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06/2021 Desire for Leather

Klicke hier, um die deutsche Version zu lesen: 06/2021 Lust auf Leder

It’s been more than a year now since I was able to go to a gay leather bar and, amidst the cigar smoke and harder beats, I was allowed to look at enticing leather outfits in all shapes and price ranges. Just the sight of men wrapped in this material reflexively forces men to their knees for extensive boot licking and to stretch their asses upwards ready for being used. In a leather bar, then, the roles are as obvious as those of factory workers in a factory.

SM Master Andre alias DominusBerlin in Voll Leder Uniform mit Jacke Hose und Stiefeln in Industrie Umgebung mit Eisen Tor und Halle mit Graffiti besprueht

Before the emergence of the so-called „New Guard Leather Movement“ in the 90s, this view was always correct, because until then there was a very simple understanding of roles, which was also reflected in leather clothing. In the last few years, we have moved into much more complex and tolerant sexual spheres.

While I, almost 45 years old, still come from a time when every gay party had a separate darkroom with a „Men Only“ sign and some of the cis men were checked by security, now we’ve all fucked straight guys on the second floor of Berghain (at least until Covid), and there’s no way to separate bathrooms in KitKat by gender and sexual orientation – but who wants to?

Leather fetish now

The material leather did not gain its high status like other „dominant garments“, only to lose it again with the changing spirit of the times, like the top hat. No, leather has deservedly earned its dominant reputation for well over a century by its very nature. It’s a firm material, doesn’t give way like other fabrics, therefore it appears cool and distant and enlarges the body. Leather simulates muscles, hides a little belly and, thanks to its subtle sheen, goes perfectly with gray temples. The fascination with this material has united people to such an extent that associations have been created for it and it can be seen in various forms in the Leather Museum (USA).

When we talk about traditional gay stereotypes, right after the transvestite is the leather guy. Artists like Tom of Finland were instrumental in the formation of this trend. Once covered with it, even the biggest sissy becomes a real guy: masculine, active as well as aggressive. Even if it sometimes looks a bit overdone, especially on a „softer“ contemporary, it never fails to make an impact. It’s not for nothing that showgirl Patsy l’Amour laLove aptly called the gay leather outfit a „travesty of masculinity“. You might think that I’m also a fetishist, but I’m more of a fan of the effect. While everyday outfits give me the effect of the strict „daddy“, leather transforms me into the Dominus and thus best manifests my sexuality in an optical way.


Well, I’m not a real fetishist – and therefore not a real connoisseur – so it’s good that I get personal advice when I try them on. However, I have opted for premium leather, which makes it not so easy to get local advice, as my brand is imported from the US.

Since I like to buy toys from my buddy Michael in Munich anyway, I decide to take a trip down to see him. His store is located in the gay district at Sendlinger Tor and offers – after entering – a world of exciting possibilities. I roll my suitcase into the store because I want to take some before and after pictures, to see if I can combine the new leather with the old outfits. I’m a little nervous because the purchase is the same price as a small car. Hopefully, the outfit will fit.

#dominantman #bdsmmaster #leather #fullleather #leder #leathermaster

Pure masculinity – the leather jacket

„Your leather is over here,“ Michael says, positioning himself next to the shelf in front of the leather jackets, which look particularly powerful even from a distance. I throw on the jacket he hands me and immediately think it is awesome. „Wow, that’s like a tank,“ I exclaim. Michael just smiles and his beautiful blue-white eyes sparkle at me. „Well, he knows what he has hanging in the shop,“ I think to myself.

The leather smells nice and natural – so it’s untreated – but it’s also a little stiff, and I find it hard to move around in the jacket. But Michael reflexively says that this stiffness will go away after a while and adapt to the shape of my body and my movements. After all, I’ve been wearing leather for a while now and I already knew the effect, but I’m still glad for this information because I had grown a bit insecure again.

#dominantman #bdsmmaster #leather #fullleather #leder #leathermaster


I couldn’t buy the pants, because I would have had to have the zipper, which conveniently goes down the middle of my current pants, sewn into the new pants, and I would have had to shorten them so that the legs would fit into my boots. That wasn’t worth the four figures to me.

The color difference to the new leather is there, as expected, but Michael gives me leather oil to spice up the color of the pants, and indeed the oil gives more of the original color back to the leather, making it match the jacket. I recommend this care to every leather fan.

I buy another belt with a gold buckle to match the buttons and zippers on the new jacket, and my new leather uniform is in place – almost.

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Leather makes you want to draw your sword

I rummage a bit on the shelf and discover a long leather belt. „This is the Sam Browne belt,“ Michael says, „it’s a kind of accessory…“ And he puts it on me.

From the wide waist belt, a narrower belt now extends diagonally across the right shoulder. „It was invented by the British officer Sam Browne in the 19th century to make it easier for the soldier to draw his sword.“

I admire this small change in my outfit that has such a big impact. It gives the ensemble a „sexy-military“ touch and I love it! The transformation is complete. If my previous outfit gave me the feeling of a „scattered German 80s punk rocker“, I have now mutated into a perfectly formed „US motorcycle junkie“. The guy who probably eats his beer bottle after drinking, fucks really hot chicks on his bike, throws them away afterward with a cool macho one-liner and is totally horny for fights of any kind. In short, I’ve become hypermasculine.

I can already see the lustful looks of my slaves in front of me because the effect of this hot material is neatly reinforced by my height and broad shoulders. I love to have the type of fetishist in front of me who wants to „fumble“ immediately, but must first earn it. For example, he must first get down on his knees and look up appreciatively. In the truest sense of the word, I let myself eye-fuck extensively. After my minion has shown some patience and perseverance, he may smell and maybe even kiss the material. Or I’ll condemn him to a proper boot polish with his tongue before allowing it.

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It’s even hotter if you don’t „order“ him to do it, but tell the sub that he is now „allowed“ to lick the boots. I like pronounced dominance/submission games, since pronounced fetishist may not give everything right away. Less is always more.

Leather is the oldest textile associated with sexual clothing. In the century before last, this material was already used to support the then-desired wasp waist. Leather will never lose its effect in the future and my investment will be worth it. Don’t you want to treat yourself?

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