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05/2019 Dirty Games: Thoughts and session report

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Although Sigmund Freud called games with excrement nothing but a regressive act, and sexuality is more than a simple reproductive instance for all of us, we collectively turn up our noses when it comes to games with the inner chocolate, or „caviar“ in technical terms. What I find abhorrent here is that some take their own standards to be universally valid.

When I encounter intolerance in this regard, I like to argue: „So if I whip you and piss on your wounds, that’s great, but caviar isn’t okay?“ Please be careful when condemning this practice.

Remember, if we were doing „normal stuff,“ we‘ be shoving our dicks into a fold of female skin for a few minutes without foreplay and (must) orgasm to have served procreation.

Great! By the way, I stopped listening at „no foreplay“, but let’s move on to caviar.

The dominus preparing a client to serve as a human toilet, carefully putting a faceless mask on the soon to be object.

Caviar and watersports for day toilets

Personally, I can take the humiliating-or-me-appreciating part out of the caviar game. Putting me in a bathtub with someone and rubbing it in each other’s skin would be too much for me. So employing practice is rather rare for me, and if it occurs it’s rather a highlight at the end of a session.

There are also different forms of this practice. In domina studios, we regularly have a „day toilet“. This means that a client is exclusively fed a lot of „Natursekt“ (golden shower, i.e. urine) or sometimes even caviar over a period of hours, depending on the needs of those present. Usually, day toilets are usually deeply immersed in their role and therefore say little or do not react much to dirty talk, because it is a toilet after all. One of them even said repeatedly, like an automaton, upon entering: „I’m a toilet, I ‚m a toilet.“

There were also a few bisexual toilets, so that I, as a man, could „relieve myself“ there and be paid. Between you and me: the job is not really difficult, because the customers are usually in a toilet-like structure, so you just take a seat and go.

If you’re interested in this special, please ask me directly. These day toilet specials are available in all studios. In Berlin, it’s also possible to organize a men-only toilet. I once arranged a day urinal with male colleagues.

Georg orders caviar

The customer for today’s session blog is called Georg, 43 years old and from Munich. Quite normal, by the way, rather inconspicuous: You wouldn’t believe he’d do caviar at first sight.

It was all very exciting, because I tied Georg up motionless, put him on the floor and leaned him against the wall, and then put on a white latex mask to depersonalize him. The interior designer in me came out because I even used white rope. Well, if you do something, then do it right.

George could simply be „a toilet“ now. Of course, I had already drunk a lot with my two colleagues and we celebrated in the next room and joked about the male way of doing business. We went to the urinal one after the other, more often than expected..

When I came in, Georg’s mouth was already open. I get out my cock, just put it in the open mouth, then I fish out my cell phone to scroll while letting it run. I also have my phone out at normal urinals, since there’s always a WhatsApp to read while peeing.

I’m very good at „letting go“ with clients, but it’s not so easy to find colleagues here who are just as good at it. It’s much easier to find someone as a stud than a helper with watersports or caviar. My colleague Alex, on the other hand, was so relaxed with the client in the room that he farted while pissing on him.

The client was really excited to serve as a party toilet for all the leather guys. But then the highlight came: The landlord wants to take a dump.

The dominus, upper-body photograph, staring directly at the camera, clad in black leather jacket and folding his hands with black leather gloves.

So off with Georg into the horizontal position and with his head in the toilet chair. I leave the room to restart the scene. I return with a newspaper under my arm and a fresh espresso in my belly. I take my seat and slowly get to work.

Between you and me, I always pretend to just let myself go when I’m playing dirty games with caviar, but of course, I make sure that everything doesn’t fall all at once and thus can still be „tamed“ in a purely technical way.

In particular, I pay attention to whether Georg has reached his climax, so I know when to stop because, as with many BDSM practices, these are hard to bear after the orgasm.

During our cozy chat after the session, it turned out that Georg was turned on most by us talking loudly about the whole thing in the next room.

He knew that he was a toilet and was about to be used. His head went crazy. The actual practice didn’t kick near as much. Typical, because BDSM mostly happens in your head – even caviar.

A toilet in the middle of an otherwise bare room, highlighted in harsh white light.

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