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08/2019 CBT and Pain to Enhance Pleasure

Klicke hier, um die deutsche Version zu lesen: 08/2019 CBT und der Schmerz als Lustförderer

CBT is short for Cock Ball Training. It is a game in which light to heavy pain techniques are applied to the penis and testicles to sexually stimulate both partners. Personally, I’m most into this technique (after nipple torture), i.e. CBT. You can really use your imagination here.

CBT needs creativity

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise: Sure, a larger child-maker offers more attack surface than a smaller one, but the effects are the same and size makes little difference in this case.

Since I am one of the few male doms in dominatrix studios, I use ladies nylons for tying up and as an instrument of torture. Of course, most homos are extremely irritated when I show up with worn out ladies stockings, but the effect is still great and I recommend it to everyone.

Quickly tie a nice knot around the best piece with bells and the first instrument of torture can be used, because now it is simply called at the ends slowly pull the knot tighter. Look into your partner’s eyes and when you see the first twitch in his eyes, you have reached the point of your power and can now play with it. Then pull very slowly, or sometimes in little jerks. As with many toys, he will eventually get used to the pain and it will subside.

When the tightening around his eyes has gone, pull another millimeter, and so on. The only drawback from my point of view is that I can’t play with myself in such a nice way to get excited about the fact that my playing partner is doing it so nicely for me and that he can feel me.

As always when pulling off: Be careful, but not too careful. A band-aid can also be torn off quickly, so don’t fiddle around for too long. The pain of removal (worst after „coming“) is simply not erotic, because pain in CBT is not the same as pain – more on this in a moment.

Using CBT effectively

Back to the CBT. The sensitivity of the testicles makes playing there insanely easy, because all you have to do is pick them up and squeeze them. Note: Usually the smaller testicles are the most sensitive. Here, too, you can always press a little harder to express your desire for your partner.

Wearing leather gloves will give the leather fetishist an additional stimulus. If the testicle has been tightened by you, you can also achieve a nice effect by stimulating the tense area of the testicle by lightly tapping it with your other hand.

Likewise, the wonderful gear always works best when the area is tense. A leather paddle, lightly tapping the testicle with small, gentle strokes at first and then more firmly, will also never fail to work.

If the size of the testicles is appropriate and the man is excited, this will also work. Usually, the erection disappears, but do not be surprised or take it personally.

In between, you should stroke your CBT partner from time to time to show your appreciation and to give him a break. Stroking also increases blood circulation and has an analgesic effect. So, if it has been too much for you at times, stroke him or her and make it up to him or her.

CBT and pain for beginners

But here is a little digression on the subject of pain for the beginner: What has just been described is pleasurable pain. It is controlled, usually increases from soft to hard, is always coupled with the pleasure of the active, and at best runs along the boundaries of the passive.

That’s why the pain of untying a tie, for example, is just as erotic as an accidental fall of the passive to the floor and the accompanying, chic knee bruise. So my call to all aspiring female and male doms out there: If you don’t visibly couple the pain with your pleasure, you won’t have much success. CBT play is only erotic when you feel your sexuality, your personality, your sexual being.

Another aspect is the educational pain. This pain can sometimes go beyond the limits. Your slave has done something wrong and you want to punish him? Always look for a reasonable reason. If your play partner has done everything right and you still spank him, he will not find it erotic, but simply unfair. So pull yourself together and stay on the carpet – the price for getting everything back is a realistic and clear head.

Education is sexy, but you have to earn it. If you now realize that your slave has really shot a dollar, then bring on the educational measures. You should not use the pleasurable, sensual pain as just mentioned, that would send the wrong message.

I stand on it, the raw cane hard to pull through and best still a number in the apron to announce what blossoms him for the fact that he came e.g. too late. In fact, this pain, even if it is light years beyond the slave’s limits, is felt as pleasurable on another level because it completes the image of the master’s strength and superiority and brings the slave into his little corner of malleability as defined by you.

In CBT, as in BDSM, action requires reaction, and so a painful punishment after a mistake is felt, then the circle closes.

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