4/2021 Dogplay


One of the biggest prejudices about pet play is that it is essentially a sexual act in an animal costume.
This is not necessarily the case (also in my world of experience). Of course, sexuality can be perfectly integrated here, but it is not always a necessary component, or it can simply feel nice without having to have an orgasm. I think this prejudice results from the German sexual education movies of the 1970s, namely the „Schoolgirl Report“, where in every episode a foolish teacher felt like trying to jump on a teacher from the closet as a morose stallion. Of course, this type of game invites in particular to ridicule and malice, but we BDSMers should be more relaxed about it, because in comparison every slightest emotion of the vanilla sex was 100 times more often the victim of a variety of jokes.

Luxus Umgebung in Weiß mit Kandelaber und Thron Sessel mit SM Master Andre alias Dominus.Berlin in Rubber und Hunde Sklave DesDominusDiener in Latex Outfit an Kette
Ponyplay is the most popular animal game when you talk about petplay, but the expression is usually characterized by much more sensitivity and attention to detail than the previously mentioned example in the schoolgirl report. In my personal opinion, pony play is increasingly to be found in the heterosexual and gay female areas, and dog play is more common in homosexual men.

However, I have no evidence for this, because it is only a snapshot. What do you mean? Let me know your thoughts at kolja@box-magazin.com. One experience is that dogplay doesn’t always need a masquerade to work. Sometimes I catch myself or my other vanilla sex partners that somehow purring like a cat when cuddling or grunting with pleasure when hard fucking like a pig. That can be all, the more freedom you allow yourself, the more you can enjoy it.

I really like a lot of game play variations, but of course I take my clients into account. With my loyal Olaf I can enjoy some dog games. Latex suits him so well anyway, there is simply this rubber dog mask from Blackstyle, which somehow everyone in Berlin has, and sometimes a plug with tails in the butt and the dog is ready. The tail not only looks „cute“, but also signals to me if Olaf is interested in something or if he is having fun, because then he actually instinctively moves his butt and the tail wobbles wonderfully. Among us: you have to strive for knee pads, because everyone starts off motivated at the beginning and then the knees hurt too quickly – usually when you have just gotten into motion. Of course you can also just walk on all fours, but the knees are always strained.

When we meet, we do not always need to clarify what we are doing because we see each other so often. Then he stands in front of me and says with a bashful smile: „let’s shuffle“. I can clearly feel how much he enjoys being allowed to turn into a dog. He’s more of a cuddly – rather than a sexual type. Simply stroking him and making him feel that he belongs to me – that he is mine means much more to him than an ejaculation triggered by him. And in fact, these feelings can be expressed particularly well through dogplay. Why? Because we talk to (our) animals much easier and clearer. You become „something different“ when you open the dog mask: away from the complicated personality, with its neuroses and fears, as well as with its strengths, complex needs and sometimes intrusive thoughts. Into a world where you can just be something simpler, reduced to basic instincts that we still have in common with the animal world. That is really pleasant, because we humans are constantly pushing each other to understand our environment and ourselves in all their complexity – but that requires effort. As a dog you don’t need that, you can just let your basic instincts run free, taking their owner into account – of course.
If I compare all of my human dogs that I have had on a leash so far, I can say that I can determine the personality based on the initial and simple „walking of the dog“. Your human dog instinctively wants that too, because he has now been robbed of his language, so he wants to express himself in other ways. Some of them fool around a bit shyly, others move and observe as little as possible, while the next one frolics like crazy and feels „perfect“.

Latex und Rubber Fantasie und Fetscih Vorstellung mit SM Master Andre alias Dominus.Berlin und Hund Sklave Des Dominus Diener an der Leine
Of course, I throw the stick and he will bring it back well. He also makes males for me, which as a human dog is of course a paradox of its own, but it still excites me positively. Now body language is required. Olaf keeps going down with his head when he wants to be nice and submissive or he rears up when he sees other dogs. Well, actually he is not really a „rebel“ – I still have to train him because his personality is more like the dear „Golden Retriever“ and far from the „German Shepherd“. But I also want to get out with him, because I confess to being an exhibitionist too. So now he has to learn to listen to his master.

„Olaf, lie down!“ My dog lies well on its side. „Olaf, sit up and beg!“ He takes on this typical pose in no time at all and his hands dangle very sweetly. „I think he’ll have to get dog gloves soon,“ I think to myself. „Olaf, watch it!“ And now he remains in an observing position: the tail in the butt no longer wobbles. „Olaf, more !!!“ I say in a very strict tone – his posture stiffens and he looks around very attentively. I am satisfied and caress him. That is his highlight. When scratched, he rubs against me while stroking.

Not convinced of the dogplay yet? Well, then consider this: If someone praises you today, the question is inevitable: „Why is he doing this?“, „Did he mean it seriously?“ that or is he just flattering me because he wants something? or even:“ I know that I have a nice cock, how do you like my eyes, boy? “
In dogplay this is easy to assume by „stroking the head“ because you just brought the stick to your master, and I thought it was really cute how you did it and that you did it for me. Nobody has to worry if I say „sit“ to you because I want to talk nicely to the other owner, because that’s what you do with dogs. They have to be calm at some point, and they know that. I no longer really see Olaf as a person, but I also feel that he is in a different role. Our language is now somehow becoming binary, and once the feeling for the roles is really established, it is the case with us that it doesn’t need many games anymore, we can just lie there together. Me with a very loyal dog who has shown me his loyalty, and he is close to his master, where he feels that the master is enjoying his cuddle.

But I also want to take my doggie for a walk – show off something for the others, and I know that my dog also likes to show himself.

The next issue will fittingly deal with exhibitionism, because we will go out together …

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