drops at first – not all at once. I also recommend that you blindfold your sub for each session. The sub will then have the opportunity to be with his own sensations and experience the session physically much more intensely.

If you have treated your blindfolded sub with hot wax for a while, it’s a very special experience to simply pour a glass of cold water over his body. At that moment, it’s not possible to distinguish the sensation of hot and cold and the sub believes that he’s done for now …. until he realizes a moment later that somehow nothing happened and it must have been something other than hot wax.

Wax play tips for beginners

Such a brainfuck only works in a relationship of trust, otherwise your sub will tear himself away to „save his life“. In fact, you should also avoid tea lights, because in addition to the horribly unerotic IKEA charisma, this primitive aluminum bowl also runs the risk of scalding the top. Undoubtedly unerotic.

I recommend grave lights, because the plastic cover alone enables nice „portioning“. But white candles usually do the trick, too.

Of course, some parts of the body, such as the inner thighs, are much more sensitive. I don’t wax mucous membranes because the pain is often unpredictable and can leave permanent damage – not my thing.

Another unwanted side-effect of wax play is than skin peels off after the pleasure play. The erotic level is similar to putting on a condom – so ZERO. Especially hairy men curse this effect. Even with oil in their fur, beardies will tend to avoid wax play.

By the way, I recommend investing in some painter’s foil, which you can buy at the hardware store for little money (see left side of the picture above), to make the stripping process easier. Your sub can drop the stripped wax directly onto the foil, almost nothing will go down the shower drain, and any drops that don’t reach him during the game will go directly onto the foil and not onto the floor.

Don’t let anyone tell you that there are floors you can „just scrape wax off“. After all, even the smoothest tile has a seam somewhere, and it’s always difficult to get wax out of that seam. An advantage of this plastic base for wax games is that you can finish your session with golden shower games, which will also not run into any seams or cracks.

Imagine that your body has just been sprayed with this very painful substance for a long time and that your skin is now very tense due to the hardening of this substance.

Your hand for jerking off is the only thing that is now free from your top. You lie there tied up, see how your top opens his leather pants stable and smiling takes out his thick. A short moment to release the tension on your top passes and then he pours his pleasantly warm, intimate and at the same time humiliating urine on your stiff, waxed skin.

This is a crazy feeling …. and rounds off wax play in a very satisfying manner. Have fun!

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